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  1. Travelling 5miles is exactly what Cas are planning to do,if it ever comes to fruition.
  2. Well you are a cheerful soul talk about “Glass half empty”I think you’ve drunk up.You certainly don’t seem willing to travel five miles to watch a game .If everything happens as you predict then it really will be the beginning of the end for the two clubs and the lower leagues are beckoning.However I think the support is stronger than that but they must remember that the supporters are part of the club and as such must give and take.
  3. Yes I know why they don’t want to share a stadium,that’s why I said it’s time to face the facts.
  4. It’s about ten years since “Framing the Future” when new standards were set for facilities at RL grounds and I think the time will come when Superleague will need to put pressure on Castleford,Wakefield,and London (If still applicable). what if the unthinkable happens and next year Castleford or Wakefield are refused a safety certificate that required big expenditure with the season fast approaching and nowhere to play.Hypothetical I know but frankly it wouldn’t surprise me.Local authorities are getting very cautious about Health and Safety matters.So do they wait until it happens,keep throwing good money after bad or get something moving.What exactly have people got against shared stadiums? The economics of being in use about fifteen times a year then standing idle six months still costing money just don’t add up and never will do.The Cas and Wakey fans need to start facing the facts ,it’s easy to be cavalier with someone else’s money.perhaps the local authority would look more favourably on a joint scheme.I don’t think they are going to support two new stadiums.
  5. File it along with “get rid of scrums”.We have a book of rules of the game,just enforce them to get our game back on track.
  6. You certainly don’t seem to be an expert on the Super League,try to keep up.
  7. But not all in the same season ,so it’s not really 70% is .It,whereas Ben Barba was semi-retired from mid season on,other things on his mind and look where that led .Incidentally what would you know about his salary requirements?
  8. You’re easily put off aren’t you Cookey.By the way who do you support?
  9. Before the JJB was built we had Central Park(much loved but crumbling).and Springfield Park (Widely known as Pneumonia Park not much there to crumble) The town needed someone with ambition and Whelan was that man.Who else was going to build a new ,desperately needed stadium?The warriors had aground but no money,the council supplied the site .Dave Whelan put the deal together,and if he hadn’t I dom’t Know where we would be today.
  10. You end your post with a philosophical ramble but unfortunately began it with abuse ,and then tell us that you “dislike” Wigan Iwonder why.I would also remind you that it was yourself who introduced the word “hatred” into your previous post Who exactly am I ? That’s for me to know and you to wonder Mr Clothesoff.
  11. Well Mr Clothesoff’s hatred is plain to see,shown on here often.
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