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  1. Dario from @wolfcastto interview on Radio Yorkshire.. wish I could have been on that too.. https://audioboom.com/posts/6147628-toronto-wolfpack-how-canadian-fans-have-taken-to-the-sport
  2. lol.. that sounds like a possibility.. I'll have to advise D. We are renting (hiring?) a car.
  3. I am not in complete agreement with you on the club and game promotion. I think in a sport crazy city the size of Toronto and the surrounding metro area (about 6 million people) it should not be difficult to attract a larger audience than what they currently draw. I am very curious to see what the attendance numbers will be like for the 4 home games of the super 8s, ESPECIALLY when one of those games could see them clinch promotion to the championship. I feel that there have been some missed opportunities to not only grow the TWP but rugby league as a whole. Both Coventry and Barrow were amazing examples of promoting both their teams as well as the league. TWP should be looking at Coventry (Alan Robinson) as they are where he was with them not too long ago and we could learn from what he is doing with Coventry. There is no question that Canada and Toronto are nowhere near as familiar with rugby as the normally associated countries. Rowley has even commented after the initial games that the fans are cheering at inappropriate times, which is fair, as we certainly don't know the game, if I can generalize my fellow Toronto residents. For me, I started losing interest (just as a reference) as the games were consistently becoming blowouts.. "Ok, so I missed some pictures of TWP scoring a try, they'll score another in a few minutes.." I'd much rather watch a more matched game than what has transpired with the season. On the plus side, it did give me more of an opportunity to actually watch some of the later games from the stands with the fans, which is another aspect of rugby league that I love.
  4. Think I should have more success picking up this as well the other reading materials whilst in the UK.. will look for it.
  5. Lol!! I think it was one of our followers that sent us that link a while back.. great video! Certainly getting to know the differences and a little bit of the history, but not enough of the nuances. Fortunately, one of my friends is a massive rugby fan so every other weekend or so, I go to his place, watch the weekend F1 race and then he " tutors " me on the recorded games and explains things bit by bit. Getting there.. but a long road ahead.
  6. Hello all.. Would it be possible for anyone that wants to discuss anything regarding our trip to the UK to do so on our twitter account? It would be helpful for my partner in crime (the " planner " for trying to schedule things and find out about things to do) as he doesn't connect here. More followers wouldn't hurt us or be a bad thing for rugby either. Chris
  7. Great question.. nothing like the answer I have for you.. uhm.. the UK? Dario - the other half of us is putting that all together as that's one of his " things " Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.. but better to be tweeted if possible, as that's Dario's area more than here.
  8. I will fully state that I am not at all aware of his history as a coach (TWP is my first rugby exposure at this level) and can only comment on what I have seen to this point. Having listened to him at each post game press conference as well as a number of informal chats with him - seems nothing but a class act and perhaps, even with your commented experience / tactics , he has developed and matured (and will continue to do so) to a coach that will grow the team and sport in the future.. hopefully to the point of bigger players. At this point, I only see it doing good to grow the sport and I'm happy to be experiencing it. I think that sometimes people tend to forget that as much as players develop their skills, the coaches do as well... and yes, certainly doesn't hurt to have the funding. So looking forward to getting to the UK and talking to people who actually use words like chuffed and plaudits... and being rugby fans as well certainly does not hurt.. In regards to grubby, what does that mean for the type of play? As in rule bending or bad sportsmanship? (sorry, just don't know what it means in the rugby world)
  9. Had not previously heard of Leigh SV. This is the sports village complex, I gather? Looks pretty good.. the one location we looked up was Sixways.. which was slightly terrifying learning it was so named for the 6 major access paths to it.. I need more time (no, coffee) to fully understand and research what exactly google is trying to tell me.. it, after all, is 6:02am right now and I've been awake a while checking the fixtures...
  10. We are planning to get to the two TWP games (home team kind of mentality) but also some of the other ones as well.. now the fixtures are out (and some delayed) we will have to have a look and see.. also get some suggestions and thoughts of what we should try to get to... Want to see if we can get to the Worcester Warriors friendly on the 12th (or maybe if the team has practice day) but not sure scheduling will allow. Turns out my friend in Toronto (who now I chat about rugby with) went to high School with David Denton.. Small rugby world. I don't realize it, or at least I didn't. What I do know is that I don't know enough to rant or posture, nor do I want to. (posture, not know more)
  11. Hello everyone.. finally getting around to this.. We (Wolfcast Toronto) are a pair of new(ish) rugby fans following the Toronto Wolfpack and all things rugby now that we've become hooked. We've managed to book our flights out to Manchester for August 5th and trying to see as much Rugby (and possibly other events when we are there) and would really appreciate any thoughts on what to see / who to see / where to go etc from those of you immersed in the Rugby world. Ideally, something on Twitter (@wolfcastto) would be the best way to communicate to us, as only 1/2 of us is on this site, at least via the login with twitter option. We will be there from the 5-15 of August and have already been in contact with Keighley Cougars (apparently pronounced Keeth-lee?? Not sure how it reads that way.. ) who have set us up for that game and invited us to the post game karaoke with the team. Look forward to a great rugby adventure.. Chris Wolfcast Toronto
  12. Yep yep.. we've only just purchased the flight tickets and in the coming days I am certain there will be many people with thoughts and suggestions. Already have a number of people and rugby teams offering suggestions and even directions. We will post here and inquire as well. Just a bit hectic as we start to sort things out at the moment.
  13. Thanks! Unfortunately, there will be a bit of a lull for the upcoming game / podcast .. Wolfcast Toronto is going to the UK, but not until August 6th. We are always at the press conferences and hope to have some interesting content for the fans during our trip to the UK.
  14. It is just like I commented in the podcast.. I'm getting sick of seeing blowout after blowout and am hoping for a closer game.. not just in score, but in gameplay.. as you say, it ends up being the best game you've ever seen. Couldn't agree more.
  15. Players motivations belong to nobody but themselves.. I'm just happy to watch RL and have my fanboy moments.
  16. I have no idea what a "good" ration of scoring actually is.. as we learn more, I am sure I'll understand better. You can see it in Ryan still.. he kind of walks around in a dream state at the games (prior to start) I don't think he has yet come to terms with being a "celebrity" in Toronto. You also have to remember that they come to a stadium with anywhere from 5-7 thousand(ish) fans at the game, as compared to back in the UK, where I understand they get hundreds of fans in the stands. Must be a bit surreal for the players. That is why I want them to play tougher teams.. how's the old saying.. you want to improve, complete against those better than you.
  17. I only know him at the TWP level at this moment and certainly agree with his performances here. Want to see the team tested and see how it goes in the future.
  18. Perhaps a bit of a be a star in Toronto vs. be mediocre at Huddersfield then. Personally, I think that Toronto needs to up their performance to be competitive in the upper tiers. I recall having read/heard something about Toronto scoring on about 30% of their sets, which with their current level of competition being semi pro, should be a higher percentage (if the number is correct). I look forward to Toronto having a real challenge, kind of to test our metal, as the expression goes. Will it happen in the Super 8s? I don't think so but if the TWP are promoted, I think they may be in for a bit of a shock going from a dominant position to a much more difficult set of games next season. I think at the moment, players, fans, everyone are just enjoying the ride..
  19. Didn't know that and I have some research to do in regards to Daryll Powell. What about attracting players like Ryan Brierley. I see it as trying to build the club for the future years. Certainly don't believe that Ryan would have left a team like Huddersfield for a lower tier team without some big promises for the future. (perhaps it was money that attracted him to Toronto?)
  20. Just out of curiosity (as pretty new to rugby) but why do you think that Rowley won't be able to attract big names in the future? Every time we have an interview with him, he always talks about not only getting the best player, but the best person as being more important. It worked for us to get Quinn and I think it may have a good amount of pull / draw for new players in the upcoming years. I think he is trying to build the team the right way.. it's not going out for pints with the boys that builds the team, it's the incredible hard work that they put it that allows them to bond and then celebrate with pints with each other (and with the fans)
  21. Hopefully the fans grow. Should be interesting to see how things will be during the super 8s as well as next season, whichever league Toronto ends up in.
  22. Thanks. That's our boy doing the writing. We are both pretty new to rugby and are loving every second.
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