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  1. Webbo has to make significant changes after last Saturday’s horror show.

    not only to stamp his authority on the group but for the moral of the squad.

    These are professional players and schoolboy errors cannot be ignored.

    After that performance It is simply not fair on those like JD, cooper etc who were sidelined last week not to bring them into the 17 this week.

    Enthusiasm and performance have to be the mainstay of the team this year just like the environment Ryan Carr created in 2019.

    Players have to understand mistakes and a drop in standards will jepodise their chances of retaining the shirt.

    on that basis Half a dozen changes necessary and justified.

    Think we will see a few surprises in selection this week.

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  2. Totally agree Robin re Paratta - indeed he would be my starting 9 with jones coming on against tiring  defences after 20 mins of each half.

    Much debate about our best centre combination but for some reason this is masking the real problem area which is the wings. Everybody seems to assume Gale & Blackmore are the first names in the 13 just because they are the only recognized out and out wingers in the sqaud  but I would pick Hardcastle or Minns infront of them as a winger.  Both have experience of playing out wide.

    Websters man management skills will certainly be tested keeping all the squad happy.

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