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  1. Time is of the essence... The club is losing a generation of supporters as it is. It needs a base in the town,or it will die.
  2. OLD YED


    Club needs investment. From where who knows. Sad thing is I've given up ,that hurts.
  3. It's actually very sad . I'm not finger pointing,at anybody . I do miss Sheddings on a cold November or December Sunday afternoon, 3 pairs of socks and my grandads long John's were strictly enforced by my granny! I think on reflection the club died when sheddings went.
  4. What an absolute tragedy the state of professional sport in the town. The football club is in ruins, and the Rugby club is on life support. In 1990 both clubs were in the semi finals of their showpiece competitions. The last hope was the lottery winner who wanted to invest into the club, why didn't he ?
  5. Poor game, poor performance. Hoping things improve with a few players coming back because from what i saw today the team is going to struggle at this level.
  6. OLD YED

    our league

    Another walloping. ?
  7. Not bothered about challenge cup. Shame we couldnt have drawn a SL team for financials but staying up is our priority.
  8. Good luck Oldham. Too far for myself to travel but hope the team come away with a win.
  9. OLD YED


    We have injuries so that does not help but yes another mauling today. Its hard when you have no money
  10. OLD YED


    Anothering hammering on the way. Not a good start to the season for us.
  11. I think one of the modern day problems as in most sports, is money talks. There are thousands of kids playing RL in Oldham every weekend, the fact of the matter is the bigger clubs can offer money and a proper pro set up with the incentive to play SL rugby, unfortunately Oldham can offer pretty much neither of the mentioned incentives.Im really hoping Oldham can make it to the championship but until the club finds itself a decent investor promotion would only be sealing over the cracks, without ££££ the club cannot even afford or is able to build its own stadium, and so must make do with 'renting' a tiny 'stadium'.. This isn;t meant to be doomsville, but i think we should all remain realistic, the club will tread water in either championship or championship 1 moving forward, unless serious investment is found from somwhere,somehow then its im;possbile to see any return to the top tier for the club or fans. All that said, i'd be so happy if the club is back in the championship next season.
  12. Brilliant read this. Another of my memories in the 70s/80s was the cold up there, goodness me it used be Baltic up there- i think it was a challenge cup tie in the mid 80s i literally recall not being able to feel my feet, and i had 3 pairs of socks on. Its bitter sweet for anyone passionate about Oldham rugby, its so nice to see some of the pics, but so horrible at the same time.
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