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  1. Chris Saab and Michael Hedwan to blame. Both jeopardising domestic activity for their personal desire for power. Chris Saab is buddies with Farah. Now Saab has retired Farah is infiltrating the team. Meanwhile good fellas in Lebanon are stepping aside. Domestically, Wael Haab not happy about being overlooked for selection so is causing trouble - including refusing to play, threatening breakaway competition, wanting the board to stand down etc. Always a few ruining it for all.
  2. You could do 8 games over 3 day weekends. Three weeks pool matches followed by quarters, semis and final. Only need 6 cities to host. Maybe Barcelona, Toulouse, Paris pool matches followed by Quarters in Dublin, Semis in Edinburgh and Final in Cardiff. What a world cup.
  3. How many competition points does a team need to avoid relegation. I’ve heard 14, 16 and 18 respectively.
  4. Wigan are climbing the ladder, so I’d hold off judging Lam. Furner isn’t a reserve coach. He was head coach at Canberra for a long time AND held Kangaroos and Blues assistant roles - well respected. Richie Myler and Tui Lolohea have not been playing well. That’s the problem. I note they changed halves combinations again.
  5. They have converted, just not to standout SL level. If they can get to Q Cup/Championship level, then they could get to SL with full time training. Ryan Burroughs was an american football player, who transfered to union and then league. Monte Gaddis could have got to SL level if he transitioned earlier. The current Red Star players from america started in american football. What is critical is the right coaching from a younger age - say 18-21. You need to break the bad habbits early. There’s a business opportunity for someone there.
  6. To compare cost of living, yes. To compare a countries based on economic might, gdp will do. Gdp per capita aint what you’re looking for.
  7. Plenty floating around in reserve grade.
  8. I view them as middle to upper. Volvo is middle class. HSBC too. Investec and other fund managers probably upper, although more middle class are investing in such ways. I think Toulouse, London, Toronto and Ottawa can help us in this regard with somewhat of a face lift. Gentrification of Rugby League.
  9. All depends on injuries. If salford lost hastings or kr lost mcguire, you’d think they would struggle.
  10. Parky’s post reads well. My problem is I’m always envious of RU and their big middle class sponsors - like volvo, investec, HSBC etc - while RL is stuck with betting companies and mushy peas. I wish our demographic was stronger to attract corporates. Bradford, Widnes and Leigh would bring good following, however SL clubs need to get to the stage of having 10k home supporters. Warrington, Hull, Wigan, St Helens, Leeds, Catalans are all there. We just need another 4-6 similar to have bumper SL rounds every weekend (I know crowds aren’t everything, but they do help the visual on TV and sponsors). championship could be another 10-12 clubs, all with home supporters of 5-10k, like Leigh, Bradford, Huddersfield, Hull KR. dunno where I’m going with this. It’s late. Sorry fellas
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