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  1. Rhinos playing the Wolfpack in Toronto on Yorkshire Day weekend.Its a long weekend over here that weekend and there's lots to see.I know the Blue Jays are at home that weekend against the Orioles,Toronto FC are in Chicago and the Argos are in Winnipeg but there's more than sports to see.Theres the art gallery,the museum.the science centre or the CN Tower.There's shopping at numerous malls including the Eaton Centre and possibly a big name concert or two but if you come over you really should try to make the 2 hour trip to Niagara Falls.Its a spectacular sight and there are many different places to view the falls from.Its a full day out and I may be available to take a couple down there and show them around if work permits,I'll know more nearer the date,but if you do come over I'm sure you'll enjoy it as Toronto has something for everyone.
  2. If you're here for a few days you really should try and make a trip to Niagara Falls.Its about 90 mins along the QEW and its a once in a lifetime trip.I live about half way between Toronto and the Falls and will be at the game Saturday.Unfortunately the Blue Jays are out of town for the weekend so you cant go to a game.I may be available to drive 2-3 to the Falls on Sunday if I'm free,depends on work.
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