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  1. Às for the better sides- 50/50 question, I did notice this in 2017 in Castlefords favour. (Not so much these days though).

    What struck me then and now is the often weak correlation between a teams discipline and the penalty count.

    No, I'm not a qualified referee.

    This bothers me because I want to be entertained but find myself frustrated as any game drama hemorrhages away. Even if a series of penalties are fully justified I still wonder why the other side are deemed relatively fault free.

    No, I'm not saying the Ref should 'engineer' close games but at the same time killing off a game unnecessarily seems a shame. I often feel a pernicious quality to some decisions. 

    I'm still not a qualified Referee, have no intention of being one, accept that it is a very difficult job, and accept that it's the players who drop balls, miss tackles etc. 

  2. 59 minutes ago, Futtocks said:

    Rugby League got almost all the peak years of him.

    But there is one RU moment of his that I treasure, and that's when he got the chance to run at and through the over-hyped motormouth Wallaby player David Campese.

    Campese got completely splattered, while I'm not convinced Inga even noticed his attempt at a tackle. Think England v Jonah Lomu. That pathetic.



    I remember watching highlights of Samoa v France. It was actually Frightening! Scary!

  3. 15 hours ago, EggFace said:

    First time I saw him on Tv is when The All Blacks did a tour of 1993 ( same years as NZRL) but I'm sure he was the star player at Gateshead Stadium and that and Wigan wa my love for both codes.

    I recall Stevo referring to him as Inga the Malingerer on his Pie debut. Worked out well I think.

    Was he better suited to league do you think? I'm thinking if a player is going to do something it's more likely to happen in a RL match than RU.

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  4. 1 hour ago, HullWire said:

    When you've been well beaten, blaming the ref is a distinct lack of awareness of how your team played

    There's a thing here, deservingly losing the penalty count is ok because it is - deserved. 

    Complaining about the penalty count when losing is denying culpability. There is no rational argument against the penalty count.

    It seemed clear to me the game was over after 20 mins though Cas did not seem to be obviously dirty, feckless or unintelligent up to that point. It was desperate for Cas after this. 

    I've said this before, if the Referee doesn't affect the outcome of matches then what is his purpose? 

    Hadn't been a huge Williams fan but like Sneed last week he kicked Cas to death. 

    Like last week this season may well last for ever.


  5. 6 hours ago, RP London said:

    do enjoy a night out i cologne as well.. not very good for the next day exhibiting at the Koln Messe though!

    When I was young I'd always thought 'double vision' was a silly joke that people just came out with. One epic night in Colongne and I saw the truth of the matter. Twice!

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  6. 48 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    No I didn’t realise that, I don’t use Twitter and tend to take things that journalists say at face value. Oh well, I wonder who they’ll get instead. 

    Scarey Spice is a Leeds Lass I think. So she'll be no use.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Kirmonds pouch said:

    I could never really understand Cas obsession withe Glasshoughton tbh. Wheldon road has plenty of space for redevelopment, more than BV. Can't see any planning issues other than improved road access. For a start they don't need that training pitch, a total waste of money in an era when there are plenty of all year round pitches at reasonable rents.

    What I liked about the Glasshoughton option was the M62. 2/3 minutes from entering the slip road you're in a massive carpark. Minimal queuing, no searching. Done. A stadium would have been nice as well though.

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