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  1. Your knowledge of RL in UAE between 2007 and 2015 is what? You do know it was played freely, nobody was arrested for playing it, coaching it or organising it. You do realise that?
  2. No, but SM wasn't put in a cell because he wanted to play RL. That would have happened in 2007 when he first organised a match if that were the case. He organised RL matches at long established RU clubs largely using RU players wearing RU kit! His problem was two fold; he set up a representative side without getting the necessary approval, then he raised money from sponsors off the back of his position as head of the non-sanctioned body. SM was probably more naive than dodgy but the UAE has rules that sit far higher than any consideration for rugby of either code.
  3. There's uproar in here at the suspicion that an organisation are using a circuitous route to undermine rugby league via matches played in Pakistan, whilst simultaneously waving through anything that appears like investment at any cost on the other side of the world. Be careful what you wish for, somewhere down the line, there might only be 2 or 3 viable pro clubs left in the UK and one of them could be London.
  4. That's a fairly loose interpretation of what actually happened in the UAE extrapolated to include 'the world'. Why do you do it to yourselves?!
  5. I seriously think it's the hope that will ultimately do for RL.
  6. The Georgia sugar-daddy is Bidzina Ivanishvili a multi-billionaire - he is one of the seriously wealthy Oligarch types. Very well connected politically as well as you'd imagine an ex-Prime Minister would be. Chances of RL getting the upper-hand in Georgia are somewhere between zero and none.
  7. I was wrong, the UK economy gets back over £1500 for every £1 spent. That must be the most profitable brand in the world. http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/money/money-tips/how-the-queen-and-the-royal-family-boost-the-uk-economy-11364067030820
  8. At a conservative estimate, the UK economy get about £24 back for every £1 the Royals get from public funds. They are a good investment.
  9. I imagine his diary is inked in at least a year in advance for overseas trips. You guys do realise that he is a top-shelf prize target for every terrorist nutjob out there don't you? It's a big security detail to plan trips.
  10. The only way I can see England winning is to have a tackle completion percentage above 90% and a kicking game that is world class. I actually think Slater could be the weak link in the Roos defence. I'd seek to move him about, isolate him as much as possible. Kick early as well, mix things up. Predictability will play into Australia's hands.
  11. It was you who mentioned Scottish RU here on this thread - why didn't you start a thread in the CC forum?
  12. I really don't understand it - it's as if people think that just by talking about RU, they are somehow stakeholders in it and conversely, if you deride it then it somehow hurts RU. I'd expect my 7-year old to be more switched on.
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