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    Not on an open forum no... p.s. not turning up for that Hunslet game wasn’t his first “mistake” at town, he was very close to having his contract terminated under Pryce too.... However my judgement of him doesn’t just relate to his rugby career ??
  2. MIG45

    2020 Squad

    ???? if only some folk knew what I know...
  3. MIG45

    2020 Squad

    Think you’re getting Tyler Lancaster and Tyler Mellor mixed up there...
  4. Who have we actually got signed up for next year so far?
  5. JG isn’t the signing btw.... I’ll let you work out who JG is...
  6. The scandal you’re referring to involves a super league club, RL journalists on twitter know the crack but can’t release anything due to the sensitivity involved, police are involved with it whatever it is.
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