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  1. I’ve been saying for years that SL/RFL lacks a coherent strategic plan for 3-5 years. Broadcast, teams, geography, sponsorship etc.
  2. Let’s not restrict replicas to this forum. Agree TotalRL is incidental. Would rather “Friends of Jamaica” because not all donors are from this forum. Partners, friends, wives etc have donated so it should be inclusive.
  3. Farrell was brilliant. Asiata could be a great 13, but they play him at 8 or 6. The Greek lock that plays for Newtown is fantastic.
  4. An update: - We will sponsor the Hyenas alongside Dev Inno - Dev Inno is also sponsoring the schools competition. - The funds are going directly to development workers/coaches and resources on the ground. We need to decide on our name to be listed on the jersey. During the campaign we had “Friends of Jamaica RL: Powered by Dev Inno” as the working title. Does anyone have any suggestions for a title? - Friends of Hyenas - International Fans of Hyenas - Friends of Jamaica RL - The IRL Pack - IRL Supporters - ??
  5. John Dutton cannot be lost to RL after the WC. We should never have let Sally Bolton go after ‘13.
  6. Forget about where the players come from for a minute, the question is would there be enough subscribers to fund the teams. At £5 per month, that’s £60 per year. If you need at least £500k per team, say 10 teams is £5M. That’s 83,000 subscribers. So if that’s too many, lower the number of teams initially or the central funds. 8 teams @ £250k central funds = £2M So you need 33,000 subscribers. Each team would need to get 4,100 subscribers without considering neutral fans. I guess in a way, this is the same question being put towards the RFL championship for beyond 2021. Can they attract a broadcast deal.
  7. If BeIN sport said “Hey, let’s make a league with Catalans, Toulouse, Carcassone, Avignon, London, Newcastle, Belgrade, Valencia, Ottawa, NY, Manchester” would they get enough subscribers? What if it was Amazon or Sportsflick? Anyone willing to suggest some numbers? Point is, would it be viable?
  8. Hey guys, both parties are sorting out the agreement and I will post information as it comes. Thanks everyone for voting.
  9. If the clubs vote in favour then the players have a choice. If you can’t get a couple days off work each year then don’t play League 1. don’t forget most teams fly in/out of Perpignan same day. You could do the same with Valencia/Belgrade. No work missed. You could then do a week tour as mentioned above for Ottawa/NY.
  10. Sure, but at the moment Catalans and to a lesser extent Toulouse are allowed to prevent their players from playing tests because there’s a pool of Elite 1 players. So a sub-par team runs out, gets smashed and everyone says “France are the laughing stock.” Run with my idea, France become a top tier 2 team, the media take note and Elite 1 attracts investment.
  11. But for the clubs to vote in favour of Ottawa and New York, surely it has been looked at?
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