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  1. 3 hours ago, Niels said:

    The unique team names and places are a positive in our game. Look how many watched Batley and Featherstone in Toulouse. The crowds were no less because the opposition weren't from cities.

    It was the same in Toronto where the traditional smaller teams attracted big crowds.

    In the championship we have more experience about playing teams from other countries and interaction with their fans. There was never any issues about size of towns etc. It wasn't a factor. 


    Nope. Far from it.  Team names had nothing to do with it in Toronto. At all.  No one cared who they were playing, just that they were playing.  The game was selling it's self, not the fixture.

    I would imagine that it's the same with Toulouse.  It's probably the game selling it's self. Not who's coming to town

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Scubby said:

    Who wants the Super 8s back? 

    I still think that was the best system.  It's very much like NA style playoffs 

    Personally I'd get rid of the mpg in the middle 8s(top 4 move up) and I'd like to see it between league 1 and champ as well.

    Ive said it before. I loved the super/middle 8s and think it could be a USP business wise.  Fantastic format

  3. Great news!

    The "magic weekend" style rounds this year will surely be a cost saver for the first year. F*** covid though. I miss normal life. 

    I hope they do a festival round in year 2!

    Should be having a round in Austin and try to get some fans in imo(Texas has released all Covid restrictions - today's texas rangers baseball game is expected to sell out @ 40k in attendance)

    Looking forward to booing Boston!

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  4. 2 hours ago, Hull Kingston Bronco said:

    Yes but to be honest Folau already has 'F-you money' in the bank now, so maybe he's finally in a position to make a call on a wider basket of factors


    Who doesn't make job decisions with money being a key, even if not the only, factor anyway?



    Good on the man for not being a typical sportsman and chasing money if that's the case

    Good on the man for having a sense of loyalty to a club that took him in when no one else would touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    Let's be real though, he just wants to swap shirts with sonny after a match lol

  5. 29 minutes ago, paulwalker71 said:

    Meanwhile BBC Sport are reporting that SL might not even re-start because of disputes over pay cuts


    The plot thickens 😳

    Tacit agreements....non binding and even less useful then a handshake agreement in most places!  If only there was some sort of body the players could belong to that allows them to have some sort of bargaining power over pay and working conditions....

    With contracts expiring end of November (I think) I can't see this being too much of an issue. But if a club is healthy enough to pay ALL of their staff a full wage (emphasis on all staff) then let them.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Yes, the statement from the RFL was much clearer although not really so for non-SL clubs. How would you interpret " At Championship and League 1 level the removal of any restrictions will be monitored." ?

    I mean, to me that says below SL the rules don't apply - unless the rfl later decides that it's a problem - very cryptic

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  7. I welcome this! Could do more to be honest.  In a purely free market way, increased competition for positions should create higher quality all around,including quality of players coming up

    There are plenty of other ways to incentivese player development.  But denying top talent from around the world isn't it.

  8. Just now, scotchy1 said:

    I'm not sure I agree with that. SL, quality wise isnt at the level it should be. 

    And that falls solely on SL.  If we were to allow more imports from aus png Tonga etc would we attract higher quality talent?  Would a higher salary cap attract higher talent? Would those things create a more entertaining product?

    Would more youngsters stay involved and develop of there were more opportunities?  

    There are roughly 300 - 400 SL playing positions -  and England alone can't fill them all with enough talent.  allow more overseas players, expand the league size and create opportunity and create growth.


  9. Just now, scotchy1 said:

    Well there is because we have more than 20 clubs now. 

    We couldn't have 20 at SL level right now but the question is much more complex than that

    There will only ever be enough quality that an organisation can hold.  I think the UK is knee capping growth by a 12 team top division

    I also don't believe there aren't enough players for a larger comp.  If certain rules were amended there would be plenty!

  10. 14 minutes ago, Damien said:

    A net value of a touch under £30 million in normal times. If no buyer for Latics and no real alternative or value for anything else then that valuation would tumble.

    Well let's hope a pie eater wins the euromillions this Saturday and buys the stadium haha

    The DW is a nice little stadium - if the rfl is in a position to buy it they should - but I don't think they are.  If anything happens I just hope Wigan get to keep a home

  11. 9 minutes ago, CanadianRugger said:

    The entire system is ridiculous and is a drain on the professional game.  The fact we've arbitrarily decided that 12 teams is the magic number of clubs in SL is well.... extremely limiting.  

    Ditch promotion/relegation and immediately move Leigh, Toulouse and London to Super League.  Bring in others provided they can afford to go full-time, charge expansion fees, etc. 

    Start running the game like an actual professional sport and stop letting it be beholden to a bunch of amateur clubs that play out of a park.

    I don't disagree nessecarily, but what about those clubs who have applied to the league structure seeing it as a route to the top division?  Ottawa say it will take some time sure. But I'm confident it's in their long term planning - and while I don't know much about NYs current position I assume that they are somewhere in between Torontos path (as fast as possible) and Ottawa's (slow build)

    Fwiw I like PnR - it adds a stake to losing. 

  12. 3 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Hi John, If our clubs could get any where near that figure per team I don't think this thread would have even been started, nor indeed some clubs requesting a reduced cap level.

    The number is scalable to the league thou

    I like that system personally.  Let's say we keep the cap at the 2.8 mill it's at, and have it as a soft cap with a 10% penalty fee (for simplicity's sake). Club 1 spends 3mill on players (going over the cap by 200k). They are then taxed 20k.  The clubs that dont exceed the cap gets to split that 20k as a reward for not breaching the cap.

    If 6 teams breach the cap totalling 1 million across the six teams, the other 6 get to split the 100k as a payment

    If a team like the Wolfpack for example want to spend 10mil over the cap on players (for what ever reason) and no one else goes above the cap what ever percentage the league decides they have to pay gets split across the team's that don't breach the cap.  In a 10%scenario that means 1 million to distribute to clubs who don't breach the cap.  

    Those who wish to spend more can, and those who don't get financially rewarded at the end of the season.  You could even use the breach money to help fund the championship and league 1 if you wanted

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