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  1. If this story turns out to be true, the one million Aussie dollars turns out at something like £9000 per game if he plays 60 games over three years. Where is that money coming from with attendance’s at around 5000 on a good day?
  2. At least my original posting has stirred some interest? Maybe so much so! That on RL backchat yesterday, both coaches from York and Dewsbury stayed that players were “cheating” around the ruck area. The coach from York went as far as to say he didn’t coach any of those tactics! And what’s more if any of his players did what Tomkins does? throwing the ball at an opponent “HE WOULD BRING HIM STRAIGHT OF THE PARK” very interesting! I hope the RFL are taking notice of the rumbling that is now growing very quickly?
  3. Denton Rovers RLFC We still have a great product within Super League.... and I agree with some of your points, However your last sentence sums it up brilliantly! That’s why the RFL have to now get a grip of the play the ball area. That along with the stupid passing of the ball into the defending players. Because it is spoiling the enjoyment of our game......
  4. Now that is interesting? This issue really does need sorting! I think most supporters are fed up of it?
  5. Having watched the game for over 50 years! I agree with you, there have been good and bad years over time? But we now have a problem. I have no particular allegiance to any team? But my patience has now worn very thin to the state that I will turn to watching the NRL only. How many more will do the same?
  6. So how would you solve the situation? Other than what I mentioned above?
  7. Having watched 4 Games from the NRL and watching the 3rd from Super League this weekend. Three penalties given in total in NRL matches around the play the ball. And the abysmal cheating and penalties given in the super league games it is glaringly obvious that super league need to adopt two referees, a proper play the ball, with the foot, and to be penalised for stepping off the mark. And this needs adopting ASAP before the game is ruined completely! Just one problem? Where do we find the right quality of referee?
  8. Exactly! I’ve watched a lot of Aussie games now and the play the ball is totally different. The English game need to improve the standard of referees hugely! In fact adopt the two ref system? But they won’t? Most of all stop the farcical cheating round the play the ball! It’s every team that does it. Absolutely pathetic and ruining the game!
  9. The standard of refereeing in super league is very very poor! Super league isn’t worth watching with the amount of cheating that is going on.... Pathetic!
  10. You can add Leroy Cudjoe to that list aswell. If any player runs at him he cannot tackle them. He rates very poorly!
  11. One big drawback to this game! Robert 50% more penalty’s Hicks appointed match referee.
  12. This game was terrible! If Toronto go into super league they will not stay there. They simply aren’t good enough....about as good as the singer that tried to sing both national anthem’s????
  13. The Robert Hicks show! He is an absolute disgrace letting Catalan get away with murder! I have never seen a worse team for cheating......
  14. The game in general is deteriorating because of players milking penalties from niave referees! And that is all players from all clubs...One excellent penalty against Hull last night at the play the ball against Miloudi for blatant milking!!! Players should get yellow cards for such as that! And I mean everyone....
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