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  1. https://www.rte.ie/sport/rugby/2018/1112/1010412-ireland-rugby-league-captain-finn-announces-retirement/ Great servant to the cause
  2. Number 16 Dublin bus will drop you right outside the stadium
  3. Was a good game, one thing i will say is an awful lot of the crowd were there for ronan Michael and Peter Ryan as I was sandwiched between them so obviously the more homegrown players the bigger crowds but you need the perfect blend of experience and youth and there's just not enough experience with the homegrown lads, but theres no doubt that the English born lads dedication, just look at Liam finn and George King yesterday who were first class, Scott grix turns up year in year out and never let's down, small crowd yesterday but everyone has to start somewhere
  4. Good performance from the irish beautiful kicking from Liam finn set up the first 2 tries
  5. Good performance from the irish beautiful kicking from Liam finn set up the first 2 tries
  6. How accurate are the train on squads iv seen a few of the irish boys with there famillys on Instagram today
  7. Where's scarsbrook,amor,micky mac ,ollie roberts ,singleton, mullally??
  8. Just my opinion but could you see leeds releasing brad singleton and anthony mullally to play a friendly in hungary
  9. Super league clubs won't release there players for this id say it will be mostly domestic and lower level english based players
  10. Ya I watched some of it big class difference , have red star a few quid behind them?
  11. Yeah I caught last 15 mins , anYone else see the dorcol players at the end take off there shirts and beat the ###### of one of the players with them ????
  12. Listened to it on facebook but I couldn't hear any of the guests?
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