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  1. This weeks fixtures have all been cancelled due to a training session for the hull and district select game v the army next week, This despite the committee giving out a fixture list weeks ago so that everyone knew what was happening. It looks like the Yorkshire league is the only way ahead for teams in hull
  2. Surely the league has run its course, Beverley are 2nd in the league with 6 points without ever winning a game, they have 3 walkovers as opposition could not field a team, Only 4 teams in the league and most weeks 1 of them teams fails to field a team, so normally only 1 game a week,
  3. not sure why myton dont enter the a team in the hull league, it wont do them young lads any good if there getting beat week in week out. plus they only had 15 players for a home game, how many will travel
  4. Think we have all heard stories (true or not) of certain clubs paying players
  5. Not sure it needs scrapping, but something needs to be done. The problem is the committee is very secretive, they have not laid out any plans for the future. Have they contracted the NCL clubs with regards to next season and there A teams? Have any other clubs shown any interest? What are the plans for the future? everything seems to be done last minute.
  6. The league can't go on with 4/5 teams, The Hull and district need to get more teams involved. I hope they have already contacted the NCL teams in Hull to enter there A teams into the summer league next season, and do not leave it to late as they did this year. They should invite Myton, Skirlaugh, West Hull etc to play friendlies against the teams playing in the summer league when they have no fixture in the YML.
  7. Not sure if it's true but heard NHK have folded ,
  8. Hearing rumours of a summer league , anyone got any information.
  9. Lambwath refused to use the pitch (something to do with the pitch is to close to the drain i've been told) the pitch is now used by Hull masters rlfc and there is also a football pitch on site, nice changing rooms and a little kitchen area as well
  10. You would imagine all the conference teams would look at entering an a team in a Hull summer league, even if it's just to reduce cost. MIght be just what is needed, All the A teams (West Hull, Skirlaugh, Myton, Beverley, Dockers plus, NHK, Tuns, Brownies, Lambwath maybe even East Hull and Wyke, Would Norland come back? Suddenly looks like a decent league. Cott tigers may enter as they have a decent youth set up, We may lose some clubs who rely on conference players to play winter but it's obvious winter is no longer working .
  11. Heard a rumour the league is going to summer (yet to be confirmed), I think it has to, the winter league is dead. At least with a summer league we may be able to get all the conference teams to enter there a teams, May also be able to get more kids playing as they play summer upto 18's then not many fancy playing in the winter.
  12. Anybody in the know as to what is happening in the Hull league, seems to have been a few walkovers recently and the website already has Lambwath beating Bransholme this weekend (another walkover i think). Is it a case of players going back to conference/summer teams again.
  13. You may not care less if they pay players but others are, this is an open forum for people to post as they wish, If you require more information with regards to Beverley ARLFC if you contact them on there facebook account I am sure they will be more then helpful.
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