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  1. 3 hours ago, PREPOSTEROUS said:

    Match review panel confirmed so. Reckless tackle for me and only luck rather than judgement meant Sims hit the shoulder not the head. Not a red, maybe a yellow, which with 10 mins left points to the same result.  

    As I said originally, it was a foul though, yellow, probably. Was surprised at red. Was sat in stand in line with it reckless swing of the arm which was no where near making a tackle. Was pretty silly given the full back was caught on his own and was about to be tackled or shoved back further 

  2. 2 hours ago, Hull Kingston Bronco said:

    Yup. Initial contact with the chest and slid up, referee error. They also agreed that calling a ball steal from what should have been penalised as a voluntary tackle was a laughable decision - the player knew the rules, the ref didn’t 



    He hit him on the back of the head, not the chest. I was sat right in line with it. Just watched the replay which confirms this.

  3. 12 hours ago, Hull Kingston Bronco said:

    Rovers likely deserved to lose this match anyway, on first half mindset alone. That said the officiating was poor (even if with an accidentally one-sided impact), which for once has been backed up by the RFL disciplinary decisions today, and it would have been nice for the team to have had the change to turn it around in the 2nd half that those refereeing mistakes denied...

    - Sims sending off wasn’t a foul, referee error

    - Confirmed Hadley taking ball off Westerman in his surrender tackle was legal, surrender’s aren’t completed tackles unilaterally, but seems Moore didn’t know the rules whereas the player did 

    Ah well, eh...! 🙄

    Sims wasn’t a foul? He nearly took his head off. He knew he was walking, just surprised it was red.

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