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  1. No. They must watch the rugby, they must bleed the rugby. Sports is not a social event! How dare they!
  2. To quote the government "We must trust the common sense of the British people" ? I known it won't work twas jest
  3. Havn't seen this topic (If i missed lock merge or delete away!) but sky are going to show all the NRL games from the first two returning rounds (16 matches) https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12202/11988912/nrl-16-games-to-be-shown-live-on-sky-sports Personally excited to be able to watch some sport while I "work from home"
  4. Why not return with seats sold like they have in parliament very staggered (I'm only mostly joking - reduced seats are better then no seats if the situation were dire)
  5. Completely agree Harry! If the pack go away it will be a fold, I don't see them relocating as I don't think anyone would buy em, just as I can't see argyle moving them to the UK!
  6. Not true. While attendences increase with winners Torontonians like sport. If that were true alot of the team's would be in serious trouble. Attendances increase with almost every club in the world with continued success Don't see it happening, if they leave Toronto I feel it will be through a sale of the club
  7. Brilliant though isn't it! (Fev had a beer shack in the standing area when I went, dose that count?)
  8. They don't want to win league one by 70+ points most matches like the pack did. It seems from Mr Perez's interviews they want to have a mix of Canadians and experienced professionals, and have stated if they stay in league one for a few years while the Canadians develop then fine by them. I cannot see a more financially responsible model of doing this , nore can I see a quicker model of doing this. I hope they will sort out local development sooner rather than later (unlike the wolf pack) and we should be mindful that could look different to what exists in the UK
  9. I think you're right, but wrong. There isn't an urgency due to the lack of international scene, but I think a strong national scene must be on the minds of the aces staff for a few reasons. People in the capital are fiercely patriotic, so if they can help kick start the international scene, it would cement the city for international rl in Canada. TD is miles better then Lamport facilities wise for that.
  10. I don't think you need that many draft age youngins, and they don't nessecarily have to be age capped like the draft combine, and it doesn't nessecarily have to be draft like (just a scout based combine would be cool by me). Just riffing here really off the idea!
  11. You've convinced me Dane, screw my country men and spend to the cap!?
  12. Only really possible without promotion and relegation. So that makes it a no for me. (#bringbackthe8s!) How ever a big part of the NFL draft is the draft combine, which if emulated could find some amateurs players ready to move to the big leagues. There could be a dozen more Matty Ashton's out there and we wouldn't know!
  13. I like the look of the old grounds (on TV... visiting leaves some desire from my experience in football - havn't personally been to wakey or cas yet. I would have this year if it wasn't for this darned virus) they have a lovely character about them. When their time comes to an end I hope they don't modernize too much. I do like the look of an old ground. I hope when they modernize they rebuild in an older style to help convey history (the jungle is only a few years shy of 100 for example!) But modernise the heck out of concourses. On the topic though. sky confirming the cash is an acknowledgment that the sport is worth paying for. Good decision and while I do not like broadcasters buying rights to entire leagues it's definitely painted sky in a more favourable light in my eyes.
  14. Ooof that's a lot of cash. I'm glad league isn't in that position
  15. He was interim chair for a while, they got back on track financially there. I hope he was paying attention to what Bradford were doing at the local level player development wise and took notes! If that means he saw how many clubs it took to create what Bradford has I hope he took it as a lesson. I hope his stint there was as good for him as it was for Bradford. But since I'm being logical and this is league we are talking I'm probably way wrong lol
  16. It was the docu series the Wolfpack made about the trialist system they ran before entering the league system. It's on YouTube still, it's not a bad watch but not as gritty as I was hoping for. There was alot of emphasis early on about the up to 17 contracts thing. Unfortunately they turned into an internet provider where 5 contracts still fits with the upto claim. Sport carries a social aspect to it, if the club can produce a quality game day experience and then market that towards, come play and experience this more then it should (emphasis on should) work. But they have to put those systems in place (unlike Toronto who havn't really yet). I hope Ottawa quickly gain a local structure, it might not be attainable in year one - you gotta get the boat in the water first - but they should at least attempt to run pick up type (maybe tag rugby league style at first) events to get people playing enjoying and laughing. I hope you're wrong Harry! Although time will tell. I personally feel (hope) that the main reason for his departure from Toronto was the lack of Canadian development. I mean he did help Bradford get back on track, and maybe while he was there he learned a thing or two about local development!
  17. I think they will be available now. I don't think the Wolfpack got the best of the best because of the unknown factor (who knows how long it will last so why bother) Now that there is perceived stability in the sport in Canada I feel you'll see more quality come out. Unless of course the last tackle damaged the idea by not taking on many players (they did initially say up to 17 spots)
  18. Depends on revenue contracts and attendance on the home side doesn't it? I lived in Ottawa while I did my teacher training, definitely the appetite for parties and sport (and together too!)
  19. They've said theyre happy to mull around league one and develope. They get promoted, they keep players. Relegated again? Fine. Many teams have been operating that way for years...
  20. They had 5 players from their last tackle thing, but due to some sort of visa issues couldn't use them. Then they were in the championship and just kept looking forward, blinders on Ottawa seem keen to grow some cannucks into RL players
  21. Here you go sir! It's the most recent one (episode 14) https://anchor.fm/outlawedrlpodcast Exact episode: https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xMTg4NmQxYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw&ep=14 (I used Google play podcasts but it's on most platforms)
  22. I hope they fill the 10! Eric Perez was on the Outlaw Rugby league podcast today and said the have over 100 applicants for the trials already, it was a good listen!
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