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  1. Appreciate your point and where you are coming from. Lets use this as a starting point. I'll be in touch.
  2. It was an open invite that went out on our social media via a link to our website and those parties mentioned all emailed back and it proceeded from there. It was also in the Times and Star. My email is graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com Please drop me an email and let's see how we can work together from here. Regards Graeme
  3. Unfortunately JMB that isn't true. We put out an open invite for all clubs to take part in 'Town takeover days' and we had over 500 kids play on the pitch in 2019. Maryport, Seaton, Distington, Lowca, Cockermouth, Broughton/Cockermouth junior section, West Cumbria Girls all enjoyed free entry and days at the club. We understand that we have to help inspire youngsters to play and want to play professionally or to their own full potential , if they fall short they will hopefully stock up the amateur clubs and keep producing strong sides. We had Stevie Scholey coaching at Maryport, Tom Curwen, Carl Forber and Caine Barnes all coached at Seaton, Distington had two coaches invited to do video analysis with Chris, we held a Seaton Rangers ARLFC festival too. Presentation night for Aspatria junior section saw Carl and Tom attend that. Jamie Doran handed out awards at Kells and St Benedicts RUFC. That invite is open for 2020, although with the weather and temperatures it isn't ideal for youngsters at the moment so we're just holding back for an improvement. Millom ARLFC have been invited as part of the connection developed when trialling then signing Hanley Dawson and Mathew Johnson our conditioner is providing a weights programme for their U16s. Anyone interested in working with the club please contact myself on graemepeerstownrlfc@gmail.com We welcome all initiatives and ideas. Thank you Graeme Director Workington Town RLFC
  4. http://www.townrlfc.com/squad/player/363/tyler-lancaster Compiled with Tyler, he did also spend a period of time with Kells in their junior set up. #ourtown
  5. http://www.townrlfc.com/squad/first-team Please see attached biographies and if possible please try to support these businesses, follow them on twitter, like on Facebook pages or Instagram. All the engagement goes a very long way to establishling or maintaining sustainable long term relationships. Up the Town #ourtown
  6. Not forgotten by any means, and thanks for taking the time to read the full write up, just highlighted the Challenge Cup because it's Challenge Cup week. UTT.
  7. The reasons above are exactly why we have chosen this jersey. We understand and appreciate that it's relevant because South Sydney wear these colours, but if you like them both then please purchase the one with a unicorn on it. We really appreciate the feedback and it's gone down very well. Thanks to those who have purchased already. www.townshop.co.uk Available in adult and junior sizes. #ourtown #75years #1945
  8. https://www.townshop.co.uk/product-page/the-1945-club-away-shirt-2020-edition #ourtown #75years #1945
  9. Your first opportunity to watch our new recruits on home turf will be the Challenge Cup 3rd Round tie against West Bowling. Kick off is 2pm. Sunday 9th February. Prices are reduced to: £10 Adult £8 Concession Kids go free! There is no early bird offer for this game. Season tickets are not valid for Cup games. RL is back at Derwent Park. #ourtown
  10. http://www.townrlfc.com/article/513/travelers-rest-supporters-club-agm---28th-january-2020 Thank you for your continued support
  11. All welcome as our build up to the new season continues...... #ourtown
  12. We did wear a black shirt with significant amounts of gold and yellow in that game but not the one pictured here. We won with a Jason Mossop try after Haven had taken the lead very late through Grant Gore. Sammut kicked the winning goal after the hooter and celebrated with a trademark summersault. Amazing outcome, just shows how it goes for you sometimes, we've since suffered it twice since. Enjoy the game everyone. Utt #ourtown
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