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  1. Personally I don’t think the referee makes them wait for the ball to clear the ruck before they start moving up. BUT, these teams do move up together, whether they’re offside or not. I love Salford, but watching the game last week it was a real problem in defence where first defender (usually Mossop) from the ruck did not move up at all. They conceding 10m every time and it made it tough to win the battle for field position. You’re then starting your sets too deep in your own half. It’s so bloody frustrating to watch and is really down to fitness - both physical and mental.
  2. You can play quality attacking rugby and focus on defence. The thing that stands out to me is the difference in line speed between the likes of St Helens, Catalans, Wigan versus your Salfords and Hull KRs.
  3. I think it’s really important for our community that we don’t blur our personal opinions on what we personally find offensive with what is racist. The latter is less about opinion and more the interpretation of law.
  4. According to the British census, the racial group would be White British. That’s not to say that the references you make are not offensive, they’re just not racist.
  5. English is not a race. Calling someone an Aussie ... is not racist. Polynesian is a racial/linguistic group, not a nationality. Using this in the manner mentioned is racist.
  6. And seeing that recognition by the sports authority is required in most countries to book fields, get insurance and receive any grants, Olympic recognition would be huge. Especially when many countries have a sports authority that is also the olympic authority.
  7. It’s like people have forgotten the GAISF shiz from a few years ago
  8. If you Don’t know what it is, how can you think it’s a good idea?
  9. One would assume the best from TO Elite 1 will step up to Championship.
  10. NY looking at investors for a NA league. They won’t be entering the RFL pyramid. Why would you? Small time businessmen from small towns with little economic development stifling the viable clubs with big ambitions.
  11. To help with travel they could play all/some south team (depending on league size) twice and the north teams once to assist with travel whilst not reducing the season length.
  12. SL needs a few Nick Kyrgios’s to tell reporters “why don’t you cover us more?! Johnny Lomax is a better player than Owen farrell. Where’s his story?!” Just a stirrer who is happy to put themselves out on a limb for something they believe in.
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