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  1. Unfortunately this is wide spread across all levels of the game and not unusual with this level of abuse. Having referee'd close to 300 matches at all levels of the game, knowing from personal experience, the junior leagues are by far the worst, and often no punishment (As in this case) are handed down to the offenders. This issue needs to be taken more seriously, with one solution having league representatives attend matches at clubs who have had reports of abuse against them.
  2. Yeah I completely agree, and there should be something in place to stop this from happening. Unfortunately we don't have the number of refs me need to be able to add reserve refs to YML/Pennine etc, otherwise I think it would be a good place to start.
  3. Unfortunately this happens, thankfully rarely. Sometimes it's simply not possible to find a replacement referee. In the past I've called in Ill at 9am, only for a club to call me at 2:30 asking where I am. Sometimes messages just don't get passed on for whatever reason.
  4. I believe these are the updated divisions: Championship QueensUptonOvendenIllingworth Cutsyke Siddal NewsomeOssettKing CrossBrighouseEastmoor Hunslet Parkside Division 2 West GreetlandSlaithwaite HollinwoodWest CravenBoothtown Underbank Ovenden `A`Cowling Silsden Hanging HeatonShaw Cross Division 2 Central WykeBirkenshaw QueensburyClaytonOultonWoodhouseWortley Swillington Beeston Wakefield City Sharlston Division 2 East MethleyLock LaneFetherstone LionsMoorends Allerton BywaterKinsley RaidersSelby WarriorsKippaxBrothertonUpton `A`Dearne Valley
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