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  1. Amazing how fans of certain clubs which are all in super league would like franchising back... The best thing about this super league season is the relegation battle, it's got people talking as one of the biggest teams in the British game could go down. My team (Fev) won the league 4 years on the bounce but Widness who have a shinny new stadium went up after finishing 6th... Thier a massive success of franchising arn't they? Let's not forget Celtic Crusaders, the saviours of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats. If you are the worst in the league you rightly should be relegated, if you win the league below you should go up and rightly so. Take away P&R again and you destroy teams like Fev, Leigh, Halifax, Batley, York. The game needs a strong championship, not just one league where all the money is pumped into expansion teams and the top few. The likes of Walmsley, Bullock, Hardaker, Bentley made their name in the championship as they wouldn't of got a chance in super league. And how can anyone say if two French finish bottom "it's tough", seriously I should just suck it up as the team I've followed all my life should be relegated because we can't relegate an expansion team? What's the point of them been in the league then if they don't have to win to stay up? Utter kak. Anyone remember the Paris expansion and what a huge success it was? It was because of that expansion that Fev were relegated. Rugby league is great at destroying it's roots and wasting all money failed expansions.
  2. Well well the highlights make for interesting viewing... Leave a very sour taste in the mouth. Cracking effort by our lads, signs look promising as the team starts to gel. At 16-6 down in terrible conditions we had a real go! Two shocling calls from the man in the middle cost us 2 points yesterday. How on earth he's not spotted that knock on for Chisolm's try I will never know. The second for me was blatant penalty on Wheeldon as he's trying to play ball at 16-16 which completely halted the speed of the play of the ball giving Bradford time to set their line and force a knock on to which Briscoe gets penalised and Bradfors moments later score the game winning point.... It's a bloody hard job been a ref but they never seem to spot the obvious ones do they? Yes there will be days when we get the "rub of the green" through out the season but they are so blatant I can not honestly believe he missed them! Anyway enough about him as there was plenty of positives, King oozes class, Watson seems to have settled quickly, Day takes some stopping, great to see Briscoe back in a Fev short along with Newman and Turner looks very solid at the back. Negatives, we have to improve our discipline, too many cheap penalties, Ase looks abit rusty which will obviously improve as he plays more. Roll in Sunday, I'm sure the lads will Be pumped for another tough game against Batley. UTR
  3. Enjoyed the game, both teams gave good accounts of themselves. In my opinion we (slightly biased) got more out of it... Very impressed with Watson Boas, to he has only trained this week he was outstanding. His kicking game in the Fax 20 and how he hits the line before releasing the ball were particularly impressive. Johnny Davis was immense, changed the game completely when he came on along with Wheeldon who again impressed after a long time out. Cooper as always full of effort and work along with Locky. Brad Day looks a real talent, take some stopping near the line and nearly had a couple of tries today. Teteh was what you imagined he would be, strong, hard hitting centre. Josh Walters is staking a real claim for that centre spot. Special mentions too for young Beckett and Richardson who caught the eye, think we may see a fair bit of them during the season. To say this still a brand new team with the likes of Bussey, Ase, King, Hatrison to all come in along with extended minute for Carey and Delaeney who will all be in our 17, I think we played well. As for Fax, in Sharpe and Robbo they have two of the best in the league. Very hard to put down as always. Was also impressed with Layroyer, he got through some work and Kaye caused us problems as always. They also defended their line well. Without Murrell they will find it hard to break down the top 6 teams and I thought there pack missed a Tangata who has caused us plenty of problems in the past. I thought we dominated them in the middle. Plenty for both teams to work on and I'm sure both will be better for today.
  4. Aye we might as well bother not turning up have we? We have no reason to be positive really, where not gunna sign any one else, Rhinos will screw us over again and nab Tansey off us after he scores in 18 consecutive games, we will finish season with a squad of 14 again as them bloomin Rhinos never lend us anyone decent and C*s will not only win double, they will get a nice new shiney stadium...
  5. Pretty much hit nail on head for me. Agree our season depends on the Boas brothers and how quick they settle. As we know they are both highly though of at the level they are playing at which to be fair is a good standard. They are also playing for a very capable PNG side, it's surely something for us fans to get abit excited about? The centre is certainly an "unknown" quantity but let's hope we have got are selves three gems... For me a new 9 is an absolute priority! That is where if we spend money on one position, I'd like it to be. I'm not a fan of Tansey what so ever, to say he has not lived up to his earlier hype is an under statement... However, I'm rather optimistically looking forward to seeing how young Hartely goes in preason. This is his chance to make to a real name for himself, we as a club were once famous from turning young talent into super league quality players... If Hartley is the real deal then for me Tansey would make sense, an experienced player who can cover the back line. I know a lot of it is "clutching at straws" and could be foolish optimism but that's why we support Fev, we never have a dull beginning to the season (would be nice for a change though) and we have been in much worse situations before. Let's at least give the lads a chance, rugby is never won on paper... I for one will be keeping a close eye on are next few signings and hoping with got ourselves a few hidden gems.
  6. We shall see mate, it all depends on context. Some fans have rather unrealistic expectations about possible targets, I'm certain I've seen one bloke say we should go after Drinkwater which is just laughable. Others are drawn to "Big names" e.g Sammuts, we have been down this road a lot and it never seems to work. Others like "young and hungry" players, usually cheaper and abit more of a risk but there's always the chance of finding the next Greg worthington, Dane Manning. Again with have been down this road (The Bastain era...). For me it's been realistic, we have lost out on a lot of funding which means the loss of several key players, we have to be clever are money and is chucking all are money on a big name like Sammut smart business? He is proven at this level as been one of the best at what he does but commands a high fee. Or would we better getting 4-5 lesser known names but are decent championship player, not as exciting agreed but look how last season panned out...quality 19 but not much after that which cost us. There was not much hype with Sharpes signings but they did the business on the pitch and got the funding.
  7. Mate it's been a tough start for us fans this year, seeing a massive turnover of players (again), loosing coach and Ridyard this close to preason. If we can make a shrewd appointment and get the "right" players in I think we will be dark horses. I like the way Halifax do business, investing money well on the "right" players, keeping the nucleus signed up each season and the reserves setup been used to it's full potential. I'd be on blower to their reserve coach, he certainly has an eye for a player...
  8. It seems that a lot of clubs fans are writing us off before a balls even been kicked... Yes we have lost a lot of players, the likes of Ridyard, Holmes and Briscoe are as good as it gets at this level, the rest I think can be replaced. We got half a season each out of Holmes and Ridyard, Briscoe had gone 3/4s in, Hock spent the last part suspended, Wheeldon and Farrell out injured half a season and Walton out most of the season.. Despite all of this with most of our cap on the sidelines, we finished TWO points off second. So why do fans honestly think where gunna be so terrible next season? We went Toronto wth none of this players and won let's not forget! I'm pleased with out signings so far, the two lads from Batley both come highly rated, I've always been impressed espically with Day. We have signed Delaney, a bloke who's played at the highest level for years and his trophy collection speaks for it's self. Have his best days gone? Yes but you don't play at the level he has for as many years without been 'decent'. We have re-signed Bussey who for me is as good as any 13 at this level. Yes he has made mistakes but ask Toronto fans if they rate him or not. We have three PNG internationals coming, can't say I've seen anything of Thompson but the Boas brothers just played as part of the PNG team who beat England Knights, apparently are own national teams future. From what I saw of Watson, we have some player there I tell ya and Ase didn't look shabby crossing over for a meat pie either... Finally, you add the likes of Davis, Wheeldon, Cooper into the mix and that is a very capable pack at this level, we certainly won't be bullied anyway! 4 or 5 decent signings and abit of help from rhinos (Newman and Brisoce/Golding please!) we should be there or there abouts. No point having lads who don't want to be here on books not matter how good they are, let's get behind the lads who want to be here this season!! Up The Rovers!!
  9. Heard Fev have been looking at Brown and Gudzek... Any truth in this? From the bits I've seen both look quality players at this level.
  10. It's a cruel sport at times, it's fair to say we have been unlucky with injuries this season and the less said about DR... Turns out we didn't need 17 after all ?
  11. This post tickles me to death ? First of all I would like to place on record how much I like Batley as a club, great little ground, traditional club and fans are good crack. However, your a wee bit deluded if you think moving to Fev is a move "sideways". It's fair to say over the majority of the last decade Fev have been playing at the top end of the championship where as Batley have for the majority have not. Now I know you have had a couple of excellent seasons thrown in there, I've not forgot the time Flannaghan slotted over that drop goal at our place in the semis, or other season when they deservedly finished above us and then beat us at the mount. All that considered, come on now fella? You can't really believe that? Playing at the higher end of championship and some extra money for doing so is abit of no brainer really. If their as good as your making anyway they won't be with us that long before a bigger fish takes em off our hands.
  12. I bet your fun at parties, the kid who wins at pass the parcel and rubs it in everyone's face. Then when the other kids say mean things, you get all stroppy and go tell tales about how nastly everyone one is... When you grow up and realise that your not all that great, you will realise there is always two sides to every story, even if it's not always as "pretty" as the side you would like to tell. Unless you was actually there to witness with your own two eyes what actually happened, then what good are you doing posting about it? You would be very foolish to believe everything you hear as believe it or not people tell fibs... I know right, unbelievable isn't it? Finally when you do win that very important game of pass the parcel, I reckon if you try and act abit more your own age, then the other girls and boys might play abit more nice in future.
  13. Like every sports team just about anywhere, they are always some "idiots" who just want to cause bother. Most rugby fans are not like that and you will on the majority be tret well and given some friendly stick when you come over here. Like I said your the new boys in town, you have come into our sport and are throwing money around in every direction. With that style, you are going to have plenty of critics unfortunately especially from fans of teams you have just beat. The worst thing to do is declare world domination and basically claim that every team you beat are "thugs". Like I said, you are the best team in this league, most fans know that, maybe it might be abit wise that some of your fellow supporters show abit more "class" because when you eventually next come unstuck, your gunna have a lot of fans running the salt in. Best of luck for the season anyway, hopefully you enjoy your time over here and realise we are not all bad losers and thugs ?
  14. Well I'm not a Batley fan my dear. I can't really see where I've complained either, more just pointed out that's just how it is for us "smaller" teams. Is it just me or does it seem that poor old Toronto get picked on every where they go by us "thugs". Have you actually been over here to gods county? Us northerners are pretty famous for our honesty and hospitality. Why don't you come over here for yourself and see the match experience? Or you could just believe everything you see on social media and that It's us "big bullies picking on poor little Toronto..." in regards to my job, I'm very fulfilled in what I do thank you and I'm fortunate enough to earn decent money too, thanks for the pep talk though. I'm guessing as well if your in fact from Canada, that you too have to work and can't afford to travel to every away game. So here's a crazy idea why don't we make a change together? Ya know get a job which pays you a tonne of money and you can just have as much time off as you want? I've heard there's loads of them kicking around... End of the day it's a game of rugby, we should all be able to get along without all these spats which stain our game, all these "they did this and did you did that" is rather tiresome. However, if you honestly believe it's just our fans who are picking on your coaches and fans, then you are honestly more deluded then I feared...
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