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  1. Northwestern Ontario, the best part of Canada. It may be a bit too far from Toronto for visiting RL fans from England, but it truly is God's Country up here.
  2. Another week, another disappointing RL showing on SN World. There are 2 other games in the qualifiers that will be televised on Sky, but nothing on SN World which is a premium sports channel. On SN World I can watch just about every premiership rugby game and hours and hours and hours of sportsnet world review, but not 2 important end of season games in whats suppose to be one of the top levels of RL. I hope someone from Rogers reads this board, because next season I will not be paying that much for a sports channel which shows more review shows than live sports. And there is absolutely zero chance myself, or anyone else, should pay even more to sign up for SN Now just to watch every televised SL game. If Canadian television coverage of the RFL continues to be poor next year, I see a very slow road ahead for growth of RL in the rest Canada (outside of the Southern Ontario).
  3. I emailed and called Rogers earlier in the year when the same thing happened to the World Club Challenge. I got a reply saying nothing will change and that TV rights are different from online rights. From what I understand, NRL games are shown on SNW TV but not on SN NOW online and some SL games are shown on SN NOW and not SNW TV. So to watch all NRL and SL games you will need to order SN NOW directly through Rogers and SNW through your cable provider. I agree with you that these games, especially the CC final, need to be easier to access on TV to drum up support for RL in Canada. I watched the CC semifinals on youtube (great games), hopefully the final will also be on youtube the next day also.
  4. If they make SL next year, I would say Wolfpack games should generate enough advertising revenue for Rogers to show games on at least SN1. Because that's what it's all about for them, advertising revenue and SNWL is premium so it has no advertising. Maybe I'm wrong, but I really can't see enough people here in Canada that will sit and watch non Wolfpack RL games regularly to justify putting them on basic SN. Those games will for more than likely stay on SNWL because low viewership sports stay on premium sports channels. If every televised SL, Cup and the World Club Challenge games were shown on SNWL it may be worth paying extra for. I'm trying to learn the game but I live in a city that doesn't even have a place that sells rugby balls and is nowhere near Toronto, so paying extra to watch more RL makes sense to me. Most people, the ones the Wolfpack need to find, will only think of SNWL as that expensive soccer channel and never order it. I don't know what the solution is, but higher Wolfpack viewership is the start. It may be a while until we get regular RL games on basic cable.
  5. The listings for super league with SN can either be under Super League Rugby or Rugby Super League, which adds to the confusion. SN world coverage of super league and challenge cup this year has been disappointing. Most weeks there are televised RL games not carried by SN world, but there are hours of SN world review every single day. NRL coverage has been good, but with the Wolfpack coming up in the English RL system it would be nice to see more super league games televised on a premium sports channel. And for us who live over 1000km away from Toronto and can't make the next home game against Hull KR, it is now listed on TV(under Super League Rugby): Saturday Aug 18 at 2:30pm on SN world Sunday Aug 19 at 5:00pm on SN world Whether the game gets added to SN1 who knows, I'm sure we won't find out until a few hours before the game.
  6. I'm a bit skeptical about this too. It's not like the CBC hasn't been wrong or lied to us about things before. You'd think the team would put out an official announcement by now. These are the big leagues, aren't they?
  7. Has anyone found a way to watch the challenge cup semi-final games in Canada this weekend? I haven't found anything through any of the sportsnet channels, I'm a little bit disappointed in this.
  8. 100% they should do it, Major League Baseball does this as well. Makes the final regular season games more interesting.
  9. I'm not sure if Super League or NRL games were on SN1 last year but this is wonderful news. People need to watch, or record these games so Rogers can see a demand for Rugby League. Here's what I found so far. All games on SN1 Eastern time. Wigan vs. Leeds - 8pm Thursday June 28 Catalans vs. Castleford - 4pm Saturday June 30 (Isn't there something else going on then?) Huddersfield vs. Hull FC - 7pm Thursday July 5 Penrith vs. New Zealand - 7pm Friday July 6 Now let's hope the middle 8s will also make an appearance on SN1.
  10. Yes. The middle 8s will be on Sportsnet but which channel, SN world or regular Sportsnet? Those games will be great games to watch but a lot of people aren't willing to pay extra for SN world. Having Wolfpack games on a specialty channel won't help to grow the game in Canada, the game which I found while flipping on basic cable last spring.
  11. I've had SN world since the start of the Super League season and I've watched about 1-2 Super League games a week. If you include the few NRL games a week I think it's alright value for the extra cost. Too bad it's not on game tv for most to see, but you can always order SN world for a few weeks and cancel it right after. This weekend there will be 5 games from Magic Weekend on SN world, and all of them should be crackers.(Not sure if I'm doing that right) Will Wolfpack games in the middle 8s, should they get there, be on SN world too? I hope this isn't a sign of things to come because more Wolfpack games on SN world means less exposure for them outside the GTA.
  12. I was just looking on the Sportsnet schedule on their website and I see they added the Wolfpack vs. Wolves game on SN 360 at 10:00 am Sunday morning!!!!
  13. I looks like the Leigh vs. Salford game will be on Sportsnet World TV at 2:30AM Saturday morning. They have it listed under European Challenge Cup, which I thought was some union bs. Let's hope the powers that be figure this out soon so we can watch the Wolfpack game on this side of the pond.
  14. Let's hope there isn't a pipeline involved or else the project will be delayed for years once they start protesting the pipeline. As for the turf, I watched one go up at a high school last fall and it goes fast once the turf starts rolling. Hopefully it goes smoothly and fast when that happens.
  15. I see on the Wolfpack website today that they have black jerseys for sale now. If they fit like last years jerseys I would get at least 2 sizes bigger than you normally would. Also, does anyone have an update about how the new turf is going at Lamport? We still have snow on the ground up in NW Ontario but I hope is all sunshine and flowers down in Toronto.
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