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  1. Wrong choice of coach, had attracted no players. Last season, Kim Williams, decent coach but attracted no players. They need players that can compete in the league, not welsh amateurs that are gonna get pumped week in week out.
  2. RLNew

    The Law Cup

    True but Rochdale have probably had less
  3. RLNew

    The Law Cup

    Coach was poor at Batley, appointed because he was a name. First thing you need to get right and have spot on is recruitment
  4. But was keen, enthusiastic and knew the game, also had a good work ethic. What young coaches are out there with potential?
  5. Raw and hungry up and comer for me, not just for Batley but in general. Some good young coaches always getting over looked
  6. RLNew

    Alan Kilshaw

    I’d ask a few of the lads that he has coached first, could form an opinion then. I don’t know much about him apart from what I read.
  7. RLNew

    Alan Kilshaw

    Rumour he is the new gaffa and attended the game yesterday
  8. Said it when the appointment was made that Calland was a poor decision, out of the pro game 13 years, old school and I’ve heard poor man management. Rochdale will not come back up under him. Needs a good assistant to help him who has knowledge of the league and players.
  9. Leon Pryce I keep hearing
  10. Has to be a few applicants for the Oldham post I imagine. Could still be a championship club yet.
  11. Any names in the frame or will it be Leon?
  12. They wasn’t as bad as the score line suggested at Keighley last week
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