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  1. Is it your time to get involved with Workington Town? 
    We are looking for a volunteer to step forward from the local area to lead our matchday activity in relation to Community Club Takeover days, curtain raiser fixtures, mascots, flag bearers and welcome any other ideas that enhance matchday experiences for fans. 
    As a minimum you must have a valid RFL DBS check in place and preferably have undergone a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop.
    Experience of successfully applying for funding to enhance the community endeavours of Workington Town RLFC is also desired, but not essential. 
    The volunteer position may lead to employment within our Workington Town Community Trust as we continue to develop that area of our club.
    Please email graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com with a covering letter with evidence as to why you feel you are suitable for this position at the club or call 01900 603609 to register your interest.
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  2. 18 hours ago, troutmaster said:

    I have just purchased 2 tickets on line so are you saying that I cannot use them?, I have also 2 tickets from the Halifax game and I presume they will be OK to use for the next match at home? Can someone from the club please put an update on here... Thankyou.. 

    The tickets purchased for the Halifax game online are valid for the rearranged Halifax game. Not for the next home game. They aren't transferable, alternatively they can be refunded by emailing info@townshop.co.uk 

    If printed tickets were purchased direct from the club offices they can be swapped for a ticket for Sunday's game v Dewsbury Rams ahead of the game, or used on the gate. 

    This will be confirmed on the club website soon. 





  3. Magic of the cup! 70 years ago we beat Featherstone Rovers to win the famous trophy! 

    Our 2022 Challenge Cup journey starts this Sunday, 2pm! 

    Hospitality places available in the Tom Mitchell Lounge as the Rams from Dewsbury try to raid Derwent Park! JUST £30!

    Hall of Famer Big Billy Pattinson will be our ex-player guest and as further normality resumes we will also have Chris Thorman speaking before the game.


    Special Challenge Cup rates apply!

    JUST £30pp! 

    Hot food♨️
    Table service
    Private bar
    Reserved seats in the Main Stand.
    Post match reaction

    Email: graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com or call 01900 603609 to book!


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  4. A message from Gary McKeating our Communications Manager. 

    ‘You are obviously noticing interviews and photographs from training have been less over the last couple of weeks.

    This is due to the rise of omicron and a decision taken to further limit staff and directors at training for a limited time in the interest of safety and to try and ensure training and planning for the season is not impacted by the dramatic rise in infections. The vast majority of the country is being affected and having to reduce activity so please bear with us and your understanding   would be appreciated. I’ll be looking to do an interview with Chris today to give an update and a preview.


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  5. 4 minutes ago, town2018 said:

    The fans just want answers I respect most off the club are volunteers but we are getting literally nothing from the club at present no update on how pre season is going 

    In one off Chris's interviews he mentioned a talk he needed to have with Elliott on whether he would remain with the club surely most off the squad will have been talked to regarding re-signing 

    Yes the fans can't know everything but surely to keep fans interested something needs to change 

    So the following does not keep people interested. I don't agree but it's the facts of what as happened since 10th October. 

    Post season review with Chris. 

    Presentation night and awards including announcing resigning of Conor Fitzsimmons. 

    Coaching camp. Over 50 kids in attendance. 

    Halloween party. Over 90 in attendance. 

    Season ticket and confirmed fixtures released. Season ticket sales up in comparison to last year. 

    Community work and partnerships launched or continued. Adding real value to our standing in the community. 

    Interviews with the new signings officially confirmed so far. Evan and Alex by video. 

    Excellent launch video on signing Curtis Teare. 

    Quirky video with Rhys on his resigning. 

    Resignings announced with Brown, Henson, Lightowler, Forber

    New Merchandise and kit supplier. 

    Blain news officially confirmed. 

    I think basically what your saying is you want some unsubstantiated or unofficial news leaked out that is both highly unprofessional and very inappropriate to the parties involved. 

    When there is news to confirm, we'll inform everyone on the official channels.

    If you want to discuss any of the above email me. 

    We don't get everything right but you're making out we are. 



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  6. 7 minutes ago, town2018 said:

    Well I only blame town for that as they shouldn't be so slow at releasing information like the new kit got leaked town should be asking the question on how it got leaked 

    This was answered on here, it was live on the website and the buying links being tested and checked before we launched it and it was screenshot. 

    Nothing underhand, however hard you try to find fault with everything we do. 

    Once the RFL confirmed Blain had been officially released we have put the news out. That's being professional in our eyes again nothing underhand.

    You are obviously skilled in communication, marketing and sales. 

    Give me an email on graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com 

    We'd be happy to discuss if there's a way to share our workload. 

    Trust me there is no wall of silence either. 

    The offer to talk is there. 



    Workington Town RLFC 


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  7. 10 minutes ago, pgilmour said:

    Is this the home kit can't understand the colours green black red and white. I bet Myers and Bowman's are cheesed off . 



    In answer to your points Peter 

    It's the alternative kit. Green and Red are a connection to our colours from our year of forming 1945.

    It's a shame it's been screenshot by someone as we were simply testing the buying process ahead of a planned launch, you know like we know what we're doing. It's probably lost its impact now. 

    Myers and Bowman have been spoken to, not sure why you would think we wouldn't speak with them first.

    We apply that logic and same courtesy to all our kit sponsors and all the player sponsors. We appreciate their support massively and our relationships are very strong. 


    Workington Town RLFC 



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  8. 1 hour ago, Derwent Park SC said:

    WE HAVE HIT 150 SALES. 75% of our target. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a number so far.

    You can sign up anytime throughout the year, altogether there will be 23 draws. 

    One of payment of £20. Payments via PayPal at dpsc2021@outlook.com (pay via friends and family) or you can purchase through the club shop at townshop.co.uk

    Great achievement, thank you to everyone who has purchased for your contributions. 

    Lets hit 200 💙💪



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  9. 1 hour ago, Seaton Lad said:

    Agreed, a Twitter or Instagram or Facebook account weren’t prerequisites to following your local team??

    or am I a dinosaur???

    Hi Seaton Lad, 

    We definitely don't refuse interviews or anything of that nature. 

    Probably more a reflection of the digital age, the speed that we can use our own social media platforms to get information out and the concentration of our efforts and volunteer time on these speedier methods. 

    When we do post information on social media there are also clear data analytics that we look at to see that those posts have been effective or not. Those same analysis models are used by the RFL when they configure the make up of funding. 

    Facebook, email databases, twitter & instagram are key pillars we are judged on. 


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  10. Join us for a pre match party in the Gus Risman from 11am

    Singer Tony Herald to get us going, on pre and post match. 

    Killer pool



    Please join us.... 



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