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  1. We all know how well the whole team are playing ,,, but I say what as are captain got to do to get man o match he’s been brilliant all season , well done locky
  2. Chissy Lockwood Sutty both disallowed tries we’re tries
  3. King day Chisholm May I say the ref was pretty fair
  4. Day goulding harrison / Albert if harrison had more game time he would have been top
  5. Just watched the match only thing for me for us to worry about is hardys shoulder barge , cannot for the life of me, see how the ref did not automatically send off the forward for is boxing antics you just cannot do that , great young players stepped up to the mark and it was a brilliant performance from everyone of them , ormys try was outstanding and young render gave is all wow we have a real star in Connor jones , WELL DONE ROVERS
  6. Day 100% all game Walters goulding
  7. Difficult as team didn’t turn up we were outplayed in every department they had trainers on we had pit booits but al give it a go Day chisholm suttcliffe
  8. Holmes Goulding hardcastle defence was rock solid Carey and josh had gelling wrapped up
  9. Chisholm Goulding hardcastle some lovely rugby played well done lads
  10. Bussey Day chissolm harrison played is best game when he came on great team performance
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