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  1. Hunslet I fancy been down with a few injuries to key players for large parts of the season and still hung around in there young players stepping up is great to see be nice for hunslet to have the full team back and emulate west’s back to back..if it’s not hunslet it will be wests IMO
  2. Rfl don’t know what’s happening to themselves never mind their flagship amateur competition
  3. Heard no from a very reliable source close to rugby AM
  4. Been in and around the lads at Hunslet I think they adapt to any pitch and to be as consistent as they are it shows they’ve adapted..from the huge pitch at thatto Heath to small pitch at siddal and there own is very narrow they score points on any pitch so it wouldn’t of bothered them Widnes or Featherstone they’ve played on a full size 4G at Milford numerous times so I reckon the speed wouldn’t of affected them IMO
  5. Both sessions are Sunday’s our lads are going over
  6. 40-6 isn’t a bad performance the lads have day jobs family’s and also often work Saturdays too I bet.. im sure the lads will be on form at west hull after a weeks R&R... you blowing their trumpet all the time then ripping into them doesn’t make good reading..you can’t play well every week
  7. It would be a great feat BUT nothing is won in May and I’m sure the players firmly have their feet remained on the ground. on tv this week too which I’m sure most teams around will be watching the game just to see how good you boys really are..no pressure!
  8. Not sure but he’s been about! Heard he was at Whitehaven not heard of rugby union coaching
  9. So the squads been announced! Looks like a strong squad but the rules have changed 2 per team rather than 4...
  10. Is that a dig at the coach!? Or coaches obviously not sure on who are what but from what’s been said makes it sound like a given job!?
  11. Heard the news barla are touring Fiji in November how does the squad get picked and who from etc!? Whats happening with the England lions!?
  12. I attended the HCP V St Pats yesterday and the referee was poor too even though Parkside ran out 26-0 winners...could of been more he slowed the game down too neither side benefited from it
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