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  1. Having watched Fartown v Hull for the first time in sept 1954 which ended in a 7-7 draw the result last night was refreshing and badly needed, for a change the giants stuck at their task… still a long way to go!
  2. that doesn’t take much! The giants are in a mess! 11 from 12 teams? With Leigh struggling as they obviously are the giants might just avoid relegation!
  3. Sezer had everything to do with the giants? Did they even try to retain his services? The same thing happened with Brett Hodgson. In addition what has happened to Robinson? He appears to be non existent. Gaskell….apparently got injured when he felt the need! Now he’s going to Wakefield, who is actually being recruited that any giants fan can be excited about! It’s quite apparent the giants jersey means nothing to anyone?
  4. Sam Wood to HKR Sezer to Leeds Gavet returns to Australia Edwards allegedly Sacked? all appears not well? Ken Davey prepared to spend money….but the recruitment is very poor. Nobody of any repute wants to play for the giants. Hill from Warrington is being courted! Useless! Too old? Also chasing Mason from Leigh. That’s a sensation!
  5. Does anyone who follows the Giants have a clue to what is happening? James Gavet now left the room? That’s three this week.
  6. Harold Wagstaff was 15 years and 175 days when he made his debut for the then named Fartown, Now the Giants, And 17 years and 228 days on his debut for England.
  7. Ian and Victor Van Bellen Huddersfield (Fartown) 1960’s.
  8. Ian and Gary Van Bellen Bradford Northern 1980
  9. Exactly! This thread was boring 15 pages back! Editor, can it now be locked?
  10. Brilliant ramblings, I remember going to watch Fartown v Liverpool City 1963. 1st round of challenge cup. Liverpool won 3-2... could go on and on began watching 1958......like a lot of people think, the game Has gone downhill for me... maybe it’s because we are old farts, oh for those old banger buses again???
  11. The truth about this game was...it was lost just before half time by conceding the try. Walmsley staring into space! GB tried to milk too many penalties and didn’t get them. It happens in super league all the time, Hill, Walmsley, falling around and flopping like wet kippers! Hodgson and Hill trying to referee the game! Hill is a waste of space! The forwards were bullied and out enthused in this match. Why do we continue to go barging down the middle? When we are loosing the ruck? Play the game touch line to touch line, the defence will get tired of chasing around? And as for being GB or England, that’s a load of ######! You put on an international shirt and you die for the cause?
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