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  1. Best case scenario: 16 team Super League with strong grassroots and competitive teams in London, Newcastle, York, Toulouse, and maybe Wales. A Championship that isn't a two horse race but is instead full of healthy clubs all capable of competing at a higher level. A 3rd level with good prospect teams based around the country with maybe teams from Scotland and Serbia. Attendance at the higher level averaging 12k Worst case scenario: The sport's reduced to a handful of amateur clubs in dying mining towns while all the big Super League clubs have swapped to RU. Despite being the only professional League team in England, Leigh still fail to win the title Hoping for the former, feel the latter is more likely. Only way we can achieve the first outcome is if everyone running the sport in this country all die of heart attacks and get replaced with actual forward thinkers.
  2. Union is a thing in Brazil, they even have a professional team in the South American competition Cricket probably not a thing there
  3. People have said the obvious, so I'll do an outside suggestion at a team based over in Ireland. Obviously league's rather small there, but I reckon there's enough to go around. Assuming I won the euromillions or what have you, I'd try and get league into schools, get it on television, just try and get youths interested in and playing the sport. I think there's a potential goldmine with the GAA, as they're an amateur sport so there's no financial draw for them, and they tend to develop excellent ball skills. Would be a very slow start but I'm rich in this timeline so I can wait. Once it starts growing I'd fund the setup of mens, womens, 9s, touch, all that good stuff. Only once there's a base to build on would the Dublin Wolfhounds be launched, initially probably relying on foreign players, the goal would be to bring in natively grown players. Longterm this would hopefully make Ireland itself into a somewhat competitive team on the international level. Give me 30 years and funding and combined with the other poster's plan for Wales and there'll be the grounds for real, competitive international matches up north.
  4. Well Ireland isn't in Great Britain, so they can't be part of the team. Apart from that Scotland would be a good inclusion, they just don't produce domestic players. Less educated on Wales.
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