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  1. So DF you don't like Scott and are on a witch hunt ! You repeat 2 shocking errors. Well he has only dropped 3 high balls this season and Sheffield was one of them. A knock on at PTB uncharacteristic yes but he wasn't the only one in that game with that error. Leak also knocked on at PTB. Leak was also responsible for a knock on after Scott's high ball drop which gifted Sheffield another set of 6 to attack the line which lead to a try.I wonder if there was interference at PTB by Sheffield as 2 players who would not normally do this did it in the same game. That's up to the ref to sort out though. You don't seem to berate all the errors made week on week by players.
  2. See Scotland Rugby League Facebook re injury . He has been in hospital.
  3. There is no need for personal attacks on players and in this instance on Dave Scott . He set up Crookes try with a great pass to put him in, scored a try himself , caught every high ball that came his way and returned well. Yes ,he threw an intercepted pass which I am sure he did not mean to do.He is not the first to do so and will not be the last. It looked like he was trying to put Day through a gap. Your comment ,Hopkins ,on not able to break an egg- well to be able to line break the team needs to create space through well executed plays. No one can break through a line at will. At the moment he is the second top try scorer in the team. We should be very supportive of the players we have and devisive and unsubstantiated comments are unhelpful.
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