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  1. how come Toronto can not afford to play in super league but can afford to play in league one!
  2. what do you think of franchises system where clubs relocate to a different place?
  3. would like to see York qualify on Merit for Super League.
  4. of the current clubs in rugby league' Super League Championship, League 1 which clubs would you most like to be in super league in the year 2030. Please name the clubs. ta
  5. the only criteria that matters is you finish top in a tier you move up to the next tier. only if a clubs stadium is unsafe do you get that/any club to play at a different stadium. otherwise that club(s) plays at their home stadium regardless of the capacity of the stadium).
  6. Should it be the same neutral venue each time or a different venue each time? I think it should be played each and every time in the Zayed Sports City Stadium [where they staged the FIFA Club World Cup in 2018] in Dubai. Why? It is a neutral venue i.e. no team in the match would have home advantage, the weather is not usually to hot or cold in Dubai in February the month the World Club Challenge match is usually played in!
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Club_Challenge
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