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  1. And Frank Paul Nuasala,Trent Barrett,Matty Johns ,Ben Barba and several others I can't recall.
  2. Can’t see the Manfredi connection he’s just had a fractured thumb.
  3. If Tom Johnstone had concussion after the Wigan game why was he playing one week later ?Surely that is against RFL head injury protocol and he had “another” concussion the one you “Wakey” fans and a few others don’t mention. Give your anti-Wigan” specs a polish.
  4. Coved was not n issue in this matter.and Toulouse had arranged special precautions.
  5. Is there to be a distinction between the 18th man and the other 4subs or is he, as I am sure we all suspect ,just another sub which is what they wanted in the first place and what will happen shortly.If it is obviously foul play the referee already bas the solution so why do we need an 18th man?
  6. Two I’m not sure about at Wigan. Frank &Bill Collier, Billy&Bert Boston.
  7. Take a look north of Birmingham.Not very “national” ip here.
  8. Simon Haughton shout have been a “great”but just didn’t have the heart.Spectacular tries but but didn’t like the”hard yards”I saw him play for Orrell RU Aton the wing.Did Nothing.Last I heard he was living in Australia working as a firefighter.
  9. I can think of a few knighthoods that were awarded for making huge amounts of money.Makes it difficult for RL players.
  10. I think it will be a while before Leeds actually own their ground again.I don’t know about Wire andSaints.but what is the big fuss about” owning” the ground.Over half of Super League teams,play in shared or municipal stadiums and it works just fine for them The same situation applies in the NRL..In fact their are advantages to sharing.(Cas and Wakey fans take note ) .My point is this.We have developed a great product on the field but we have badly neglected it off the field We call it “The greatest game” but I’m afraid that isn’t enough in 2021.
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