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  1. News of a coach leaving a league 1 club. Wouldn't be shocked to hear it be Thorman after his dissapointment today....
  2. Think he's a few weeks away from what I have heard.
  3. Be nice to see Blain get some game time off the bench! UTT!
  4. Lunty is not being offered a new contract at Hull KR. Would love to see him back at the town
  5. We all agreed as a group of supporters something needed to be changed. Is this the right change? We will see. All the best Leon. Let's hope we have a plan in place long term after Keighley
  6. Any ideas who this guy might be from the training photos?
  7. So... Are we going to have a team? Or shall I dust off my old boots? I didn't do a bad job off the bench for Seaton under 16s in 2008 ??
  8. Think we would be at a miss not having someone do spike this Sunday. Was definitely a miss Sunday gone. Ide voulenteer myself but I've bad memories of my last spike appearance ?
  9. This can only be good for rugby. As a Workington supporter ide much rather be packing my bags for a day away in Rochdale, Dewsbury or anywhere along the M62 corridor rather than the trips to London Skolars, Coventry, Hemel Etc. No offence to these clubs but there is a mountainous disparity between the top and bottom clubs in league one which has made rugby viewing for us 'boring?'. All for it. Must agree it is a tad late in the day with 5 games to go, but puts us town fans in prime position (for now at least) ?
  10. Newton and Penky both missing today due to personal commitments. Hoping to get a DR in from Huddersfield on emergency loan. Not the start we needed.
  11. We've all heard the Sammut rumours... But how true is the possibility of Wilkin as player assistant coach? Been a lot of talk today. Linking up with his old pal Leon ???
  12. Ide like to be optimistic and say we have 4 games coming up which SHOULD be winnable. Today is a blip in the road. Let's get behind the boys and make third place ours. We had 4 or 5 players who would be in the 18 missing today and I think that says alot. UTT
  13. Townfan1992


    Also sorry to @scott for nearly breaking your ribs celebrating hahahaha
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