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  1. I hate to dabble in rumours, especially ones that are only corroborated with whispers beginning with "I heard" but... I did hear after the game at the pub that Rowley hasn't been the one coaching the guys since near the end of the regular season which may explain why players like Brierley have been sidelined throughout the Qualifiers. I have no actual confirmation of this but it certainly does explain a few things that didn't quite make sense. I was disappointed with Rowley in that he didn't seem able to keep players like Bussey, Emmitt, and McCrone from costing us on the pitch but he's a great guy.
  2. Breakfast Television appearance! https://www.bttoronto.ca/videos/sailing-with-the-toronto-wolfpack/
  3. It is the ISO standard date format which is accepted as a standard across the globe.
  4. I'll also use Aug 4/18 to keep it simple in a document.
  5. It's a fairly standard format for file naming so there's not really any confusion around the order of things in my industry (software). It also makes searching and sorting for files easy as it will always sort correctly.
  6. I've taken to YYYY/MM/DD to avoid confusion as I'm often dealing with people in Canada, US, Mexico, UK, Poland, and India so it removes any ambiguity.
  7. Interesting! I'll have to keep an ear out next time I'm around some Brits. I spend a bit of time in the US midwest so it may be the regional differences we're each hearing as well. I could see "prarr-cess" from some southerns.
  8. If I were judged for only my outward facing written communications, it would probably appear to my bosses I was "too busy" doing other things. Nevermind that I spend anywhere from 4-6 hours in conference calls and meetings. Their marketing team can be doing several things at once, you know.
  9. The chants are there in Section 35, tucked away in the northeast corner where the team has placed the supporters group. You can hear occasional snippets from Section 28 between the music on the PA. Most people don't want to spend 80 minutes chanting and would prefer to watch the game and socialize with those around them per the usual fan culture in Toronto.
  10. This was great to read from Davide Longo: “We’re used to rugby league fanatics in Featherstone and these Canadians wouldn’t have looked out of place at the LD Nutrition Stadium. “They were very helpful and accommodating, even in defeat. “Toronto is a sports mad city and their appetite for a truly competitive game showed me that Rugby League can really take off there.”
  11. The US version is more 'prah-cess' and Canadian is 'pro-cess'. It becomes more evident when pluralized: US: prah-cess-ez Canada: Pro-cess-is It's one of the few words I say in front of my American clients and colleagues that distinguish me as a Canadian and often results in having to entertain them with "out", "about", and "roof".
  12. I wasn't complaining. It's just frustrating when the sport generally has little stoppage and it's something we use to encourage people to come out to games so for them to see so much of it their first time out just doesn't help. We've not seen it at Lamport, really, to the degree it was yesterday.
  13. I sit East stands most days (and can't usually hear the PA) but sat West yesterday. Aside from the reminders about the beer garden closing at the final whistle (usually opened 2 hours after) due to the grounds being needed for another event and the few rally cries in the last 15, it wasn't much different than when I sat West for the Leigh match. I'd venture this is correct. It didn't seem unusual compared to other sports we see live. The difference on television is that the audio is really focused on the playing surface and commentary and announcements aren't picked up as much or as well. Perhaps some better sound engineering is needed.
  14. I noticed that as well. It was a bit frustrating after the first few times. I've never seen the clock stopped so many times at Lamport.
  15. I think the match showed us what we would look like if our key scorers are injured early in the Qualifiers and it didn't look great. Toronto has a lot more work to do to get everyone playing to the level we've become used to seeing. Fev deserved that win, by and large. They didn't give us an inch.
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