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  1. She was great at London 2012 really added to the excitement. Thumbs up from me.
  2. It’s hard because we all know what it does and to see a young man deteriorate is difficult to take. I was talking to my mate just the other day who said his grandad got it at 90 so to hear this the day after is shocking.
  3. Can it be fought? It seems a short time from diagnosis to the end
  4. Horrible news. Young man with a young family. Really gutting.
  5. Good because it isn’t evidenced by Tonga beating Aus, NZ & GB.
  6. Looks great will definitely be taking a trip there next season.
  7. Good athlete will go well if injuries don't hold him back. Similar to taumalolo.
  8. York, TO, Newcastle, London. For 16 team comp then potentially a couple more NA teams a French and Coventry.
  9. Competitive matches are good for the game regardless of the results. If anything it shows we need to get our fingers out so do the Aussies and take the PI sides seriously.
  10. Regardless of the result we need to build a larger playing pool. RFLs main priority. Most schools should have a tag primary school team etc
  11. Don’t they sell CBD oil etc? Smart with cannabis getting legalised etc
  12. He is right it’s a managed decline rather than trying to grow. No excuses when we have a very similar sport in union to act as a barometer. I am not saying do everything like union but acknowledge the good aspects and try and implement them.
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