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  1. Seems pointless and really misses a trick for Scotland. You’ve just fulfilled a domestic season. Why wouldn’t you host this?
  2. A good way to look at it is ‘what would be the opportunity cost if the £50k was diverted to the RFL’s operations or to Super League clubs?’ The first thing that needs investigating is ‘what % of midlands players took up rugby league because Coventry exists as a semi-pro team?’ That is a pretty simple thing to do. You can then start working out my first question regarding opportunity cost. Without doing the above we’re all simply hypothesising. Of course the owner is going to advocate for maintaining or increasing funding - as he should. But any decision should go through the above rigour. If the £50k is to be divided by 12 SL clubs, you’d be asking what value £4,000 pounds has for a SL club.
  3. Perhaps Tom Tsang has been approached for a SL assistant role next year? He’s a very handy coach and has done remarkably well with both juniors and seniors.
  4. I thought it was well put IMO and he was definitely directing it to Hughes. The RFL sees the value in the academy and understands that a fully pro team is an important carrot to attract kids. But similarly to Hughes and his reluctance to listen to the fans, Hughes is also reluctant to listen to the RFL. #shambles
  5. Very good point. How long does a 10,000 stadium take to build on average?
  6. We are now using bonds for social initiatives. If the funds raised were to deliver a new stadium with guaranteed income + a social youth program, there would be a lot of people keen to invest for a small return (2-3%). You just need someone to underwrite the initial investment. That’s where rugby union’s friends come in handy.
  7. It’s really not. The gambling industry in Australia is disgusting.
  8. Walk into a leagues club and see if you still disagree with his third statement.
  9. It means RL governing bodies would be recognised by governments and insurance providers, so they can hire fields/stadiums and develop the sport in schools. Where have you been over the last decade+ ?
  10. Well worth a read: https://www.fijitimes.com/surfing-the-hard-work-starts-here-says-isa-president/
  11. Going to Rimmer for comment is like listening to a boiled potato. Any quick thinking and articulate responses have been boiled out.
  12. That’s a good point. If you knew that Tuesdays were content day, you could start to build a following.
  13. Are you really questioning the importance of independence and minimising conflicts of interest for the purpose of good governance?
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