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  1. I haven't read Leefs link. I dont have the fortitude to do so. For some of us there seems to be a constant dripping erosion of trust and credibility. I know, I know...live with it- get over it- end off. I know.
  2. First game since Cas 28-St Helens 14 March last year. No Liam Watts, so? Who will win? Who cares? The big question of these troubled times: will the Real Ale Shed be open? Unbearable Tension!
  3. Usually OurLeague has been rock solid for me but not so much last night. Occasionional interruptions/buffering but during the match I lost the icon which transmits the image to your tv. Gone! Very odd.
  4. I remember a mate saying how the new incoming 10m offside will offer more space for the attack. Mmmmm. Unintended consequences and all that.
  5. For me the interminable ruck is allowed for by the authorities in order to keep the game recognisable as RL irrespective of what it says in the rulebook. If the tacklers release the ball carrier as per the rules then most of the defence will be deeply offside at the ptb. The attack will find a retreating defence as a regular occurrence most every ptb. Or a penalty for not retreating in time. OK, the quick release could be insisted upon and then the defence can't commit across the field knowing it can't get back onside more times than not. Either way it is a big change in the cha
  6. I remember seeing him playing for Fev when the standing joke was that as he was getting on a bit his exercise consisted of a 80 minute walk every Sunday. As I remember he would charge in, turn in the tackle and pop the ball out to whoever he fancied. Now he was unlikely to knock anyone out of the way and go 50m but at the same time the defence could not stop the turn and pass to a team set up for just this option. For all the off field chuntering about his age it worked!
  7. My Samsung tablet mirrors the screen via WiFi using the 'smartview' icon. Always been solid for me.
  8. Do we think that the ball carrier lunging forward to gain a yard causes a lot of problems at the ptb? It forces the markers to engage because the ref is unlikely to penalise for walking off the mark and then a nothing penalty for interference.
  9. Its not a myth for me but a very real and increasingly mundane aspect of the game. It may be true that dragging down the standard is damaging SL but I still find it unexciting to find the same teams contesting/winning. This is not helpful but if those lesser clubs who are holding back the big clubs were dissolved then this would release the big clubs to aspire and achieve greatness. Biggest teams at the finals everytime. What's not to like? Yes I'm being sarcastic and no, I've no idea how those lesser clubs out finance the big clubs.
  10. Right then, it's year 2 million of Lockdown and it's Friday night. I've sampled Prosecco, Beaujolais and Black Bottle whisky. It's now approaching 2am but I've managed to watch 20 odd minutes of a match that has had one penalty and one try so far. It's just so easy to watch compared to nowadays. I know there has to be wrestling at the tackle in order for the 10m defence time to get set with seemingly compulsary random penalties but as grumpy as I am is there anyone here who think today's product is better to watch than this match? You may well prefer today's play but to me it is tedious
  11. Put like that He'd be a better passer of the ball than a kicker.
  12. I went from thinking "That's Weird" to "that's so obvious why didn't I think of it"?
  13. My take on this is that the punishment for being caught causes more damage to society than the offence. So someone has a line of coke/joint on Friday night along with a bottle of wine. He gets arrested on Monday, loses his job, his house, gets divorced and the kids end up in a flat somewhere at best. The wine is no problem but the message from the arbitary moral high ground is we make no apologies for saving the lives of little children etc. I don't think this is a helpful thing.
  14. I recall offering some advice to Clinton Toopi at a GB v NZ match at Huddersfield. (he had been jostling our players with much enthusiasm). Honest to God, as I was finishing off ranting he turned his head and looked up towards me. How I didn't spoil my pantaloons I have no idea. Blind terror inspired me to finish off with "Yeah Clinton Toopi- Come up here with us! .....My mate wants a word with you". My mates face was a picture. As I recall he missed the next match with an injury. He punched his own team mate so hard he broke his own arm. A scarey prospect I think.
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