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  1. There's a thing. When I was a kid one of the Dinner Ladies lived adjacent the school wall. Her son played for GB RL. I was taught RU and NEVER RL. This in the heartlands of RL. We have to be careful, by rights I am a product of the RU Family. Yeah, Ok then....
  2. Correct. I want the refferees to be invisible. To be unnoticeable.
  3. I remember a match at Wheldon Rd when he lost Cas the match. Close match but he let a ball bounce- Try. Got to a ball, knock on- Try. Missed tackle- try. Nothing criminally bad but FB is an unforgiving position on a bad day.
  4. We were stood just where he dived across the line. A nearby lLoiner suggested that GB Fullback spot was pretty much sown up. As Lee Crooks lined up the touchline conversion the South Stand chanted 'You Fat ####. You Fat.....'. The kick went over and my mate turned round and said ' Yeah, but he's not bad for a Fat #### though.....'. Much disgruntlement in the South Stand.
  5. I've always thought that RU was a victory of hype over content. No naivety involved.
  6. This got me thinking, the first Aussie game I saw was 2nd Test Lang Park Brisbane 1988. 32-2 if I remember and I'm tempted to say every game seemed like that since. Ok things cheered up a bit for the 3rd Test but still.....
  7. Me and spouse are as dozy as they come but no hint of problems either in Marseille or the darkling back streets of Naples. Basically the main drags are fine though smoking weed seems to be compulsory between Gare St Charles and the Harbour. Ok there are lots of young black lads hanging around. Trouble? Non! Nothing. Really liked Marseille, even the family of local rats entertained us. Historically....drone... blab .... I could go on.....
  8. Did a city break at Marseille. Fab time. Highly recommended!
  9. So a 1 metre offside results in higher collision speeds and consequently higher risk of damage. Maybe 50m offside is the answer.
  10. Grim Stuff. In order to mitigate this how does 7-8 metre offside with 12 players sound? Less collision speed but more desperate flailing arms? Noting that RL has two stories on the BBC UK page I'm just hoping that RL doesn't become the sacrificial lamb that allows Boxing and RU to carry on. Yes this whole thing is horrid but if boxing is allowable then ....
  11. I'd think that for most clubs there is a finite amount of money so putting their star player on a wage that eventually bankrupts the club means the rest of the team are on that much less.
  12. I heard 2250 but the laptop man behind me was suggesting taxman evasion. Didn't look like much like that to me tbh.
  13. Mr B Noble hung around for a short while after the HT break. Tbf the shimmering attractions of Sunny Cas lie just a few moments away.
  14. Great move from Jamaica that results in a try. 90m interception. Eng 6 Jam 0.
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