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  1. If like me you receive sky sports via Now tv then you will not have access to red button so will not be able to watch the game live at 6pm. However you will have no problem watching the repeat on sky action at 8 pm. just avoid picking up the result before 8pm ! UTR
  2. Great news re Ben Reynolds - he is pure quality at championship level. i am a big Tom Holmes fan but since his return from injury he has not yet regained his top form . The addition of Reynolds for Sunday makes our squad stronger than last week so confident we can bin Leigh.
  3. It would be nice to bring a bit more zip into the forwards for Fax Davis hit the ball at speed and Bussey can line break and off load. Is Bussey’s arm injury progressing - nothing reported ?
  4. Captaincy sorted for next few years - Locky improving with age and obviously has respect of coach and fellow players. Reminds me of how Micky Gibbons got better and better as he got older.
  5. 1 Holmes 2 Sutcliffe 3 Lockwood also big defensive effort from King and countless hit ups from Hardcastle and Briscoe. Golding so sound at the back. overall however it was the real gritty team effort that will please the coach the most. UTR
  6. 1. King 2. Harrison 3. Holmes Ferguson and Day also prominent eagles in the bin - good all round performance bring on the vikings !
  7. The bash was promoted as the championships biggest weekend of the season but this weekends fixtures throw up the most intriguing matches in terms of the league table. virtually all the top teams play each other :- fev v Bradford Sheffield v Toronto Toulouse v Leigh widnes v York Batley v Fax The league table could look very different on Monday morning . Predictions ?
  8. 1 king 2 harrison 3 holmes worth a mention for Golding,Walters and Coops - all worked their socks off. Also Locky and Chisholm performed their roles to a tee and all the backs chipped in. Think we may well break our Blackpool hoodoo next week ! UTR
  9. Bussey king sutcliffe great effort from entire team - we are so close to being the finished product. well done Ryan Carr and the coaching team. UTR
  10. 1. Bussey 2. Day 3. Render forget the last 10 mins we played well today - momentum and dubious ref calls just went against us - it happens in RL. we are surely due our share of luck at Easter so bring on the York / Torronto games.
  11. Yes it’s looking a tough selection headache for Ryan this week particularly in the three quarters. If his legs are up to it might be worth trying Bussey at stand off - he played all his early rugby in the half backs. Certainly need to finish our sets better than we did in Toulouse - essential we get Reynolds involved more.
  12. 1 Golding 2. Reynolds 3. Briscoe Overall Fantastic team effort A draw would have better reflected the game.
  13. Fev Tom, you obviously didn’t go to the recent Swinton league game - there is no way we will win the cup game by 14 points with the players we have available. i will predict a very close game and will be happy with any kind of win. UTR
  14. 1. Hardcastle 2. King 3. Wheeldon Good professional performance against a very spirited Swinton who will take a few scalps this year at home.
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