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  1. 2 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    To be fair to the RFL, the strategy has been that anyone can join as long as they cover the costs, because there is no central funding to cover it. 

    People don't like that. 

    That strategy is fine, but not all clubs will survive and that leads to disappointment and distrust in the governing body. 

  2. On 16/03/2022 at 23:13, Dave T said:

    And that brings us nicely onto the core point. So if the RFL are paying this, what are they using to pay the costs? Because they don't have half a million a year to cover this. And what benefit does the RFL get?

    I suspect your point is that it is taken from central funding - well that is just the clubs paying for it. That's not a bad approach in itself, but it does then leave us open to poor decisions being made because of costs to individual clubs.

    Ultimately this type of thing just highlights flaws in governnace.

    Maybe it does highlight flaws. 
    But if central funding is used for all travel costs — that is money before club grants — then it means League 1 teams travelling to Canada, SL clubs travelling to France or a challenge cup tie in Dublin are all paid for upfront. The lucky dip is no longer a problem. 
    But before you commit to that as a governing body, you would probably develop a long term strategy for the sport before admitting teams from Toronto, Dublin or Belgrade. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Harry Stottle said:

    I have always maintained that he is not a head coach overseeing all the playing aspects, but I would have him as an assistant at any club in the country even the International team as the offensive coach that is where is worth is.

    Offensive? I always found his style dull and a preference for brutality over classy plays. 

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  4. On 26/02/2022 at 05:00, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    They would not effectively own the ground, they wouldn’t own the ground at all, they would have a lease for the ground as all renters do, Salford will be renting the ground, hence me saying they are not going to spend millions on its development, just as someone renting a house doesn’t pay to build an extension. 

    Couple quick ones, based on a bit of work history/perspective:

    - secure land tenure (ie 25+ years guaranteed lease in this case) does result in significant uplift contributed by the lease holder. This could be renovations, modifications or general preserving of the condition. This is the case for both private residential holdings and commercial property

    - in terms of commercial leasing, it’s normal that any modifications/improvements are funded by the tenant, not the landlord.

    So, in the case of Salford, they could definitely look to fund improvements if it financially made sense. If they’re able to keep the hospitality sales, food and drink sales, etc then they probably will look to make modest improvements. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Phil W said:

    For me the lack of international matches is an issue. If England were to play Wales in Wales would that draw interest? I think it would. They should look at a six nations style tournament but stick with it. It'll grow over time.

    Well they did a few years back and won 80-0 right? Or something like that. Was at Wrexham Rwcecourse ground. 

  6. 19 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:





    JJB speaks for a long period of time here, ignoring the content of what he is saying, can any of you claiming not to understand what he says point out a part of the video where you can’t understand what he’s saying? If you could give the minutes and seconds into the video so we that can understand English and hence JJB can try to understand your point.



    Yeah for example when he says “vehicle” in his opening response. I had to play back a few times to understand it. Again, not the accent. But for me it’s like his tongue is getting in the way of articulating. 
    Articulation really is an important part of commentating. I remember when Andrew Johns started and he was really bad at slurring words. My mum found it near impossible to understand. He has worked really hard on it, and now he comes across as one of the best analysers in Australia. 
    JJB is in the same boat. Very smart, says the right things, but just needs to work on the articulation. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, welshmagpie said:

    It’s been an interest few days since the hammering, thought I’d add my further thoughts on the matter…

    Credit to Raiders for the statement, it was honest and transparent and it takes a lot to own up to their mistakes. Credit where it’s due.

    However, words MUST lead into actions. What on earth were they doing just sat on a head coach decision? In semi-pro sport, a coach is the most integral part of any organisation… without one you really can’t do or achieve much.

    Tiffin’s grammar and grasp of English is shockingly bad, great they’ve employed a full-time doctor* but go a bit further and employ somebody to do the media as it would go a VERY long way to rebuilding the club’s image.

    *A full time doctor is interesting by the way, do they not mean permanent? Raiders are currently training once a week… what does the fella do for the other 6 days? 

    They have to align and accept their future lies with the strategic plan of WRL. The Welsh conference has a lot of talent but 98% of that talent are with very decent RU clubs, maybe collecting a bit of cash and won’t be tempted for the ventures up north for a regular beating.

    The best South Wales RL crop e.g the Davies twins, Kieran Lewis, Marcus Webb have all come through the WRL system I.e 16s, 19s, Students etc… Raiders need to be a key cog in this. What would I do? Raiders staff at junior internationals and East vs West and offer development contracts, dialled with a Salford reserves contract… open up a wider squad to keep players in the sport from age 17-19 with enough of a carrot with a potential Salford SL contract to convince them a year or two more in league could be worthwhile. 

    Couldn’t agree more. WWR need to accept there place as a stepping stone within the WRL strat plan. 

  8. 15 hours ago, gingerjon said:

    Thank god they don't often try Welsh when this is, apparently, a sentence that makes sense in English: "At our training ground in Bridgend, we have added a large size gym to make sure the boys have everything on site, our home ground of Stebonheath Park is one of the best in the league and we want to utilise this more for all the community and international sides in Wales by offering any event they wish to hold to be funded by the Raiders so they can make more money to support the development in Wales, we as a club want to see more internationals,grand finals & women’s super league fixtures in the West and Stebonheath Park is available at WRL’s peril."

    That was my favourite. Poor old Tiffin needs someone to write his copy for him — he’s clueless. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    This attack on him is often repeated but completely unjustified. I’m not sure of fans reasons for using it against him but to me it’s clearly something premeditated. Can you post a video of him speaking where you can’t understand what he is saying? 

    For me, absolutely every time he interviewed. It’s not his accent. It sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles. Sure he can’t help it, but he wouldn’t be my pick as commentator. 

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  10. Couple of quick points:

    1) the proposed legislation in France would prevent un-vaccinated people from entering any public buildings. I dare say such an inconvenience for you would sway some into getting the jab.

    2) Khierellah has been seen training with the team and TO has shared such content. So fair to say the relationship isn’t imploding. 
    3) There are plenty of solid French players waiting for a crack at SL. If they aren’t getting their chance at Catalans, why not sign a loan deal for 2022 with TO?

  11. 15 hours ago, Davo5 said:

    Only 10 more needed to put a team on the park for their first game then.

    I played a season with only 9 players. It was torture, but we still had the occasional fun. I got very good at kick offs. I was able to get the ball back almost everytime by finding the touch line. I remember also kicking a field goal when we were behind 60-10. Memories…

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