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  1. I have the following Barrow away programmes for sale from the 2021 season. Strictly limited numbers first come, first served! Please PM me if you are interested.

    COVENTRY Professionally printed on glossy paper e-programme (1 copy)

    LONDON SKOLARS Professionally printed on glossy paper e-programme (2 copies) A very good read.

    OLDHAM (RLCC) Another professionally printed e-programme (2 copies) Another good read.

    WEST WALES Yet another professionally printed e-programme on glossy paper. (2 copies)

    NORTH WALES Match programme bought on the day (1 copy)

    ROCHDALE HORNETS Match programme bought on the day (1 copy)

    All programmes are £5 each inclusive of postage. Any queries please ask. Once there gone, there gone!!!

  2. This is what I think League 1 clubs managed this season, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    BARROW - Full printed matchday programme (except for v Keighley played behind closed doors)Cost £1 Also did team sheet.

    NORTH WALES - Full printed matchday programme.Cost £1. A good read.

    ROCHDALE - Full matchday programme.£2 Also did team sheet. Very good effort.

    WORKINGTON - Nothing at all.

    KEIGHLEY - Team sheet.

    DONCASTER Team sheet.

    HUNSLET - Team Sheet.

    WEST WALES - E-programme cost £2

    COVENTRY - E-programme free. Also did team sheet.

    LONDON SKOLARS - E-programme free. An excellent read too.

    I never saw a team sheet at London or North Wales or West Wales but there could have been one. Feel free to amend as you see fit.

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  3. Through a contact in the printing industry I have managed to obtain  professionally printed on good quality glossy paper, copies of the following Barrow away programmes for the 2021 season,

    OLDHAM Challenge Cup

    COVENTRY league

    WEST WALES league

    LONDON SKOLARS league.

    These are superb quality and all in mint condition. Numbers are strictly limited  I have no more than 5 of any of them) and are priced  £5 each inclusive of postage. First come, first served. Please PM me for further details, arrange payment etc.

    Barrow produced a superb 44 page issue priced only £1 for the league games against North Wales, Rochdale and Workington but I believe they were sell outs. Contact the club for confirmation of this as it is possible one or two could remain.


  4. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of Mr Peter Wilson I now only need the following issues

    37, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 70, 72.

    The spare issues I have available remain the same plus I now have spares of 48, 49 and 50.

    Please PM me if you can help.

  5. I am looking to buy or exchange the following editions of Rugby League Journal magazine

    37, 51, 52 and all after 54.

    I have the following issues available for sale or exchange,

    6, 7, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 34, 35, 42.

    If you can help please PM me.

  6. The only 2 players we signed on loan during 2004 from other pro clubs were Tony Cunningham and Ryan Campbell, both from Whitehaven. Ben Harrison has never played a first team game for Barrow before.

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  7. I have a large collection of match worn players shirts for sale. They are from around the mid 1980s to about 2007. All are top quality match worn shirts which are numbered and the later shirts have the players name on. The vast majority of the shirts are from around 1988 to 1995. Shirts include, Trafford Borough, Scarborough, Carlisle, Whitehaven, Hunslet, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Northampton Knights, Halifax, London & South East, Barrow, Wakefield, Widnes, GB Police, Halifax, Blackpool Panthers, Castleford, Oldham. Featherstone, Workington, York, GB BARLA, Keighley, Leigh, Hull, Rochdale, Doncaster, St Esteve, Swinton. In some clubs cases I have shirts for more than one season available. All shirts are open to offers and I would consider exchanges for old programmes (Pre 1950). If you are interested in anything please PM me stating which clubs you are interested in and I will give full details.Some lovely shirts here and in some cases probably your only chance to pick one up now.

  8. I have a large collection of players match worn shirts for sale. They range from the mid 80s to about 2007. They are mostly in very good condition considering they have been played in. The shirts include Whitehaven, Hunslet, Dewsbury, Barrow, Huddersfield, Northampton Knights, Halifax, London & South East, Wakefield, Widnes, GB Police, Blackpool Panthers, Castleford, Oldham, Featherstone, Workington, York, Keighley, Leigh, Hull, GB BARLA, Rochdale, St Esteve, Swinton, Doncaster, Scarborough, Carlisle, Trafford Borough. Please PM me with any you are interested in and I can give full details. The vast majority are from the period 1988 to 1995. All are playing/match weight shirts and a few are autographed. All shirts are open to offers. Some brilliant items including shirts from long defunct clubs like Trafford, Scarborough and Trafford. Some great items are in there - this may be your one and only chance to get them!

  9. Sorry this took so long Ron, but here goes..........

    Friday March 30th Workington away

    Saturday March 31st Halifax away

    Monday 2nd April Oldham home

    Saturday 7th April St Helens RL Cup semi final

    Wednesday 11th April St Helens RL Cup semi final replay. This game also went to extra time

    Thursday 12th April Hull home

    Saturday 14th April Warrington away

    Tuesday 17th April Salford away

    Wednesday 18th April Blackpool away

    Monday 23rd April Whitehaven home

    10 games in 25 days, only 3 of them at home, I wonder what todays players would make of it?????

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  10. Phil is too modest to say but he made his first team debut the same day as Anthony Singleton made his  in an away fixture at Doncaster in September 1993. Singer played just the one season at Barrow but made a huge impact and scored a really memorable try at Whitehaven, where he beat man after man, late in the season. He moved to Widnes at the start of the following season and surprisingly never really found his form there. He came to Barrow with a big winger called John McMurtry who was a really pleasant lad but returned to Australia early because a job opportunity arose there, does anyone remember him???

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  11. Some good shouts there people, I go back to the mid 1970s,

    1 Steve Tickle

    2 Jermaine McGillvray

    3 Ian Ball

    4 Cliff Beverley

    5 James Nixon

    6 Kevin Hastings

    7 David Cairns

    8 Cavill Heugh

    9 Andy Ellis

    10 Malcolm Flynn

    11 Eddie Szymala

    12 Ned Catic

    13 Derek Hadley

    14 Phil Atkinson

    15 Andrew Henderson

    16 Kurt Haggarty

    17 Joe Bullock


    So many top, top players left out too. Harrison, Holt, Broadbent, Trainor, Knowles, Manihera, Whittle, Camilleri, Maybon, Gary Kendall, Susino, Neil Shaw etc etc. Just shows weve had some great players over the years.

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