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  1. MIG45

    2020 Squad

    Not on an open forum no... p.s. not turning up for that Hunslet game wasn’t his first “mistake” at town, he was very close to having his contract terminated under Pryce too.... However my judgement of him doesn’t just relate to his rugby career ??
  2. MIG45

    2020 Squad

    ???? if only some folk knew what I know...
  3. MIG45

    2020 Squad

    Think you’re getting Tyler Lancaster and Tyler Mellor mixed up there...
  4. MIG45

    2020 Squad

    Who have we actually got signed up for next year so far?
  5. He’s contracted for another 2 seasons, signed an extension mid season...
  6. Simply can’t afford to get rid and build for next season. As Derwent pointed out you’d still have to pay current contracts AND pay any new players.
  7. Only just seen this sorry.... no longer a town player is my understanding, not turning up for training so been told where to go.
  8. Won’t see Rooke in a town shirt again apparently.
  9. Taken “Head Coach at Rochdale Hornets” off his twitter bio too so definitely gone.
  10. No he’s not the only one that hasn’t been turning up for training. Yes he is the only one getting investigated, league express got it wrong.
  11. I’ll be surprised if Olstrom is in given the rumours going round...
  12. Consistently turning up to training probably warrants him being picked first...
  13. MIG45


    Think the Karl situation is completely being blown out of proportion by some on here, lads miss training for a variety of reasons all the time and they’re aware of Leons’s don’t train don’t play policy. If there was anything more to it he wouldn’t have been down there yesterday... obviously couldn’t make training for whatever reason so doesn’t play, if it was anyone else nobody would even question it.
  14. MIG45

    2019 signings

    JG isn’t the signing btw.... I’ll let you work out who JG is...
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