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  1. I’m not proud of anything just letting you all know what you need to know don’t know what your problem is
  2. There will be a decision made on the future of pryce simple as that club already got people in place to take over incase of the worse happens and the club and Leon part there ways
  3. So I was right again with tickle,bailey and Fui the really big day is tomorrow
  4. Let’s see how many people take me seriously when the new player name starts with D and second name starts with a T see you tomorrow
  5. DT just keep them two letters in mind
  6. If I tell you who new signing is will you all believe me
  7. Pryce as been banned its not a scandal everyone makes mistakes in life everyone human if people did not make mistakes then life would be boring. Like I said news will be out Wednesday if he stopping or not
  8. Not one bit of rubbish posted in my post ask someone who in charge of club is there a decision Wednesday on the matter. Was it rubbish when I told you bailey and Fui was signing?
  9. Listen lads I’m a neutral don’t support anyone but I hear things and there could be a couple of players taking over the job anyone involved with the club will know this is true
  10. Wednesday will be a telling day
  11. New coach on the horizon
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