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  1. I rate Burgess maybe a trip back to NRL?
  2. The more the merrier! Gives a different perspective on the game and adds value. Rugby League is for everyone.
  3. Those heritage strips Eng vs Aus 2014? were very nice.
  4. AJ is of Nigerian heritage and with Sky. Could be a nice little bit of promotion there.
  5. Hopefully the Ottawan club helps to promote tag rugby which is a great way for kids and adults to get fit. Kids, men & women can play together which is good for ‘inclusivity’. Tag would also be great for those with learning difficulties etc.
  6. Good news hopefully Montreal, Quebec, New York, Boston etc in the future!
  7. 5 nations - Eng, Aus, NZ auto Fra vs Wales for a spot Tonga vs Sam/Fiji Have it switch between NH & SH yearly
  8. If it comes to cash no one is competing with the RFU.
  9. After watching the Wales game yesterday I would bet he’s not coming back.
  10. International is the pinnacle in Union in League it’s not. If your getting £20k a test like England and 10 tests a year you have a very good 2nd salary. Stretch it over a career and it’s potentially millions.
  11. The fact we couldn’t sell out Anfield a stones throw from the Heartland tells me there is a disconnect between the general public and Rugby League.
  12. 6 nations makes me long for at least a decent NH test vs France or Wales
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