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  1. 3 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    That is not what I wrote... to put it another way.

    competitive can be based on poor standards together with your competitions poor standards or competitive can be against high standards of yourself and the competition. High standards in this case relating to the standard of play on the park to attract and excite sufficient fans.

    I know, I'm on a substantial amount of Ouzo myself but with the best will in the world I've no idea what you're on about.

    If close competitive standards don't provide the best options for a competition then... As I say I missed the point of your last post.

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  2. Red John, no quote, if you are saying SL needs a dominant club  in order for SL to thrive rather than say a competitive league then ......  then, if find that depressing. 

    That is, the St PieLoins lose 1k attendance each.  The rest gain 500 thinking they might win.

    That has to be more healthy surely? 

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  3. 45 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    I guess your correct from a competitive team with the others in SL  but will that bring in the fans and increase the attendances significantly.

    There is a good point here. To be competitive should be good enough for any team. For some teams that is not good enough. Some sort of disproportionate success is required, whatever the diminution to the rest of the competition. 

    A competitive league isn't deemed good enough. 

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  4. I wasn't going to comment as it would be a largely miserable moan with no redeeming features. I've no idea why I thought this would be unacceptable. 

    So, about 25, 30 years ago? Cas beat Wigan in a league match. The report in the Rugby Leaguer? consisted of 4 paragraphs over half a page. Cas didn't get a mention in the report till halfway down the third paragraph. 

    And here we are today talking about a team who lost the GF in the last moments of the game who are currently 4th in the table. 

    I'd like to think the game was stronger than this but then again  I am mostly grumpy these days.

  5. Thing is I moan about as much about RL as anyone here but if the ref deems some ugly slavver as worthy of reward then what do you do as a coach? Play to higher principles and get sacked or gain some advantage by ugly slavver? 

    We all laugh at the antics of footballers but if it didn't work then why do it?

    Btw I never got the incidents of gamesmanship/cheating as clever play. It works yes but at what cost to the game in general?

    Right then, bored of ranting about this, I'll have to find something else to rant about......

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