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  1. Scott Redding did the double in Jerez WSBK Motogp is going to be very good this year with Marquez being injured then having to fight back from 50 points down. Diamond road races for 2021 which is great after the Ulster GP going under. The cream of motorsport is the Isle of Man TT.
  2. That wasps side in 2002 had players in who won the RU World Cup in 2003. “Professional” officially for 7 years and got soundly beaten.
  3. The sport is to tribal which is contributing to its downfall. The fact we couldn’t sell out Hull for the NZ test is embarrassing. Imagine if we had 30% of Unions international scene the RFL would have some cash to grow the sport.
  4. I listened to a Union bod saying in the USA they are trying to get football players to try the game 14-16 before they get serious about NFL that why if they don’t make the cut they can “transition” back to union. Seems a decent idea.
  5. Much rather watch Eng vs then any club fixture finals included.
  6. It was was on NRL website. I would watch it at old Trafford but London probably not.
  7. Nice piece. It’s a shame jiffy is still the most known welsh league player.
  8. I see it as giving opportunities. Is becoming a pro league player attractive enough? Is a relatively low salary for most and unknown status enough to ward off beers, women, nights out, a decent career/profession. We keep getting told by players leaving to Union they go for exposure, international seen which generates the £££.
  9. Maybe not in the short term but we need some consistency. An Anzac equivalent at least. It’s just sad that we get 65k at the GF but cannot fill Anfield or Hull against NZ and get 6k vs Fra. What do you think is the reason? I think maybe advertising but it can’t be just that.
  10. My point was how could we not fill the stadiums in Liverpool and Hull. Something is wrong but who knows how to fix it.
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