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  1. 7 hours ago, welshmagpie said:

    I know of two rugby league people who’ve sent quite serious emails sharing their concerns. Raiders’ response to both has been quite flippant, almost laughing the matter off with ‘everything will be OK, we own our own ground!’

    They recently announced they’re going to pay more notice to the dozen or so community clubs in wales to strengthen partnerships they’d previously neglected , however many see this as their reaction to being unable to sign quality players from elsewhere I.e the unfortunate Plan B.

    I’ll be honest - they’re terribly run. 

    Thoughts on Peter Tiffin? He’s in charge of the football club too, if memory serves me correctly. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, EssexRL said:

    Funny old sport isn't it? A few seasons ago I was looking forward to a big cash injection into Skolars and pursuing a long term strategy to get us into SL. Now? Much as I am looking forward to the return of RL and obviously hope for the best I think it will be a long hard season. Feels like we have gone back 10 years.

    Did Hector completely withdraw from Skolars, or is he still a shareholder? 

  3. 3 hours ago, Damien said:

    A homegrown Cornish lad, the kind of signing that people wanted the club to do to develop local talent.

    That is of course until they do that then a signing like this becomes a nobody who isn't good enough.

    I did some digging and he’s been playing in the university system. Gloucestershire I believe. Well done to the club. 

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  4. On 21/10/2021 at 19:57, The Rocket said:

    Was going to comment on this in my original post but I thought it was a little off topic The Sharks have signed a player from the Australian unions evens team, Lachlan Miller, the Cowboys two from Fijian sevens union and I think I read about another one elsewhere. I don`t recall this happening before. 

    Makes me wonder if it was the success of the womens` union sevens players in League that have made the coaches have a look or maybe they just think they`ll be suited to the faster game. 

    I heard an interview with Miller on our local radio - he`s from Coffs Harbour - he thought the quick decision making that is part of sevens could help his transition to League, interesting, apparently 3 or 4 clubs were after him.

    I went to school with Miller. He played league and union for both the school and club footy on weekends. Not much of a transition required. 

  5. 1 hour ago, The Rocket said:


    The reason that both Catalans and Salford both achieved extraordinary ratings was that both clubs were able to capture the imagination of the wider public. Salford have been unable to capitalise on that -  Catalans have.

    The difference being that Salford were unable to build upon that one good year whereas the Catalans figures are an accumulation of a number of good years: CC victors; the Nou Camp game; and of course consistent top 5 finishes and the GF.

    I think it is justified to go slightly ' over the top with the benefits ", Catalans are obviously turning consistent success into greater investment and in turn using that into building a team that will be in a position to have a red hot go at winning the competition next year. I expect their viewing figures will to continue to reflect that.

    Sky and Channel 4 will be watching.


    We assume that this has led to more outside investment in the club. I’m curious what would happen if Bernard Guasch walked away/died. Has Bernard been fixated on silverware and simply injected more money than is sensible/than his opponent owners? 

  6. 21 minutes ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    Dewsbury have Dual Reg with Hull KR. It makes a mockery of the game, where part of how well you do can be influenced by who you are DR with and their injury situation. 

    Loans have been part of the game for as long as I can remember, but DR is just a money saver for SL teams.

    Agreed. The game doesn’t know what it wants. 

  7. Fox sports in Australia has really taken the broadcast to a new level in the last year or two. It always surprises me that Sky doesn’t learn from its partner channel? 

    In short: 

    1) Live stats on screen (tackle count, hit ups etc)

    2) Additional cameras (corner post, aerial, super slow mo)

    3) On pitch audio. So we can hear the hits.

    4) Press conferences after the match

    5) Pre-match history of the teams

    6) Pre-match and half time “spot light” on the star players. The ones you want to develop into marketable assets. 

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  8. 16 hours ago, Ray Cashmere said:

    And then in 5 years time the reduction in TV money will mean 8 is all the top tier can afford. Rinse and repeat.

    You don't grow a business by reducing its assets. This either has to be a genuine top 20 divided into 2 competitions or it is doomed to failure. 

    Play the other 9 teams in your division twice, and the 9 teams in the other division once = 26 rounds. Perfect. 

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  9. 14 hours ago, GUBRATS said:

    Money to be spent on ?

    Me being a complete ' Thicko ' , I just don't understand where and on what 


    Please can somebody enlighten me , in simple terms that a simple lad from Leyth can understand 👍

    From Premiership Rugby after CVC bought 27% stake:

    Premiership Rugby says the extra money will not result in a hike in player wages, but will instead go towards improving facilities at club level and growing the league globally.

    "They key thing for the next few years is to build the facilities, the infrastructure and the investment in central marketing," added McCafferty.

  10. 19 hours ago, Lowdesert said:

    He is playing with a lot of experienced pro’s.  Peyroux, Pellisier, Garbutt, Ford, Kheirellah as well as Casty if he has another go.  

    If he gets a bit more stamina he’ll be a French international regular.

    Isnt Houles a good enough coach?  Genuine question as I’ve never been to see him coach the team.


    Yeah I think he has the right coach in Houles and throw in Robinson at rep level. 
    Would love to see a Steve Price, Petero Civ, Jamie Peacock, James Graham type join Toulouse (whoever that is in 2022 - JWH perhaps) and help some of these raw forwards pick up some subtleties to both their game and their preparation. 

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