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  1. 16 hours ago, Man of Kent said:

    Yep, I'd rather pay £99 or so for an annual 'Our League premium membership' that includes Championship & Challenge Cup games and other video content (and perhaps other incentives like discounts to showpiece games, e.g. Challenge Cup, Championship GF, internationals etc.). A package most RL fans could find something to buy into - more than one game a week on Premier.

    Ideally it would be more user-friendly with a downloadable smart TV app like Watch NRL (which I have on my Apple TV box and makes viewing a cinch).

    This works better for fans overseas too. I can’t subscribe to Premier Sports here in Australia, I don’t think?

  2. On 16/09/2021 at 22:26, zylya said:

    It's over-simplistic just to look at players that have taken up the game - what about fans who are watching the Bears each week? Fans who are buying RLWC tickets for the Coventry game? But yes, the opportunity cost is definitely the thing to look at.

    But of course we're hypothesising, it's a discussion forum. Are you really saying that we can't make any argument unless we have 100% of the stats available to us? How would I even get the figures on who plays RL in the Midlands? Do these figures even exist in a meaningful format? If there was some transparency coming through from the governing body, we might be able to make these calculations more accurately. Based on my opinion of what I see in the game, I see Coventry doing more good work with £50,000 than the 12 Super League clubs, mostly because £50,000 for Cov is a much higher percentage of their budget than £50,000 for the SL clubs.

    I mean, if you have all these numbers available, and you can demonstrate quite clearly that I'm wrong then I'd happily change my mind. I just don't see how removing £50,000 from Cov (and all the other League 1 clubs for that matter) is going to help the whole game.

    I wasn’t trying to make a point either way with my post. Just offering a way to look at making investment decisions. 

    But if I was to offer my opinion… IMO £50k with Coventry would bring a far bigger return than that same £50k being split by 12 SL clubs. 

    It sounds like player numbers in the Midlands, similarly to London, are largely impacted by opportunity and access ie Midlands Academy, Conference League South, Broncos Academy, Amateur leagues etc. 

    I’m not convinced YET that having a pro team at the top of the pyramid in your immediate locality leads to a huge take up of players at the junior age groups/academy level. I would have thought it would be very important to have a carrot at the top of the pyramid, but I remember those involved in junior RL in London that the Broncos weren’t on their radar. Largely the matches clashed on the same day and very few junior players went to watch the broncos or follow them closely. That also could be down to the owner/management of the broncos. Or it could be that juniors are wanting to watch the best quality pro teams on TV and not inferior quality in person. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, zylya said:

    The point is that the RFL is essentially saying that it's worth potentially ruining a semi-pros club future so that the Super League clubs can share an extra £50,000 a year and everyone's solution is "well we could stick them in an amateur league." I don't get why you guys are so fixated on the amateur leagues - it's not the solution here. I'm sure they're great for the clubs that are in them, but that doesn't make it the best place to put a League 1 club because the RFL can't stick with anything for more than 10 minutes. 

    To take a club that has turned itself semi-pro and say "sorry that we set you up with all this stuff and sorry that you've worked hard to build your club up on that basis - how do you feel about 200+ mile trips every other week for no money instead?" Shambles.

    A good way to look at it is ‘what would be the opportunity cost if the £50k was diverted to the RFL’s operations or to Super League clubs?’

    The first thing that needs investigating is ‘what % of midlands players took up rugby league because Coventry exists as a semi-pro team?’ That is a pretty simple thing to do. You can then start working out my first question regarding opportunity cost. 

    Without doing the above we’re all simply hypothesising. Of course the owner is going to advocate for maintaining or increasing funding - as he should. But any decision should go through the above rigour. 

    If the £50k is to be divided by 12 SL clubs, you’d be asking what value £4,000 pounds has for a SL club. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, OriginalMrC said:

    I did think it was a little off that Broncos didn't at least thank Tom for his efforts this season. Also find it a bit strange that Skolars social media has been silent on the move, surely they should be thanking Jermaine for all his efforts over the years

    Perhaps Tom Tsang has been approached for a SL assistant role next year? He’s a very handy coach and has done remarkably well with both juniors and seniors. 

  5. On 13/09/2021 at 05:50, Jeff Stein said:

    I know that verbatim accounts are not particularly fluent at time, but surely we could have a figurehead that can do better than this: “Although the team on the park has suddenly, or not suddenly, after a few seasons, is credible now, and there’s still a majority of Midlands players although I know there’s perhaps five that come down from the north". It is almost as if he was surprised to get a question about Coventry.

    He also chucked David Hughes and possibly Hector McNeil under a bus by saying that London Owners haven't listened to the RFL. It seems all the successes in London RL are down to the RFL and all failures down to the clubs. While the issues of the Broncos management are well reported, this suggestion would still lead to eyebrows being raised by anyone who follows all parts of the game down here

    I thought it was well put IMO and he was definitely directing it to Hughes. 
    The RFL sees the value in the academy and understands that a fully pro team is an important carrot to attract kids. But similarly to Hughes and his reluctance to listen to the fans, Hughes is also reluctant to listen to the RFL. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, koli said:

    With a bond you need to pay the coupon regularly and then pay off the principal at the end of the period.So whatever you are using the funds for needs to be able to generate sufficient income to do that.

    Wasps as pointed out raised ,I think,35million quid but are struggling to make the coupon payments let alone pay off the principal.
    If you default the bond holders end up owning the asset.



    Very good point. How long does a 10,000 stadium take to build on average? 

  7. 1 hour ago, The Rocket said:

    Your last sentence is a bit harsh but certainly your first two are on the money.

    You might laugh but this for me is the NRL equivalent of what`s going on with the WC. An absolute disaster of the first order.

    The clubs through their increased power on the commission are pushing for a bond from any new entrant. While this might have legs if growth potential was saturated we are a long way from that. League in Qld is under direct threat from the fumbleball game. We need to saturate that market post-haste.

    This is where I think our clubs have a lot in common with your own. Rather than in a situation where when times were relatively good vis-a-vis broadcast deals each club sacrificing a small amount of their club grant to spend on the big picture, no, they want every last cent so they can spend it on player salaries, not thinking of course if each club sacrificed the same amount then the playing field would still be level.

    I find this announcement of delay totally disillusioning, why in our sport are we never able to sacrifice for the bigger picture. Too many dung heaps, too many bantam roosters.

    Walk into a leagues club and see if you still disagree with his third statement. 

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  8. On 24/07/2021 at 16:05, emesssea said:

    How is playing nines going to lead to the establishing of league? Theyre two different sports, and I doubt most people even realize theyre related. Like I said soccer didn't get big in a country like US because of beach soccer or indoor soccer or any other version other than the true 11 per side game.

    I just dont see how watching a 9 per side game that last 18 minutes translates to watching a 13 per side 80 minute game. 

    It means RL governing bodies would be recognised by governments and insurance providers, so they can hire fields/stadiums and develop the sport in schools. 

    Where have you been over the last decade+ ?

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  9. 19 hours ago, steve oates said:

    It's no good bringing anyone in unless they have a deep knowledge and understanding of the sport and as for former politicians we have Lyndsay Hoyle chomping at the bit yet how did he go when he actually had a club under his guidance.

    The OP was a nonsesnse that was made on the basis that people who have little care, experience or knowledge of a business i.e. Rugby League in this case, are going to come up with revolutionary game changing solutions such that more people will play, more people will watch and more TV companies will give us TV contracts.

    The OP was an insult to people in the game who know the game backwards, who have experience of funding and running clubs, marketing RL and chasing fans,  and working in player development.

    The other insult is the idea when asked to study and plan for a better future for the game those in the game who are knowledgable and passionate will supposedly just push for what is best for their favoured club.





    Are you really questioning the importance of independence and minimising conflicts of interest for the purpose of good governance? 

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  10. Yes the independent commission model is not meant to be temporary to simply deliver a report. It is tasked with guiding the CEO and holding everyone to account. More-so, it’s to set the direction and follow through. One of The biggest problems with the RFL is that they have made so many changes over the years without any evaluation of previous decisions. They are too quick to pivot and always searching for innovation before allowing the business to reach a level of maturity. 

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  11. 17 minutes ago, M j M said:

    The only one who has proven himself over decades, be it at an expansion club, sorting out the RFL when it was in crisis and at a previously basketcase big club is Hetherington. But he's too old for the top job and you'd never shift him from Leeds anyway.

    Yeah he’s definitely been planning his exit

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