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  1. Our league app up and running. For the moment. Phil Clark in my house! Hmmm.
  2. When I first saw this years ago I noticed in the comments section an old/retired RahRah Ref insisting that the shown passes were forward and should be reffed as such. Thought then it was odd that someone so experienced and so close to the coal face could insist on some limited ideology whilst missing the reality of what was before him.
  3. Code Treize? Wouldn't work of course but any reasonable person might ask why 'French 13' and ......[ENGAGE RANT MODE]..............
  4. IMO and not trying to drag any teams name though the mud but from what I’ve seen and heard Cas are probably the worst. Tbf I've heard of many incidents in the pub/Cas Forum/etc but never seen owt. I was at the match when fans abused Gareth Thomas and missed it. The most memorable incident was back in the late 80's-early 90's ish when two men in their late 60's were jostling each other. They didn't want to escalate to full fisticuffs (perhaps it was too cold to take their hans from their pockets) so instead they basically rubbed up against each other whilst hopping- pogoing up and down in what the other might hopefully perceive as threatening. it was both funny and revolting the same time. People stood and looked not sure what to do. No bottles and bricks at Cas, we cant afford stuff like that.
  5. Talking to an Old Boy at work(long dead now) who went to Post Office Road to see what all the fuss was about. He couldn't believe it- there's this scrawny old man on the pitch with the players. His words were 'You couldn't see him for bandages', 'shouldn't be on the pitch'. Pause- 'then he got into some space.............!'
  6. Following the increasing fractions back from the scrum should the FB be a Back Whole?
  7. My only football match was Cyprus v Italy in Limasol early 90s. Hadn't realised till then how much happens in RL, moment to moment, compared to other sports.
  8. Yes, it is a shame for Salford but at least he didn't end up at the St PieLoins which helps games in general to be less predictable.
  9. When Mr Evalds finds out he will be very concerned I think. Will he be able to release himself from the contract on the grounds of a 19C Groud?
  10. Ernie Parrot is often lurking about, straying offside and interfering in the tackle etc but cant see him in the photo. The capital is garish but this is a reoccurring theme in Greek colour reconstructions. I've got over the shock and quite like it now. A bit like Dragons and Wolfpacks. Unfortunately Mrs Sphinx is undeniably Boss-Eyed. With such a wide angle of vision she would make a useful referee.
  11. I do struggle with the City of Loins from upstream and at one point Mrs Sphinx was going a bit Headingley. Terrifying! So I'm happy enough with Wirery colours all things considered. As for those locals who strut about in those shades of Hades then Marsias can have some mates to accompany him. (I'm very nearly not sure if I'm joking or not).
  12. No, I couldn't find anything either though there are reconstructions out there, just not for Mrs Sphinx. She still ended up with a Warrington feel to her despite some misgivings but i don't want to annoy Apollo in case he ever comes to Castleford looking for me. He might turn me into a Pie Eater! Tragedy!
  13. These. Cas win over Saints in March seems to be from a similar era.
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