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  1. If Salford won the GF I would be jolly for a thousand years. And I'm a miserable git. When Wigan win I may not even bother watching.
  2. Just so you know the Ale Shed had the immense Elland 1872 Porter 6.5% which meant that after waiting all winter for the season to start I may not fully realise that the last home game has..... er.... what ...awe ....ψψξ See you all next Feb.
  3. Just come to me now that what must have been my first visit to odsal was in 1979 for the finish of the london-bradford road race won by Barry Hoban of wakey. I can remember hanging about when this young lad came up and asked for my autograph thinking I was one of the racers. Yes indeed, wearing my Eddy Merckx cap I had been mistaken for the great 'Canibal' himself. Odsal Top- Citadel of Heroes. I was 17.
  4. Five blokes just walked into my taverna. Football?asks the owner. Rugby mate, rugby, want rugby on. Rugby!!
  5. Success! My man in Lesbos has found BBC 1. No handpump though and it's 99 million degrees Celsius.
  6. It's taken me days to get over this story and now you've 'opened it up again'. Arrrrghhh.......
  7. Seems like Arspool v Livernel is on after the CCF so I should be clear for the match in Lesbos! Good.
  8. Not remotely convinced by that. Not watching this match but integrity seems to come a distant second to gaining an advantage.
  9. I think there were 3 disallowed tries against Cas but even then it's seemed close in general play if you know what I mean.
  10. Ranking claims high ball to score but penalised for ..... 14-6 22 to go.
  11. Trueman goes well down the left and finds Ollie. Super. Cas 8 6
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