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  1. trouty. They do it deliberately to get topics locked. It’s a game to them and you are falling into their trap. I don’t go on their forum but have mates who were banned off not for being daft but because they were town fans.
  2. We’re asked to press the ignore button but why should we on our own forum? Marrafanny and Mouse are just on here to report back to the haven forum that town fans can’t get on. Cue confused or laughing emoji
  3. Is there not a yawn emoji?
  4. Here’s the west coast sleeping pill. How you doing marrafanny?
  5. It’s been a good day all round. They’ve tweeted they’ve got new pumps in the old Thorp canteen as well. Awesome
  6. If you look on towns twitter they got back about half 2 with over 20 hours on the bus. We should admire the dedication of players who probably had to take a day off from work to do an mammoth trip. Fair play to them and fair play to wales who have to do it all the time
  7. They set off at 8 in the morning and Rooke couldn’t get time off work. What a ....
  8. Some would rather be negative and some are haven fans
  9. I never have an opinion based on the radio. None of us were there and folk are talking like they were.
  10. Well done all you lads. You all seem very knowledgable from the radio. We’re 3rd in the league. Players playing out of position and a 12 hour journey down yesterday by all accounts. Move on.
  11. Return of the mouse marra. The town fan who never was
  12. It’s good to see everybody’s 7 year at medical school payed off. If he does play he will be ready. I understand the physio takes no ###### and is very thorough.
  13. Forster saying on a podcast that Town were grubs in the first half. No mention of late hits and the pile driver tackle on scholey
  14. I think he’s done a fair few weeks of contact tbh
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