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  1. Watching this with 7 to go I'm thinking this game could have been an absolute classic. It isn't and 22-6 does not reflect Salford contribution. Shame.
  2. Thought Cas had been best team but Leeds doing well now. Better losing to a better team than random official errata.
  3. Arrived just after 7 which is s result. Surprised to see so many different shirts here. Great Fun. Beer's though.
  4. Just set off. 20mins late. Hoping to be there for half time has gone from joke to unreasonably optimistic perhaps.
  5. Got coach tickets today and really looking forward to my first visit to St Helens since.....1989....90? Strange how the women have discovered a different seam of rugby.
  6. Even on Saturday I was agog at the sheer weirdness that was Toronto versus Fev. When they come down the Lane I've no idea what will happen to me.
  7. My pet hate is the unsightly ptb AND the resulting array of random penalties- awarded and not awarded. There is too much wrestle after Held is called when the ball carrier walks/staggers/leaps forward forcing the markers to engage. When the ref shouts Held the ball carrier can not move from that spot. The markers have only to line up and don't have to worry about the tackled thrashing about earning a whole metre. Using the foot in the pub seems an obvious move.
  8. The stadium gets some bad press but I thought the whole experience was very good. Even the escape was painless, unlike the result......
  9. I want both to win but Wigan to be demoted. Not sure how this will work though.
  10. If Salford won the GF I would be jolly for a thousand years. And I'm a miserable git. When Wigan win I may not even bother watching.
  11. Just so you know the Ale Shed had the immense Elland 1872 Porter 6.5% which meant that after waiting all winter for the season to start I may not fully realise that the last home game has..... er.... what ...awe ....ψψξ See you all next Feb.
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