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  1. hope your player who got carried off and taken away in the ambulance is ok.. never nice to see these rare incidents
  2. how many are making the trip up north ?.. be good to hear some away supporters cheering on their team
  3. 21st may 1883 the day hunslet were formed......... its been a right ride
  4. if its on north wales has 2.30pm then i would say yes its 2.30pm.. bbc website cant even get scores correct most times. and im sure hunslet website will be corrected when someone is in to do the job..
  5. if your on facebook. ask to join the naughty forty.. then you can post it on the facebook page.
  6. youngjohn

    Help please

    i think its scot johnson..... maybe best to contact hunslet rl
  7. so where is daily williams. presume injured and marcus elliot well he came back and 1 game was it.. 2nd half sunday we seemed to go to sleep at times. was not the best game to watch..
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