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  1. Just a heads up the Toronto Indy is this weekend. Probably going to be some closures in the area around Lamport.
  2. It was Saturday afternoons as a very young kid watching on Grandstand on a black and white tv, with Eddie Waring commentating. Then they had the results with all these strange places with great names that I had never heard of, but I have now!! 50+ years later, I actually attended a game and rekindled my youth.
  3. I don't know what the dressing rooms are like at Lamport, but I'm guessing they could be improved. I would also improve the media facilities. I think losing a few seats in the West stand would be worth it. A happy media helps sell the club. Better washrooms for both sponsors and regular fans. I have also seen some fans with seats that fit on benches to make them into regular seats. Selling those in the wolfpack store might be a money maker. I know it is fun to play hit the streetcar, but a better net to keep ball in the stadium would be good. I am just waiting for an accident on King at the moment. Roof on the stands, er... NO!!
  4. Thanks for your efforts to get the forum back up. In the words of Joni Mitchell "That you don't know what you've got, til its gone".
  5. Good defence from Dewsbury. Their hard work deserved something out of the game. Thought the conditions made for an interesting game. Toronto seem to have problems when they play on heavy pitches, remember Barrow last season? Were Dewsbury right kicking all those penalties, should they have risk going for a try or two or was the Toronto defence too strong? Overall an enjoyable game.
  6. Thought Toronto played well and their defence kept Widnes at bay most of the game. Disappointing that we will not see Widnes in Toronto this season, they look like a young team with a good future. It is a long way to go and there will be downs for The Pack. However if they keep improving I really would like to see what they could do against Super League opponents. However with no 8's this season and no Challenge Cup that isn't going to happen for at least a season if not longer.
  7. I the orange is hockey not lacrosse.
  8. A quick look (not exhaustive) through some of the Winter Leagues that use Lamport, have them finishing at the latest by 18th April. Now not a scientific study of all Lamport users and probably missed loads of people who use it, but if it is not used after the 18th, could the dome be down and field made ready by the 27th?
  9. Not exactly happy if its 9 games instead of 10. Having said that, if the weather isn't good in Late April/Early May I probably wouldn't have gone anyway, so may be not a big loss. Disappointed and surprised that the Widnes game is in the UK. Widnes should be one of the better teams. Also aren't they full time? Wouldn't they be better equipped to make the trip to Toronto rather than one of the part time teams? Ah well just over 2 months to go. Any idea who will be broadcasting the games in Canada yet?
  10. When I brought the season ticket this year they said it would guarantee a minimum of 10 home games in Toronto. Given play off games are not guaranteed, I assume that means at least 10 regular season games in Toronto. This would mean no more than 3 home games not in Toronto. There are games that must be in the UK after May 1 (Summer Bash, Challenge Cup) I could see the Toronto home games played in 2 or 3 blocks. Lots of assumptions in there with no inside information.
  11. Yesterday proved that TWP need to strengthen. They need a stronger squad and better top end players to be sure of getting out of the Championship next season, because, just like this season, in the end it will come down to one game and they will need to win it. I think next season will be a big test for TWP. How will the fans react to the first setback for TWP? Will crowds be bigger or smaller?Recently there have been close, exciting games, yes TWP lost some but they were far more entertaining than some of the one-sided ones earlier in the season (taking nothing away from the visiting teams) and if TWP strengthen how one-sided will some games be next season? Interesting times! Interesting times! Is it February yet?
  12. Congratulations to the Bronco s on gaining promotion. A real edge of the seat game. Not really an open, free flowing game but good defence.
  13. A win or a draw will mean TWP will not have to play the MPG in London or Toulouse and might mean automatic promotion. Still plenty to play for.
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