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  1. Guys Thankyou very much for your help really appreciated! I’ve now let my dad know and he’s going to go hopefully to the Bradford game and pick it up, but I really appreciate you guys offering to drop it off, I just can’t believe how hard it is to send by registered post, not as if I was bothered about the extra costs! The Admin situation seriously needs looking at, as the club is falling into the dark ages, and customer service wise it’s non-existent, it’s a real shame! Thanks all for your help! Good luck to the team for this season
  2. Over a month now and still no season ticket! And the woman in the club couldn’t give a s***!
  3. Could anyone forward me mark sawyers number as I really would like to speak to him personally, I don’t get to many Rams games these days simply due to work commitments and the all round trip from Home to the stadium, but I still constantly follow the team as I have done for 35years!!!!! My heart is with our team, I do not think I was airing the dirty washing, was simply asking for help as no one at the club as responded to my calls/emails etc, apart from Tom who is a volunteer and has tried his best to help me out, would you not be concerned therein73 if you had purchased a season ticket for your father for Christmas has a surprise present and it did not arrive and no one would respond to your concerns, yes the club isnt an online retailer, and the way its performing will never able to do this!!! But generally in any business good customer service is essential for any business to prosper and move forward, it has now been several weeks since I forked out over £100 for my dads surprise Christmas present but still it has not been received I believe it has not even been sent, if the club struggle to post from Dewsbury to mirfield, how can the club ever move forward!! There was never a problem for me to pay for any additional costs in sending it from Dewsbury to mirfield and.was happy to pay to make sure he recieved the gift! The major issue is and I have to admit I am now totally disgusted that no one from the club can return my calls or emails I really do feel I should take the day off and visit the club or even worse talk to the Dewsbury reporter!!! As a family we have followed this PARTTIME CLUB for a bloody hell of along time and have put plenty of volunteer time in, in the past at both the new stadium, at batley and at old crown flat! I do not want to drag the club through the mud but serious frustration as now taken over!!!!
  4. My dad has still not recieved his now not-a-surprise season ticket, the wife finally got in touch with someone at the club today to be told it had been posted out and we had been emailed explaining, but we still have not recieved either the season ticket or an email, as a business I post things all round the UK with no problems, I feel the club do not wish to have our custom, the customer service is appalling, Thankyou Tom for trying to get someone to respond but head In the sand comes to mind, not a great advertisement for the club I have supported as a boy, and my dad and Grandad also!
  5. Hi Tom, yes we ordered through the supplier before the deadline date but recieved an email to say they wouldn’t be able to fulfill the order before January, so we phoned the club and ordered a season ticket to be posted to my dads who lives in mirfield, I no longer live in the area, it was disappointing enough that the lady said she couldn’t send me a separate receipt to my address it had to go to my dads, words beyond belief, as I wasn’t bothered about extra costs for stamps, I have emailed and phoned continuously but no reply, extremely annoyed and very disappointed
  6. Hi all does anyone know if anyone at the club tomorrow? I bought my dad a surprise Christmas present, a season ticket, the surprise is he’s never recieved it! Very disappointed is an under-statement as obviously the post from Dewsbury to mirfield has to travel a huge distance! It’s pretty poor service, as a life long supporter I thought this would be a fantastic gift;for my dad, I originally ordered a coat in November but was emailed to tell me it wouldn’t be ready until mid-Jan, so I thought a season ticket would be the ideal surprise gift, but still not arrived, and no one answering at the club, as I no longer live in the area iv3 decided to drive back to dewsbur6 and collect bu5 don’t know when the club is open can anyone let me know? Thanks a very very disappointed fan!
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