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  1. My only football match was Cyprus v Italy in Limasol early 90s. Hadn't realised till then how much happens in RL, moment to moment, compared to other sports.
  2. Yes, it is a shame for Salford but at least he didn't end up at the St PieLoins which helps games in general to be less predictable.
  3. When Mr Evalds finds out he will be very concerned I think. Will he be able to release himself from the contract on the grounds of a 19C Groud?
  4. Ernie Parrot is often lurking about, straying offside and interfering in the tackle etc but cant see him in the photo. The capital is garish but this is a reoccurring theme in Greek colour reconstructions. I've got over the shock and quite like it now. A bit like Dragons and Wolfpacks. Unfortunately Mrs Sphinx is undeniably Boss-Eyed. With such a wide angle of vision she would make a useful referee.
  5. I do struggle with the City of Loins from upstream and at one point Mrs Sphinx was going a bit Headingley. Terrifying! So I'm happy enough with Wirery colours all things considered. As for those locals who strut about in those shades of Hades then Marsias can have some mates to accompany him. (I'm very nearly not sure if I'm joking or not).
  6. No, I couldn't find anything either though there are reconstructions out there, just not for Mrs Sphinx. She still ended up with a Warrington feel to her despite some misgivings but i don't want to annoy Apollo in case he ever comes to Castleford looking for me. He might turn me into a Pie Eater! Tragedy!
  7. These. Cas win over Saints in March seems to be from a similar era.
  8. I've been to the Delphi Museum twice and been drawn more towards the Omphalos, the Belly Button of the World. And speaking frankly, if the Wirery Sphinx is going to cavort about the place in Primrose and Blue then it seems fair enough!
  9. I think the Warrington board are due for some criticism here. Just yards away from the Wirery Sphinx is the most famous Oracle in the classical world. All they had to do is ask when it was their year. It's not like they haven't had time!
  10. It's odd because the recorders can do Series Repeat but not on FreeView Ch 64. A Conspiracy!
  11. I've failed on a few machines to get 'Series Record' for this. Anyone had better luck?
  12. That's Great, Olympian God or an RL Prop on my case. Black and Amber are the traditional colours of Castleford. May have to offer a noble libation to Athena or someone to even things up. Fortuitously we have a bottle of Retsina in the fridge.
  13. I suspect 17st Giant is being mischievous.
  14. Read Greek Myths years ago, fantastic read. On my list for the Kindle. Yeah, these statues were painted and brightly coloured according to the people who study these things. I should be able to paint over but Can I be bothered? A Black and Amber Sphinx might look daft. Besides, don't want to annoy Apollo, he can be a right nutter.
  15. I've been painting this Sphinx which was erected in the Sanctuary of Apollo near the Delphi Oracle. (Come on now....we've all considered doing just the same as some point). Cant find any guide to colouration so I've just gone with the flow. Thing is she's turning out to be a Warrington fan! Is the Olympian God Apollo, speaking through the Pythian Priestess of the Delphic Oracle, sending me a message. Is Apollo a Wire?What if the local Tigers smell Wolves on me? If it's not one thing it's another! Bah!
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