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  1. blood hell £300k for more than 50 houses and that's just council fees what about the architecture cost!!!! I am definitely voting to develope with the equity company.
  2. I took away the reserves to get the figure. I am voting to develop, sick of trying to over think it. it's progress and it will pay the debts. tge council doc doesn't allow for any mass development between now and 2021, so its now or never for me.
  3. All on companies house you can see it raising from £400k in 2014 to over £1m in 2017 no accounts this year yet. We took out a loan of 200k in 2016 too. I think the problem is our money dropping from £40k to £20k per month is the big issue!!!!!!
  4. I read that council doc and it looks like we won't be able to apply for planning permission until after 2021 if we don't start now. Anybody else read it?
  5. Hi marklaspalmas where did you get the £900,000.00 liabilities from, is it long term or short term loans?? thanks
  6. Totally agree with you, I watched that game yesterday on tv and it was poor and the crowd seemed poor too.
  7. Read why I quoted their names before commenting.
  8. I think York will help increase attendances too, I'm sure I saw some of their figures over 3500?
  9. Come on saville and shipman ? But yet I agree with you.
  10. Has ridyard signed for next year or was he on a 2 year deal?
  11. I just read through that its heavy going but if thats all the bad points after a 2 week high court trial then I think he's a saint. We should use our asset as its doing NOTHING for us. Any company to invest is going to take there profits but at least the club have said we will own more.
  12. Maureen - can you send his email I have a few questions about 3 after what has been said
  13. That will get us to the top of SL, ? ??
  14. Maybe you could do it at the AGM next week?
  15. He was too busy chatting up the Leigh ladies!! ?
  16. I thought I saw briscoe on the pitch at the end?
  17. Hardman's is not there, that's the one I would want. Maybe Misi.
  18. Did you not go pik*y? They played in it.
  19. Already making excuses, I for one can't wait for the game, we are going to close out in style.
  20. ......us not making the top 4, we would probably have done a Fax and had a miserable time coupled with the fact we would have money taken away from us, but now we have 2 games to win to give us the shield final at home and great day out plus we might end up with more money having budgeted for less. Don't get me wrong I don't believe what rugby have done is right however I will take it everyday. Come on Fev, UTR.
  21. That is the strongest possibility, unless there are some surprises on the final weekend.
  22. It wouldn't happen in any other professional sport, we are run by idiots, how can they change the goalposts at the end of the season. RR is the root cause.
  23. Totally with you, short term view, I hope they go down next year and then out of business
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