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  1. I'm the same. I haven't mentioned this incident for...... ooh.......several hours now.
  2. I was there and as Scofield? hoofed it downfield I actually said something along the lines of 'Well, that's that!'. Still think Meninga obstructed........
  3. Great Stuff. Saturday's result isn't all good but this is very infectious! Do it Samoa, Do it.
  4. This. The game is a much better spectacle when the ref intervenes less rather than more, and happens more often with Aussie Refs imo.
  5. Have a bottle of Valdepenas ready and half a bile burger already statched. Hope I can last the full 80!
  6. For some reason I had it in my head that this was allowed. I kept on been outraged that these incidents were ruled as double movements. I'm going to shut up for a while....
  7. This. I'm not being Anti- Australia when saying I'd like them out at the semi final so much as Pro-RL. A non Aus final would be a breath of fresh air for the game. Many cages would be rattled, within the game and in the media. I see no negatives with this., Aussie egos aside.
  8. If those fellows were stood at the bar when I went in I'd be remarking how unthirsty I was.
  9. Just thinking the same thing. Was a fab 80mins watching them. What a shame.
  10. I get that the French are fast and skillful but how can anyone be so elusive and agile. And there is a team full of them. I'm sat watching it and I can't believe it. Impressed.
  11. Struggling to watch in pub with fading battery and dodgy WiFi. My thoughts: that's Rugby League. The mechanics are the same.
  12. Can't put my finger on why PNG are my favourite second team but .......they just are!
  13. I'm remembering the last WC here, I shudder to think of the changes of interpretation since then in SL alone. No, it wasn't me but that Retsina in the local supermarket is looking like a good idea. Yammas!
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