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  1. York as a club, city and area offer more than any other club in the mix. It's the 21st century, stop heralding past glories and look forwards. What can other teams offer that we can't? This is - and should be - about more than just on the pitch and selling a few more burgers and pints on the terraces. Especially when capacities will be capped next season and away followings minimal as a result.
  2. Correct. You look at the squad that's been assembled for the Championship and then add a fair bit of money and talent to it and VOILA, you're competitive in Super League.
  3. The potential for Super League to have a forward thinking club in a new area for the league, in a 'destination' city can only be a good thing. With the positive reputation within the wider community, including from a business perspective, the work done with the community clubs in the area - let's not forget there are three youngsters from these clubs in the squad for next season - and the positive work the Foundation does would only grow stronger if we were in Super League. Oh, and there's a rather nice stadium waiting which will look rather good on television. Positivity that we can do this and make a success of it is what's required here. Throw in what we can offer, the Knights have more than a fighting chance of competing for the twelfth spot.
  4. First of all - if this isn't allowed, please delete the thread. I've had a look for rules and can't find any, so forgive me if it isn't. I've started this week creating these rugby league try prints, showcasing great and important tries from the sport. There are a few up for sale now with more to be added in the coming days. Any support and/or purchases would be hugely appreciated, follow on twitter also please if that's your thing! https://twitter.com/RLTryPrints SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/rugbyleaguetryprints
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