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  1. Thank you to everyone who has bought programmes from me. I am pleased to say there has not been a single criticism or complaint. There are still plenty of programmes left (around 1800) if you need anything Barrow (especially homes but loads of aways too) from the early 50s to the past season please PM me with your requirements and I guarantee a speedy response. Thanks.
  2. Absolutely delighted Anton has signed - wonder if he could persuade his mate Alec to re sign too???
  3. If anyone needs any Barrow programmes from the 1950s to the present day (homes and aways) please feel free to contact me by PM as I have literally over 2,000 spares currently available. The vast majority are priced between £1 and £2 with only some very rare postponed games priced at more than that, obviously postage is extra but I will keep it as cheap as possible. If you want one or fifty please get in touch and I will do my best to help.
  4. I can think of at least two that were not that good Dave!
  5. I agree with everyones comments, the home shirt is by far our best for a very long time. We have had some shockers over the years but this one is great. Traditional but still looks modern too. Well done once again.
  6. Ritson has not played all his semi pro rugby in Cumbria - he had a season at Newcastle.
  7. Interesting stuff this Dave. I have a photo that was taken from a bedroom window in Clive Street in the 1920s that clearly shows the jute works and what became the Duke St, half of the ground a few years later.The ponds you refer to are actually man made reservoirs that were needed to produce the jute. Its worth noting that the jute works site was actually derelict when Barrow RLFC bought it and had been so for nearly 10 years. So what became Geronimos and in turn a a derelict shell, had been been derelict over 70 years before too! Says a lot about victorian workmanship and materials that despite everything the building endured (Fires, storms etc) the shell was still standing until last week! I dont know if this is common knowledge but in the week after the ground opened in August 1929 a very large section of the Duke St end wall collapsed and major repairs had to take place before the next game. Fortunately the ground was empty at the time of the collapse and no one was injured. I have 2 postcards that show the very extensive damage with bricks littering the road etc and a gaping hole in the wall. The incident probably occurred due to the ground being built by volunteers and due to the speed with which it needed to be completed coupled with lack of H&S in the twenties i suspect much of the work was completed by people who were not suitably qualified including bricklayers! Much later in 1949 during a storm the stand roof blew off completely and was not restored until the end of the season due to an insurance wrangle that Barrow eventually won.
  8. All aboard the Tee Ritson Express, Choo Choo!!!! lol
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