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  1. I could not make it today but well done to the lads , thats a good win. Hopefully build some momentum now .
  2. I dont understand why you feel the need to come on an Oldhams fans forum to tell us all its a lost cause ? I pay to watch the team , as do others.
  3. Blimey i thought i was bad for over reactions!! Long way to go before writing the whole season off. What actually upsets me more is seeing the young Oldham lad playing in super league for WARRINGTON , very pleased for the youngster but gutted knowing he should be an Oldham player. Thats when it hits home about our plight. Thats two now, the Russell lad plays for huddersfield too.
  4. Not a good day at the office, we dust ourselves down and go again.
  5. OLD YED

    DR with Leigh

    Im not a fan of DR.. but thats only my opinion , i can see agruements for both sides.
  6. Brilliant win. On a roll now.
  7. Great idea, hopefully get some young uns to the matches. Good luck its a good idea !
  8. I want to believe but nothing seems to change. Its like banging your head against a wall.
  9. The club IS knackered. There simply is not the fanbase or finances available to progress .. The crowd on Good friday was a joke. Im close to packing in going if im honest.
  10. Bit of an over reaction above IMHO, i thought we controlled the game up until the last 10.. There was nothing left in the tank..
  11. Homewin with Langtree back in the team.
  12. Why did we start playing after 60mins?
  13. Im the biggest pessimist going or i thought i was until i read that drivel.
  14. Was a close well fought game, all i can say is i don;t want to see that bloke ref another Oldham game.
  15. Happy with this, i wonder if SN getting fed up has anything to do with this sudden glut of signings? Maybe its a coincidence? Either i'm delighted we are getting some decent players on the books, now thoughts switch back to the test tomorrow! ?
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