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  1. its just we deserved to be there as much as everyone else and people would rather have seen fev or leigh instead. we may well finish bottom. this weekend against toulouse will go a long way to deciding that. apologies if i misinterpreted you original comments.
  2. think thats quite disrespectful to say fax are making up the numbers. we finished level on points with both toulouse and london. fax work hard on a very limited budget to make the qualifiers 3 out 4 seasons now. we wont go up in all likelyhood but we are competitive in every game and will run teams close. making up the numbers is not putting much effort in and getting whipped each week!
  3. for all the stick toronto get in the media and from other fans you conduct yourselves brilliantly. its very easy to come to the shay for example and expect to run away with it and be arrogant but you got stuck in and was very professional.
  4. one thing is for sure we will leave everything on the pitch.
  5. only times we have lost at the shay this year have been to you so well done. toulouse will come out all guns blazing as they have to win next week to have any aspirations of going up with the budget they have. if we can put the same defensive effort in and be more clinical we could get the win. happy as we have proved we are not the whipping boys everyone expected us to be.
  6. both sides were terrific in defence not much in it tbh just your extra quality in attack and bad decisions and not being clinical for us. i feel its unlikely we will get a win but we will run some teams very close. toulouse this weekend is an opportunity but they know that they have to win so we will probably lose. looking at it hull kr look like they may only get MPG at best.
  7. congrats toronto on the win today. feel a bit gutted but we pushed you close. difference was the extra quality you have going forward. always going to be tough for fax as do not have the funds to get that x factor player. feel you should go up now. you beat hull next week and they are staring through the trapdoor. just hope we can get a win this year. good luck
  8. haha thanks. just checked it out couldnt find anything live right now but seen a kids baseball game from a few hours ago lol
  9. great thank you. so just set my vpn to canada and go to that site?
  10. hi is there a way to watch cbc sports in the uk. i use a good vpn but cant find cbc sports on my iptv packages. thanks.
  11. has the fax game been confirmed on tv for you guys yet?
  12. thanks for the info. will keep an eye out for announcements. i have a few iptv subcriptions so for your sky games if you cant get it elsewhere or not at the game message me and ill make sure u can view them.
  13. i have iptv so get canadian and foreign channels and use nord vpn aswell. will it be televised for canadian viewers?
  14. i think they will end up televising our leeds game. out of all super 8s and middle 8s in 1st 4 rounds only fax and huddersfield not televised. for fax its a great achievement just being here and this feels like sky throwing their support to where the money is in the game.
  15. we will get 1 like last year as a token gesture. will canadian tv pick up our game as i cannot get up there for that 1? just annoying were the big underdogs thought they would give us some airtime. best of luck you should make it to super league.
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