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  1. NZ, Tonga, Fra, Fiji, Samoa, PNG should all play each other if Origin has stand alone games.
  2. Is it true our viewing figures are similar to the union prem? If so why can’t we negotiate a similar deal? Look at their bt program etc highlights on YouTube. Marketing wise we are poor. Highlights should be up on YouTube the day after etc. Clubs could be doing YouTube gym sessions, speed work etc like the fitness you tubers do.
  3. Shame Cipriani is the wrong side of 30. Good vision, quick, and can kick. Ford wouldn’t be worth £750k a season. Rather a pair of quality NRL half’s.
  4. If Toronto can turn into a League city like Sydney it will massively help the game. Everyone can see the commercial value in SBW. Remember Argyle is a billionaire 5 million over two years is Jack to him. If other could afford it they would do the same.
  5. Depending on the tv deal the cap needs to be £3.5-4 million.
  6. Semi Radradra is the best winger either code. Will be on mega wages in France and probably rather an NRL return
  7. Intelligent player and takes the ball to the line well. Also has a decent boot. Playing style suits league IMO.
  8. I don’t mind the GB Lions. Put it on ice until we have a pro team in Wales and or Ire/Scot and tour every 5 years.
  9. Leeds always have the better looking kits well my mrs thinks so but what does she know!
  10. Could just name it betfred Rugby League rather than Super league.
  11. Bolton is a mid sized modern stadium 20-30 mins away from Manchester, St Helens, Wigan etc with a train stop next to it and loads of parking. Much better than the DW.
  12. SBW signing is being turned into a negative on here, Facebook, BBC etc Rugby League fans are draining. It honestly puts me off the game sometimes.
  13. If they got Christian Wade that would draw some NA attention. A better version of Regan Grace.
  14. Did we miss a trick not trade marking MLR in the states.
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