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  1. DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES! https://www.townrlfc.com/article/807/town-join-seaton-rangers-to-support-archies-army-as-charity-partner-in-2024
  2. In response to many comments on here, I feel it's now time to comment. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate our coach, our DOR and the staff who work within our set up who have steered us through the tough first 1/4 of the season. Today was a good performance and I feel a stronger win than the score suggests. We have been challenged, come up short on occasion and also excelled too. There is much to be very positive about this season as it develops. As a club, we strive to involve the whole local community. Someone asked on this thread, Is this the type of club we've become? We have become one that has opened it's arms to the community, and one that wants all people connected to be part of sustainable change and improvement. At the home fixture v Oldham, a long standing supporter was asked to move his flag to an area over the popular side perimeter fencing that does not obscure the view of a sponsors boards. For me a very reasonable request, and a request that I'd expect to be met with a reasonable response. These requests have been met with uncooperative responses and even when club Ground safety officers have approached said 'supporter' we have been met with a completely unacceptable response. Factually I'd like to make all aware that since my involvement with the club (6yrs) that this has happened each year. Directors have asked directly for him to not do this. A supporter, who I'm aware has been a huge supporter and done many things to help over the years simply has chosen to not comply with requests. I have spoken and had private messaged the person in question, and must say, I have enjoyed good dialogue, so for this to keep recurring is frustrating and disappointing in each equal measure. I compare this simply with this: If I go into a pub and consistently refuse to adhere to the landlords requests I would expect to be asked to leave or be asked not to return. What is the difference? I am involved directly with attaining and retaining sponsors and now as Chairman, I'm responsible for leading this club forward, to evolve and develop. Hindering this progress does not sit well with me, it is a very challenging time, trust me I know how hard it is to get new sponsors and also how important it is to retain our current ones. I also know how difficult it is to find ground safety officers, trust me this essential role is absolutely vital to any game going ahead at any sports ground, so to have a very unhappy GSO puts some clarity on the response and respect given to our staff member. If any of the posters on this thread would like to discuss the issue, please don't hide behind your forum name, contact me and we will discuss this and any other point you'd like to talk about. I think I'm approachable, fair and listen to our fans. So my email is graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. The decision by our board wasn't made easily, but as for every decision made, we make it with the best overall interests of Workington Town RLFC at the top of that decision making process. Please enjoy the win, we deserved it and any comments / discussion you can contact me. Graeme Chairman Workington Town RLFC UTT
  3. Please don't disrespect any semi professional team. Newcastle deserve credit for their first half performance. Graeme Chairman Workington Town RLFC
  4. Today - Newcastle Thunder away. Sunday - Workington Reds Ladies v Bolton Wanderers at the Fibrus Community Stadium, 2pm Live music in Northern Competitions fanzone - Sneaky Finch. 7th - Rochdale Hornets at home, 3pm. Hospitality seats & packages available Seats www.townshop.co.uk Packages email graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com Early bird match tickets on sale www.townrlfc.com 14th Workington Reds Ladies FC at home 19th April - Adrian Morley speakers night call John on 07881610615 to book. 21st Workington Town RLFC v Hunslet away. 21st Workington Town Ladies v Widnes Vikings at the Fibrus Community Stadium Further ahead Travellers Rest - Afternoon tea event 4th May 26th May - Battle of the bands 2! www.townshop.co.uk for early bird tickets! UTT
  5. Squad news out in the morning, been sidetracked today.... Check out social media twitter and facebook after 7pm.......
  6. Today's Squad. Croston, Charlton,Forber, Hammond, Henson, Hutton, B.Taylor, Lepori, C.Taylor, Key, Marwood, Mossop, Purcell, Tyrer, Lightowler, Sammut, Walton, Mcnicholas, Steele, Bradley Reid. UTT.
  7. The range has been a huge success and will be worn by club staff v Keighley away. Get yours at www.townshop.co.uk Replicas Vests Midlayer adult and kids. Hoody Track pants UTT
  8. Town v Oldham Early bird tickets www.townrlfc.com Music on pre match in the FANZONE 2-245pm! Logan Paul Murphy - A superb local lad doing really well. Post match He will be back on at 445 in the Fanzone.... We absolutely need to the local fanbase to support their local teams. Huge football matches don't help, but we can't control those things and kick off times, we can control putting out a competitive Town team and an excellent matchday experience all round,which we are trying to do! Oldham have confirmed 3 and a 4th bus getting filled, so let's enjoy their visit, have a great day, a great match and give them a run for their money, I'm more than confident we will. Look out for our Happy 2 hours drink deals to celebrate St Patricks day, be announced tomorrow! UTT Graeme Workington Town RLFC
  9. www.townshop.co.uk For all your Town merchandise needs! Vests and away range flying out ahead of Town trip to Keighley on 24th. Home v Oldham 17th - Vip hospitality available! www.townshop.co.uk to book! UTT
  10. https://www.townrlfc.com/article/802/town-launch-workington-town-netbal So we embrace this team, they will be part of us, let us know your views Townies UTT
  11. Town Squad news. Burns Bradley Bickerdike Charlton Croston Eccleston Forber Henson Hutton Key Mossop Marwood Sammut Scholey Saunders Thomson Taylor Steele Reid Walton Walker. Tickets www.townrlfc.com
  12. https://www.townrlfc.com/article/801/matchday-information-v-whitehaven-rlfc---1895-cup
  13. MATCH DAY VIP HOSPITALITY AVAILABLE. https://www.townshop.co.uk/product-page/kings-of-cumbria-matchday-hospitality
  14. Tickets are available for this weekends first of a double header v Whitehaven. 18th February 1895 cup Tickets - www.townrlfc.com Ike Southward Memorial Trophy tickets are not valid for this game. 3rd March - The Ike Southward Memorial Trophy Tickets also at www.townrlfc.com Please ensure you select the correct fixture. UTT
  15. Crowd was 901. Regards Graeme
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