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  1. Can see Ben White playing a role at 13 with Gilmore and meadows in the halves.. might be wrong but I could see that might work!!
  2. Josh tonks signed on for 2022.. just announced!!
  3. And 1 more signing to be announced and if it's the signing that I've heard about then it's just what we need!!! A big experienced prop.. Will have to wait and see though!!!!!
  4. Book the bus and I'll book my second jab..game on.. What a journey that would be
  5. Woodman for me as well...
  6. That would be ideal, big screen, beers food and all the fans together up at the mount...
  7. Walshaws tackle was the game changer, don't know how he managed to keep him from scoring, can't wait to watch the game back, oh and how I miss that atmosphere at the home games!!! Bit of an anti climax with having to go Toulouse instead of Fev but the boys will give everything i have no doubt!!
  8. Indeed the woodman bus is value for entertainment... Can I get an oohh yeaaaah lol
  9. Bull pups

    99 up

    Well looks like leaky will start so I'm gonna say him!!!
  10. Broughton is defo retiring, think rettie will be another and probably bowman, and possibly the 3 young lads (Sanderson, horn and ineson) which just leaves 1 more.. we shall see
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