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  1. RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP QUALIFIER – UKRAINE 26 GREECE 28 – Report A Jordan Meads penalty goal, as part of the Greece skipper’s 16 point tally, just saw his side home with a narrow 28-26 win in the Dinamo Stadium, Kharkiv against Ukraine. If the Greeks now earn a point at home to Malta in Athens, they will take the European Championship C – South crown, and play either Germany or Norway from the North group in a play-off for the next round of European 2021 World Cup qualifying matches, in 2019. Both sides scored four tries in front of an enthusiastic crowd, the hosts coming from 20-8 down at the break to leave the visitors hanging on for the final ten minutes. Greek head coach Michail Chatziioannou commented: “It was a very physical game, as we expected, and all the boys gave all their heart in both teams; all my respect to the Ukrainians who were really impressive. Thankfully, we won but we need to minimise our mistakes next time.” Scrum half Meads controlled the key periods, ably backed up by Sebastian Sell who was a powerhouse throughout with his storming runs. Greece made a perfect start, full back Dimosthenis Kartsonakis over in the corner, Meads unable to add the conversion. The Ukrainian forwards, led by prop Aleksandr Kozak often drove their opponents back, Sell’s countering offloads proving to be their Achilles heel and their three quarters hesitant under Meads’ kicks. Aleksandr Sherbina thought he’d scored on a fine diagonal run in the 11th minute, only for Meads’ despairing tackle to force him in to a double movement, and two minutes later, Meads showed the way, scampering over from 10 metres out and adding the conversion. Ukraine survived a goal line drop out but twice knocked on in their own half, Sell with a piercing run taken on by Ioannis Rousoglou, and Meads sending half back partner Nikolaos Bosmos over through Anatoliy Grankovskiy’s tackle to make it 14-0. Ukraine gathered the short kick off and then won a one-on-one steal, Sviatoslav Andrieichenko getting on the outside of his man to go over in the corner for their first points, and impressive full back Bogdan Veprik showed great strength to crash between three defenders from close in, Aleksandr Skorbach missing his second shot at goal. It seemed as though the home side would go in only a score behind but they conceded again, somewhat bizarrely, just before the break. On the last tackle near the Ukrainian line, Meads looked to get an offload away which was snaffled by Sherbina. Instead of taking the tackle and waiting for the half time hooter, he chose to try and ship the ball on, opposite number Terry Constantinou – who was a threat throughout – snaffling it and going over near the posts for Meads to goal. Ukraine were out early for the second half and started it well amongst a flurry of tries. Skorbach’s fine pass sent in Oleksandr Sivokoz across, Meads again countering with a try on a last tackle play. Ukraine again rescued a short kick off, centre Nikolay Shalaiev powering his way over for Skorbach to again narrow the gap to six points. Meads took the opportunity to extend that to two scores in the 63rd minute, kicking a penalty from 20 metres out, however, with ten minutes to go, Skorbach crossed and added the extras to set up an extremely tense finish. Veprik pulled of an astonishing try saving tackle on Komninos Tsavaris and more desperate home defence denied Konstantinos Katsidonis as the Greeks just held on. Veteran home skipper Skorbach commented: “We made a lot of mistakes in the first half and that just left us too much to do. We had to chase the game and nearly managed it but that is something we need to work on. The try just before half time hurt us.” UKRAINE 26 Bogdan Veprik, Sviatoslav Andrieichenko, Mikhail Troyan, Nikolay Shalaiev, Anatoliy Grankovskiy, Aleksandr Skorbach, Mikhail Pavliv, Vladimir Radchik, Dmitii Semerenko, Aleksandr Kozak, Andrei Shakura, Evgeni Trusov, Aleksandr Sherbina Subs: Igor Yurkin, Ostap Grishchenko, Oleksandr Sivokoz, Dmitii Kaevich Tries: Andrieichenko (26), Veprik (37), Sivokoz (44), Shalaiev (48), Skorbach (70) Goals: Skorbach 3/5 GREECE 28 Dimosthenis Kartsonakis, Michail Bosmos, Konstantinos Katsidonis, Alvaro Zota, Nikolaos Kourkakis, Nikolaos Bosmos, Jordan Meads, Stefanos Bastas, Ioannis Nake, Ioannis Rousoglou, Robert Tuliatu, Sebastian Sell, Terry Constantinou Subs: Eugenios Malai, Panteleimon Tsattalios, Komninos Tsavaris, Konstantinos Koutras Tries: Kartsonakis (2), Meads (13, 46), N. Bosmos (22), Constantinou (39) Goals: Meads 4/6 Half time: 8-20 Referee: Matt Rossleigh Man of the Match: Jordan Meads
  2. Added the Locations for European Group B https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1610/nations-gear-up-for-european-championship-b Added Locations and Times for 2018 Euro matches https://www.ffr13.fr/actualite-a-la-une/euro-2018-france-galles-et-france-ecosse-a-domec-carcassonne/
  3. Germany vs. Czech Republic Match Report Germany put themselves in pole position for the next phase of 2021 World Cup qualification, with a stunning win over the Czech Republic in Osnabruck, to head the European Championship C – North table. If they take a point from Norway in Porsgrunn next month, they will face the winners of the Southern section in the next round of WC games. Bob Doughton, president of German rugby league and co-coach of the national side commented: “It was a very tough, we had to work really hard to break down the Czech’s.” “There was some impatience in our build up, but we now move on to Norway and it come could down to point’s difference.” Skipper Brad Billsborough was the star, scoring one try, setting up two others and landing four goals for half his side’s points. It took 32 minutes for the deadlock to be broken but not before each side had made clear cut chances, Germany spurning three opportunities with the last pass going begging and the visitors twice denied. On two occasions early on the hosts created an overlap, but right winger Jannek Hagenah couldn’t reel in the scoring ball and, in the 25th minute, he was again given space out wide again but this time the Czech cover came across to bundle him in to touch. The bigger visiting forwards looked to plough a furrow up the middle but brave German defence held them up. Just after the half hour, Billsborough’s guile sent full back Ben Dent over for the opening try, Billsborugh goaling and missing with a drop goal attempt in the 37th minute trying to establish a two-score lead. Billsborough took matters into his own hands five minutes after the break with a delightful try, eluding the first line of Czech defence and showing an outrageous dummy to go over, and landing the extras. A ball steal in front of their own posts on the hour saw the Czech’s penalised and Billsborough slotted over the goal to make it 14-0 as torrential rain began to fall. In the greasy conditions, twice the Czech’s spilt the ball coming out of their own 20, prop Connor Hampson plunging over out wide for the Germans as they capitalised. With ten minutes to go, Oldřich Chrbolka scrambled over in the corner for the visitors to give them hope, Tomáš Řičica wide with the conversion attempt, but Germany sealed a fantastic win when Billsborough’s brilliant cut out pass sent Westfalen Warriors’ George Wood over, Billsborough goaling. Doughton added: “Brad is 20 and we made him captain because he is a leader and has a mature head to guide the team around the field, but I was also so impressed with Phil Hunz who is only in his second season and filled in for us at loose forward where he has never played before, he was tremendous.” Czech head coach Ladislav Cintler noted: “The game was very even but Germany made less mistakes than us,” he said. “We are getting better every year but we can improve and play smarter.” GERMANY 24 Ben Dent, Jannek Hagenah, George Wood, Sebastian Peter, David Ziekursch, Brad Billsborough, Marc Zupan, Connor Hampson, Liam Doughton, Sebastian Roczyn, Martin Apostel, , Josh Leutenecker, Phil Hunz Substitutes: Karsten Brüning, Renko Fleming, Phil Wadewitz, Vivi Seelweger Tries: Dent (32), Billsborough (60), Hampson (65), Wood (79) Goals: Billsborough 4/5 CZECH REPUBLIC 4 Jan Mudroch, Oldřich Chrbolka, Antonín Berk, Filip-Daniel Kittl, Filip Špaček, Tomáš Řičica, Jakub Hudrlík, Bruno Jasiczek, Petr Šedina, Ondřej Maňák, Ondřej Preininger, Jan Heininger, Josef Maňák Substitutes: Tomáš Adamec, Richard Gach, Lukáš Krištof, Aleš Pour Try: Chrbolka (70) Goal: Řičica (0/1) Referee: Andrew Pilkington (Spain) Half time: 6-0 Man of the match: Brad Billsborough
  4. Norway has to win by 15 or more points to overturn the Points difference. If they win by 13 Germany goes through and if they win by 14 it's tied. Does anyone know what the group tiebreakers even are? Maybe something comes before Difference.
  5. I think they are but Norway can still win if they can beat Germany by a big score. The current Diffs. are: Czech Republic -12 Germany +20 Norway -8
  6. Great result for Germany winning 24:4 in Osnabruk Opening up the chance for them to go through to the Group C Final And the Stream replay with Czech in Red, White and Blue and Germany in Black, Yellow, and Red
  7. Game live in English for second half https://easyview.eu/script.php?stream=bbc-1
  8. Update for the next couple of games.
  9. No regular TV Games coming up this weekend because of the Rogers Cup but we have: Thurs. Aug. 16th NRL Broncos vs. Rabbitohs at 7pm on SN1 Thurs. Aug 23rd Super League Rugby Teams TBD. at 7pm on SN1
  10. The ones I posted about are the Challenge cup weekend sorry I forgot to put the date. They have games in the 4-8pm time slots on both Saturday and Sunday. The NRL Games are Dragons vs. Warriors on Saturday and Panthers vs. Raiders on Sunday
  11. Just been Looking at the schedule on Sportsnet and they are showing the following games on Sportsnet 1: A Super League game at 4pm NRL Pathers vs. Raiders at 6pm
  12. I believe these are the players form Milford who played in the game against Malta Serhii Kravchenko, Oleksandr Shcherbyna, Oleksandr Skorbach, Oleksandr Syvokoz, Mykhailo Troian, Yevhenii Trusov, Bogdan Veprik
  13. Added Ukraine defeating Malta 34:22 today https://philcaplan.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/2021-rugby-league-world-cup-qualifier-malta-22-ukraine-34-report/
  14. Has anyone heard anything about the structure/fixture list for the Americas qualification?
  15. Just letting everyone know that sportsnet has a replay of SOO 2 tonight at 7pm
  16. With the first game being completed today I figured it would be great to have a thread where we can see all the results. Teams already qualified are: England, Australia, Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Lebanon, New Zealand. European Qualifiers Stage One European Championship C North Czech Republic 20 (Tries: Chrbolka, Heninberg, Kittl, Goals: Koliska 4) Norway 12 (Tries: Cummins, McIntyre: Goals: Cummins 2) attendance: 1,000 Germany 24:4 Czech Republic Norway 40:20 Germany Group Winner plays Winner of Championship C South to determine who advances to European Playoffs European Championship C South Malta (Falzon (2), J. Attard, Pio Mizzi) 22:34 Ukraine (Semerenko (2), Skorbach, Sviatoslav, Scherbina, Troyan) Attendance 500 Ukraine 26:28 Greece Attendance approx. 500 Greece 60:4 Malta Group winner plays Winner of Championship C North to determine who advances to European Playoffs European Championship B Spain 32:24 Russia in Valencia Russia 36:18 Serbia in Moscow Serbia 24:20 Spain in Belgrade Spain and Russia Advance to European Playoffs 2018 Euros France Ireland Scotland Wales Matches: Saturday 27th October 14:00 Ireland v Scotland Morton Stadium. Santry (ground with athletics track) Saturday 27th October 18:00 France v Wales Stade Albert Domec, Carcassonne Friday 2nd November 19:30 Scotland V Wales Netherdale, Galashiels Saturday 3rd November 14:00 Ireland v France Morton Stadium Saturday 10th November 18:00 France v Scotland Stade Albert Domec Sunday 11th November 15:00 Wales v Ireland, Racecourse Ground, Wrexham Top 2 Teams Qualify for RLWC 2021 Bottom 2 Teams advance to European Playoffs Stage 2 European Playoffs Italy Bottom 2 from 2018 Euros Spain Russia Winner of Euro Champ. C Norway vs. Greece Two groups of 3 teams with the top 2 teams from each group earning qualification to RLWC 2021 Rest of World Stage One 2018 Americas Qualification Canada United States Jamaica Chile Game 1: United States vs. Chile Game 2: Canada vs. Jamaica Game 3: Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2 Top Team advances to RLWC 2021 with 2nd place team hosting a world playoff 2019 World Playoff America's 2nd Place Asia Pacific Highest Ranked Middle East/Africa Highest Ranked Winner advances to RLWC 2021
  17. That's probably a mistake as they said on Twitter before last weekend that they would not be able to show these 2 games.
  18. Sportsnet World is showing most of the Summer Bash games this weekend only missing the first game on Saturday because it clashes with the Rugby Union Final.
  19. At least SN Now is free if you have sportsnet as part of your TV Package.
  20. Update for the Magic Weekend and Summer Bash Games
  21. Just so you guys know the RFL are offering a 10% off discount code for the WatchNRL app. the code is RFL2018
  22. I think they run Corrie like a week or two behind here.
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