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  1. Sean pick guessing by the clue...
  2. Not this time lol... But not surprisingly he has had the sham experience not so long ago
  3. Reckon JC and walker.. doubt both if any will resign as I reckon another winger is on his way....
  4. Hmm. Tricky 1.. not many standouts Standout was reittie Brambani? Browny?
  5. With 5 mins left we were the highest rank team left but late comebacks from Sheffield and Leigh has but a spanner in the works... So on to the semis... A home tie is a must..
  6. 1..From hero to villian back to hero again...........King Louis!!! 2. Unbelievable bravery and defense.. Scotty 3. Any of the others but I'll just go with Dickinson.. some real go forward..
  7. Didn't know jouffret was so quick... VID_20190626_210236.mp4
  8. 6-6 half time... A slow start but we have got back in the game...
  9. Apart from when smeaton was to busy messing about with Knowles that he left a massive gap for sam day to run through for the last try, but the game was won by then so all is forgiven!!
  10. So he won't be playing for us Sunday then!!!!
  11. 1 Scott 2 Campbell 3 wood 4 galbraith 5 reittie 6 jouffret 7 Russell 8 Gledhill 9 leaky 10 dickinson 11 Brierley 12 manning 13 browny 14 Yates/brambani 15 bienek 16 ward 17 tomlinson/taira
  12. Easy win against weak opposition.. still too many errors and many bombed chances for my liking... good effort right to the end from lock lane... be some sore bodies in the morning for them!!
  13. Brierley.. stood out. Bienek Jouffrett
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