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  1. Yep Toulouse had their chances but in the end they are not ready for super league. They don’t have the depth or the size. Against weaker teams they are expansive and pile on the points. In Super League they would get run over. Toronto will make it.
  2. I saw the French while they were in Australia. I thought they had skill and speed but lacked the size to compete with the top three. With Catalan and Toulouse going well this is the great news story for the game. Those bigger players will come along if the money is there. Go the French
  3. I would like to see Toulouse make it but the stats don’t support it. They thrashed the lower sides but against a good side they struggle in the big games. Losses to Leigh and Halifax and a draw with London prevented a crucial fourth home game after being second all year. They seem to be too small and lack some tough forwards. Great expansive backs and the fullback chimes in well. However the big games are won in the forwards. I think a successful team out of Toulouse would do more for rugby league than any other expansion team . More opportunities for French players to come to the top level.
  4. It’s an interesting question. Surely after three years in the RFL system they know what is required. When I hear good French kids going to union I think about how best to keep them in the game. Super League and more international opportunity has to happen. Cmon TO!! Now is the time.
  5. People thinking Toronto won’t lose again but it is possible. They have nothing to play for until the super 8s start. Could be a good time to get them.
  6. Yep sad to say we have seen this movie ending before. TO lack the big forwards to win the tight ones. One point is better than none but again TO can’t seal the deal.
  7. There was a week end stand alone match. Won’t rate as well as a Wednesday but popular as ever. Tide continues
  8. It’s time for Toulouse to stand up and prove they are good enough for super league. They smash weak teams and then wobble when the pressure is on. Enough and they need to seal a Qualifier place this week.
  9. There are at least three championship clubs that have a SL quality roster. Can they develop juniors? Have a reserve grade? Pull a crowd of over 6000? Attract TV viewers to RL? These are just some of the questions that need answering.
  10. So you are now comparing the physical demands on football players and rugby league players at the top level are the same now?
  11. Erm well they don’t in Australia New Zealand and South Africa
  12. RU internationals don’t clash with club games. Would at least consider compensation? All I am saying is they need to consider a lot of issues and clubs are the employers.
  13. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/melbourne-storm/craig-bellamy-slams-the-scheduling-of-the-denver-test-fearing-nelson-asofasolomona-wont-be-back-in-time-to-play-for-the-storm/news-story/89259e17500d2b84bf4764d65c9f093f I bit of perspective on your option?
  14. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/melbourne-storm/craig-bellamy-slams-the-scheduling-of-the-denver-test-fearing-nelson-asofasolomona-wont-be-back-in-time-to-play-for-the-storm/news-story/89259e17500d2b84bf4764d65c9f093f It does seem a legitimate complaint
  15. HKR Salford and Widnes are just about locked in. TWP will beat those teams but the Fev Fax and London won’t.
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