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  1. Is this what we are getting all bothered over today? Attendance? Let's go pack. I'll see you at headingly!
  2. I mean - sky is £33.99 (£5.99 for a stripped down mobile version) It's not THAT bad, I just hope they show more twp games for you guys!
  3. Haha I went the wrong way with the time in my head. My bad. What the hell are snw showing at 9am anyway
  4. To save on petrol costs for the team bus? Haha I believe it might have its relative closeness to st Helens, might get more people out, also closer for the casual fan. Tickets better be starting at a 5er though, this close they need to sell alot!
  5. Yeah I saw that and edited right after I posted! Maybe that's the case - maybe they don't want to mix their brand up with league given their current circumstances, but I think you're probably right!
  6. Ooof. That's a bad look. Was there no stadium in London available at all? I hope the fans who got train tickets can get reimbursed somehow. Edit: if you have incurred any costs that cannot be refunded you can email customerservices@torontowolfpack.com with proof
  7. Fox (under the same umbrella as sky) own the usa rights, I can't find any info about Canada specifically, from what I understood about the Sportsnet world deal they were just buying broadcast feeds from sky (would love to be wrong, just my current understanding)?? Whoever it was aimed at its probably justified. Unless Toronto were told "let's negotiate this salary cap thing later" in the whole promotion debacle, then it should have been sorted by the point of promotion.
  8. Yeah that's an interesting strategy from what should be a new partner. They should have showed the books if asked!(I imagine due diligence would be done when any team gets promoted) Although some things he said left me scratching my head- SL don't own the TV rights in NA, so Toronto can't sell them. They sold them to sky (and sky *don't have to* do anything with them). I have a crack pot conspiracy theory about it, but unless anybody asks about it I won't say haha Another point is they have been talking about it for months, not two weeks like he says.
  9. They are not paying their own way. Toronto are footing the bill and also gave up their funding. That was part of the last minute deal SL made with Toronto from 3days before the grand final last season....
  10. I want to agree with you, however that sounds like sky found more money elsewhere, which is unfortunately their right as the rights holders Toronto (as much as I want them to) do not have control of their TV rights while in SL, so if sky can get more money from SNworld then from TSN (or found out how much TSN would have paid twp Vs how much they would have charged twp for the rights) and thought it was good good money sense to do so,good for them. Canadians get your wallets out and pay for the sub! (Sorry!)
  11. Biggest reach is CBC. Sportsnet world is a pricey channel. If regular Sportsnet aired it it would be more widely available
  12. Might have something to do with twp. Sky might be (rightfully) trying to capitalise on NA TV revenue I think someone will pick it up, soccer plus hopefully comes through (fox is technically a sister company to sky anyways!)
  13. Awesome! I'll maybe see you there, it's a big standing section though haha You can take the 508bus towards Halifax (takes 25ish min). There's a train that takes 15min too
  14. Do I agree with you? Yes one hundred percent! But isn't this an issue for the league and not the broadcast partners? The only thing stopping that from happening next week is that SL havn't put the pieces in place.
  15. Alright everyone, I'll try my best to update this thread with information on UK games, featuring where to sit (taking info from sandy Shipley's twp in the UK groups) where to get drinks before/after the matches and anything else I come up with for each UK game! So Far we have the opener at Leeds Vs Cas, twp fans are encouraged to sit in section H or the Tetley South Stand (standing). For the Salford game there is no Toronto Wolfpack specific section, but most people appear to be getting tickets in W03 (lots of room in row E with me if you fancy!) More info to come!
  16. Im confident we will stay up! Don't get me wrong, but I would like to be competitive as well.
  17. Yeah that's true, but the 1.8 million extra would have helped them find from London, others out of contract and from the NRL. Bit that's the idea of promotion isn't it? That's why there are core teams rebound between leagues in every p&r sport - not enough in the shop to keep them up!
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