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  1. Just a quick update on the #tashfortown lads and their amazing fundraising efforts. 

    The lads have raised an amazing £2300+ and will be making substantial donations to the club, Kebsi13 fund and the family of Kevin 'Stella' Lever. 

    Well done fellas! 




  2. The prize fund is well over £1000 now, which means over £500 each also raised for each club. 


    You have until 8pm to get your ticket. 

    £5 per entry.

    Contact Scott Graham on 07710642380‬ to secure your entry. 

    Thank you Scott and the DPSC & RISC. ??



  3. TOWN2020 will get you 10% off any adult items required. 

    JUNIOR25 will get you 25% off all junior items and if you leave your childs name and age details in the notes section we will be running a coaching session with Chris and Gus on our return. 



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  4. 3 minutes ago, DavidM said:

    Just in passing , I’ve noticed a few teams announcing squad numbers ? Are we not going down that route again 

    The name on the shirt alongside number was read out at the shirt presentation & team photo launch event. 

    At that time we hadn't signed Jonathan Walsh,  Clayton Sutton or agreed terms with Fuifui Moimoi (subject to visa) so these numbers will be allocated accordingly. 

    Hope that helps David. 


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  5. Well done to Scott and the other valued members of the Derwent Park SC, 

    Season 2019 is just around the corner, 20 numbers to go to hit 250 members and in the region of £5000 raised. 

    Doesn't that have a nice ring to it! 

    Well done all and thank you to those who have purchased and supported the club through this method ? 

    Let's do this??


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  6. http://www.townrlfc.com/town_flyer

    The Super Fan Lotto was replaced by the Squadbuilder initiative.

    Unfortunately there was too much confusion and the board made the decision to integrate the members of Squadbuilder into The Town Flyer. 

    All December's weekly results are on the link above and they get updated weekly and have been for a considerable time. 

    If you would like to join the details are in the link of the prizes and it's only £1 a week! 

    The Lucky winner of the £10,000 December prize is also listed in the week commencing 17th December. 




  7. ??

    Wow closing in on the magic 200 now!

    Only 22 left as off last night what a superb effort ! 

    If you were planning on waiting until the Fans Forum I wouldn't, you may miss out! 

    Great prizes, at a relatively low cost but collectively a fantastic boost to finances over the off season.

    Whether it be a 200 club number, a new home shirt, season ticket or the incredibly popular drinks promotion.

    Thank you for your support ??

    Nearly there, let's get the 200 club over the line!

    Up the Town


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