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  1. Not so much skating in thin ice as skating on jelly. Too many variables. How do you sleep at night? I'd be a wreck after a day or so. (You do come across some mindless slaver round and about - if I was the coach I'd be thinking......)
  2. Was happy enough that Trin would be struggling after being eaten alive by wolves. Shows what I know. Its official- I'm clueless.
  3. Just been reading about Dennis Hartley back in the 60's. My Goodness. Grim Stuff! And I imagine there were worse periods in the game.
  4. Right then. A bloke on FB said 10 mins to go an hour a go. What with the new phone first time abroad and not being used to Seville Saturday alcohol regime I was really confused. Is Kevin Ward playing?
  5. What time is it in: A, France. B, UK C, Spain. My new phone is somehow drunk. Not s sure hwo stop bloppa.
  6. Thing is ..this same game at the PieDome is a Wigan win. This is because of the Referee. It was that close. If the ref doesn't alter the course of the game then what is he there for? This could have been another assertion of the natural order of things or a desperate win for the home side. It was neither. It was a very close win by the better side. Just.
  7. Not sure Cas were 'Hanging On' or Wigan let themselves down unduly. They simply lost the game.
  8. Cas edged away in the end. As I say that Burgess scores.16-12. FT..
  9. Burns next to the post.10-6. Still close. 2 to go ht. High tackle 12-6.ht.
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