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  1. Enough, have to switch pubs. Now! Keep me informed if I get lost somewhere.
  2. I've been drinking beer, it's really tickling me for some reason. Hopefully will actually see the match in a glug or so.
  3. Been effectively a Tier 3 area since the end of the miners strike- sometime last century. Might not not overly good before then according to some.
  4. Cas got a penalty in the second half they shouldn't have. As PC remarked: 'Leeds were unlucky there. See!
  5. Just occurred to me that the Giro actually finished as Hindley crossed the line. You could argue that not only had TGH not worn the Rosa before winning the Giro but he still hasn't. Yes he wore it as winner when on the podium but the race had finished at that point. Good quiz question for the future perhaps.
  6. I'm catching up on itv4 and after Stage 13 TGH is still not in the Top Ten. This feels like it should be a record of some sort!
  7. I find your point almost offensive. These are Pro RL players reduced to mindless casual labour by your reckoning. I disagree.
  8. I'd never realised that Castleford were so openly deserving of this unpleasantness till now. Hoping for the best for what's left. (I've a thin skin).
  9. The tragic news from Kalamata, Greece is that the OurLeague App is working fine. Happily there is some complimentary Raki in the fridge. 24-0 sfter half an hour.
  10. Not seen the game, only the excellent Williams try. My question is, if the Ref had made no decision on the disputed knock on and it was 'play on' would the Ref would now by criticised for not intervening or would the incident have been forgotten about? As I say I haven't seen the incident so my question might well be silly but you might get my drift- Play on and no one notices......perhaps.
  11. In the Peleponese- limited options here for viewing the CC and very frustrated but I feel that King Nestor of Pylos is rooting for the Red Devils when not besieging Troy!
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