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  1. Without money you’re relying on volunteers to operate professionally. It’s just not sustainable. You’ll get occasional wins but will forever by one step forward and two back.
  2. The french brought a very amateur team. No Fages, Escare, Gigot, Julien, etc
  3. I liked the Rugby League International Federation but RLIF as a spoken acronym doesn’t roll off the tongue unfortunately. IRL does. World Rugby has done a fantastic job with their rebrand. No need for an acronym when the name is succinct. The good thing about IRL is that it’s 3 syllables, whereas WRL would be 5.
  4. So the club plays at Sale but where do they train and where is its administration based? what about academy, reserves and youth? Do they run any of these? If so, where do they train and play?
  5. I was helping out in India a couple years back. We had over 500 kids in schools playing touch footy through an NFP. Contacted Tas about setting up NGB. Tas said someone already has done so in Kerala and we should join them. Unfortunately the Kerala organisation was non existent and uncontactable. We’ve since stopped our activities. It sounds like Argentina are facing the same situation.
  6. I called for this several years ago for the Americas. Particularly when there was calls for their own federation. My point was, hire a CEO/Development Manager for the Americas and measure the ROI and set it as a direct KPI. i.e. RLIF appoints Americas manager for $75,000USD. His/her first priorities in Y1 are: - bring in $75k in sponsorship/grants/donations and service the ###### out of them - assist NGBs with logistics of international matches, but remember outside of RLIF tournaments it’s the individual NGBs responsibility to organise - assist NGBs with government communication/lobbying - provide a standardised sponsorship procedure for NGBs to attract and service domestic sponsors In year 2, the KPIs might be the above, plus: - Tournament manage the WC quals/Americas Championship - Communicate with potential broadcasters - Support/run coach and official training with RLIF standardised procedures - Any additional revenue above $75k goes towards hiring a part time admin superstar Y3 you might have: - your admin go FT - hire a marketing/media manager allowing the CEO/DM to focus on sponsorship and government liaising. - The admin can do appointment setting and lead generation. - Additional revenue can go towards subsidising international matches, the thing kids aspire to Point is, with a little bit of investment and linking it to such a KPI it won’t actually cost the RLIF anything. Alternatively, the RLIF could set up low interest loans to NGBs for the purpose of revenue generation. i.e we’ll give you $50k for a FT DM but they need to also generate income. We want $5k per year in repayments over 10 years. You’re never going to replace volunteers at the grassroots level. We need passionate parents to coach the U10s team. But you can get the cogs turning a bit faster with some innovative thinking. Anyway, what do I know...
  7. Other sports hire professionals, industry leaders and influential people. RL hires the old Halifax manager into a senior role. Small mindedness. If you don’t treat your own organisation as valuable, why would others?
  8. If you watched the video you could hear straight from the horses mouth. Argyle and Wolfpack are looking straight at SL. They want to improve Lamport. They want to grow the brand. The new Chair/CEO has plenty of runs onthe board.
  9. Gullible to what? One person says the Wolfpack are winding up, a factual article says the opposite.
  10. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5246453 Bob Hunter has overseen the growth of B.C. Place Stadium, Rogers Centre, Scotiabank Arena and BMO Field. Now he is looking to help take the Toronto Wolfpack to the next level. The former Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment executive has been named chairman and interim CEO of the transatlantic rugby league team. "With Bob's experience and reputation in the Toronto sports market, I am confident that he is the right person to help build and increase our organization's foothold in the Canadian sports landscape," Argyle said in a statement. "One of our goals is to improve and reshape our fans' experience at Lamport Stadium and there is no one better than Bob to help lead us in that direction." ——— I think you might be wrong.
  11. Attempting to sue, but likely to be resolved out of court.
  12. Fact? How so? Both parties think they are in the right. Might not even make it to court. Standard business activities and people jump on the bandwagon.
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